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"Recolor" is a colloquial term that applies to a specific group of items. These include items of the same type that have had the same parts recolored the same way several times with different color patterns. Many of these color patterns are loosely grouped with the term "recolor" as well.


Recolored items are released consistently, so much so that the phenomenon has led to this colloquial use of "recolored" in the Spiral Knights community. Technically most aesthetic items in spiral knights are recolored versions of a kind of item, like "regal bolted vee" and "cool bolted vee" and so on.

Prize boxes for these promotions and events are usually named in relation to the relevant color pattern.

When thinking about what recolors are in general, and what they might be in the future, some things should be considered:

  • Usually, the below costumes and accessories are "recolored." Sometimes only accessories are recolored. This is the case with polar and ancient.
  • Some recolor forms (a.k.a shape etc.) have existed quite some time before becoming one of the recolored costumes or accessories - this is the case with the Cobalt Helm and several others. But sometimes new forms are introduced as recolors first. Some accessories are only available in a "recolor" color pattern - this is currently the case with Lovely Whiskers, and was temporarily the case with Lovely Bent Vertical Vents. Many players have wondered, "why not recolor things like the Spiral Demo Helm too?" Time will tell!
  • Sometimes "recolored costumes" and "recolored accessories" are recolored in a color pattern that has been well established long before the "recolored items" were released in that pattern. This is the case with shadow.
  • Items have been styled in a "recolor" color pattern long before the color pattern was advocated for an event or put in a prize box for a promotion. (Before, the color pattern was nameless, uncommon, and/or unique). This is the case with the Frosty Bombhead Mask and several other items.
  • Once, a color pattern was released that shares the name, but not the shades/textures, of an existing family of equipment. This is the case with items like the Ancient Plate Helm and the ancient color pattern. They don't really match, do they?

What do these things mean? What can we expect? The community often speculates, check out the forums. Again, the term "recolor" is primarily colloquial and only semi-official at best. Content releases do not set things in stone.

Below is a list of the accessories and costumes commonly styled in "recolor" color patterns.



Icon-accessory-helmet top.png Helmet Top:

Bolted Vee
Maid Headband

Icon-accessory-helmet front.png Helmet Front:

Dapper Combo
Helm-Mounted Display
Round Shades

Icon-accessory-helmet back.png Helmet Back:


Icon-accessory-helmet side.png Helmet Side:

Com Unit
Mecha Wings
Vertical Vents

Icon-accessory-armor front.png Armor Front:

Bomb Bandolier
Parrying Blade

Icon-accessory-armor back.png Armor Back:

Side Blade


Icon-costume.png Costume (helmet):

Crescent Helm
Fur Cap
Pith Helm
Plate Helm
Round Helm
Scale Helm
Tailed Helm
Winged Helm

Icon-costume.png Costume (armor):

Draped Armor
Flak Jacket
Fur Coat
Plate Mail
Scale Mail

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