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Symbiann by kdd.jpg
Joined: Beta
Guild: Of Draco Dusk
Achievements: 60/60
Color: Pink
Height: Extra Short

Cute murderclouds.png Introduction

Name is Ani, was one of the core members of the Spiral Knights community.

"I play Spiral Knights because the game is fun. I started this game on beta events. " Update: Contact Steam

Personal Achievements

  • Successfully Solo All Main Bosses/done
  • Clear All Shadow Lairs /done
  • Finish Dream Gear /done
  • Unlock All Achievements /done
  • Successfully Solo All Ultimate Bosses /done
  • Get a Twilight Aura /done
  • Finish dream UVs /done

Cute murderclouds.pngArsenal

Cute murderclouds.png Screenshots, drawings & stuff

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