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Warriors of Darkness
GuildLogo-Warriors of Darkness.png

Darkness cannot drive out Darkness? You didn't meet us, we can drive out everything!

Guild Founder: Dark-Alexzer
Approx. Population: 150 circa
Guild Master(s):
  • Dark-Alexzer
  • Ex-Darkness (My Alt)
  • Alexzer (My alt)
  • ll-Knight-ll (My Alt)

Who we are

We are composed mostly by Knight to Defender elite members; we maybe be a small family, but we are in growth and will soon populate every zone of the game from arcade to lockdown.. prepare yourself for that day.

How To Join

Wait for us or ask a member to be added, he will then contact the first officer or GM he finds and this one will get you in.

Everyone is accepted as a recruit.

Guild rules

In order for our guild to be a safe and enjoyable environment for all our members, we ask you to follow a few guidelines for playing and interacting:

1. Avoid using sexually explicit or rude idiomatic expressions. Well, you can use them, but not too much.

2. Try to speak in English in the guild chat (/g), it’s the most common language in use for international communication.

3. Show respect towards each guild knight. Try to do it even towards other knights. Don’t fill chats with insults and similia.

3. Do not beg other guild knights. The other knight have to decide and choose about discounts and similia, not you.

4. You can politely ask for help with a mission. If some guild knights ask you help for a mission, answer politely if you’ll do or not and explain briefly why not. Use common sense: don't ask someone who's doing something really important (Ex.: Shadow Lairs or Vana or kinda..) to help you doing a mission you can do with someone else.

5. Remain active. We DEMOTE those who have been inactive for three months and REMOVE those who have been inactive for 6 months.

6. Try to give crowns to Guild Treasury regularly. Donations are voluntary but we always need crowns and obviously the more you give the faster you’ll get promoted. You're absolutely not forced to give sums like 5000cr everytime, but giving 200 crowns a week won't bankrupt you.

7. Don't "expect" nor ask to be promoted.

8. Never ever add materials to the treasury unless said differently.

Ranks & Promotions

A Little summary about ranks from the original wiki page:

Every member of the guild belongs to one of five ranks. The founder of a guild begins at Guild Master rank. Every other newly joined member begins as a Recruit, before being promoted up the ranks, one rank at a time. Each guild sets its own policies for how ranks are earned. Within each rank there is a notion of seniority. For example, if Knight A became Officer before Knight B became Officer, then Knight A has seniority over Knight B.

  • Recruits may use the membership list, guild chat, guild hall, and guild treasury.
  • Members have the same privileges as Recruits.
  • Veterans have the same privileges as Members, and may enter Design Mode.
  • Officers have all of the privileges of Veterans. They may also invite knights into the guild, and promote knights to Member, Veteran, and Officer. They may demote or remove lower-ranking knights and Officers of lower seniority. They can publish changes made in Design mode. Finally, Officers can use officer chat (typing /officer).
  • Guild Masters have the same privileges as Officers, except that Guild Masters may promote knights all the way to Guild Master, and may demote or remove Guild Masters of lower seniority.


  • Guild Chat - Enter the guild chat using the chat command /g or /guild.
  • Officer Chat - Enter the officer chat using the chat command /officer (available only for officers and guild masters).


Advancement in the guild depends on:

1) Time spent online;

2) Your rank in game (Recruit, Apprentice, Squire, Soldier, Knight, Knight Elite, Defender, Defender Elite, Champion, Vanguard) and your experience;

3) Contributions to the guild treasury.


  • Recruit – You will be a recruit ‘till we promote you (lol).
  • Member – To get promoted to member it's suggested (not a due) to add at least 200 cr weekly to our Guild Treasury, be at least a Soldier and log in at least twice a month.
  • Veteran – To get promoted from Member to Veteran it's suggested to: add at least 400 cr weekly to our Guild Treasury, be at least a Defender and log in at least once a week.
  • Officer – A Vanguard or Champion Veteran who participate really actively to Treasury businesses, Guild hall development and log in very frequently can become Officer at GMs’ discretion. Officers have responsibilities. You will have the power (and duty) to invite players into the guild at your discretion. You will also have the power to remove, demote and promote players. Removal is a really serious device, use it wisely cause well.. chickens come home to roost. Preferably only Guild Masters will perform removal of knights and only when absolutely necessary. Officers are directly in contact with lower ranked knights, so they will elaborate requests from lower members and if they can’t manage or react properly to a request they will carry that question to GMs.
  • Guild Master – It’s not impossible, but rare. We have to need another GM to promote one.


  • We obviously agree with the social feature in Spiral Knights and it's nearly a due to work in teams, but for the sake of every clockwork team, we highly suggest to make at least some missions in solo. I'm just saying that doing everything in team is quicker, but dangerous for your growth in strenght: doing some solos will increase not only your esperience but will also slow down your climb in rankings, making the game experience longer and making easier to complete Hall of Heroes missions.
  • Doing mission in elite gives more loot and crowns, but it's a bit more difficult than advance.
  • Selling something to AH: attention, when you sell something, you'll pay (final selling price)/10 crowns.

You should read and take many suggestions from these pages:


  • Storage - (Guild Hall Feature) Donating equipment or materials to the Storage is welcome (You’ll help other guild members and will be considered as “participating actively to the guild”).
  • Treasury – (Guild Hall Feature) Add crowns whenever you want and how much you want, we always need crowns.
  • Design Mode - (Guild Hall Feature) Every veteran or higher is allowed to use the design mode, but only Officers and GMs can Publish every change made in Design Mode.
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