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Spiral HQ is a board of operations for Spiral Knights. They are currently based in Haven.


The Spiral Knights once had a magnificent ship, the Skylark. One day, as the Skylark was passing the unexplored planet of Cradle, a strange magnitude of magnetism suddenly surrounded the planet and caused the Skylark to crash into the planet. The ship's primary tearium core exploded rendering the ship powerless. Part of the ship was destroyed and, since the Spiral HQ was unable to locate several hundred tons of tearium, the Skylark was landlocked. With the help of the Strangers, Spiral HQ slowly got back online. Spiral HQ then learned that at the core of the planet there was a power signature of unprecedented magnitude. The core of the Clockworks may have the energy to get the Skylark back online, but the Clockworks were built, somehow, to stop the energy from being harnessed... The Spiral Knights are tasked with going down into the Clockworks, and attempting to reach the core.

Relation to Spiral Knights

After the crash Spiral HQ searched for survivors. When one is found they are directed to the Rescue Camp. At the Rescue Camp, knights are directed to Haven.

Upon completion of a task, Spiral HQ may send you a letter of congratulations, as well as materials or other objects.

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