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"I came to drop bombs and drink milk ..I've just finished my milk"

Dapper Sapper
Joined: 06/06/2011
Rank: Champion
Guild: Order Of Valor

About Me

I found this game after getting a bit bored with WOW, queuing for hours waiting on raids/dungeons/PVP. Now with Spiral knights I don't have to spend hours playing the game for very little return! I can log in play for half an hour and have so much fun, the money I used to spend on WOW I now buy the equivalent in CE. I love the mechanics of this game and can't get enough. I am partial to a bit of bombing ever since reading Fallout's Bombing Guide, I'm still collecting my bomb arsenal and re-crafting to try get those perfect UV's.


My Armoury is a bomb focused collection.



Big thanks to Fallout for his bombing thread,Dirt, Vlad and their guild Echo Of Silence where I pinched a lot of my wikimarkup to create this page =)

Also a big thanks to arcknightdelta! helping me get my dark retribution!

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