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NPC: Stranger
Primary Location(s):

Bulky is an NPC.


A stranger wearing an outfit befitting either the Dark Harvest Festival or Caketastrophe.

  • During the Dark Harvest Festival, Bulky wears orange and black clothing. An Authentic Phantom Mask conceals his face. Black snipes perch on his shoulders.
  • During the Caketastrophe, he wears blue and white clothing, with a special Frosted Helm concealing his face. A pink snipe perches on his left shoulder, and a darker pink snipe perches on his right.


This character was introduced with release 2011-10-19 during the first Dark Harvest Festival, and has appeared every festival since. Bulky has also shown up for every Caketastrophe in the same location. This vendor stands next to Maskwell and an informative NPC on the lower right-hand corner of the Haven fountain in the Town Square for the relevant event. Bulky remains for a few days after the event ends so players can obtain confetti and a few more tokens to get a few more prizes from Maxwell before the event's tokens expire.



He sells event-themed tokens during special events, which can be spent at Maskwell.


Item Crowns
Token-Cake Slice.png Cake Slice 2,000
Usable-Confetti icon.png Confetti 300

Dark Harvest Festival

Item Crowns
Token-Brittle Candy.png Brittle Candy 2,000
Token-Hard Candy.png Hard Candy 2,000
Token-Sour Candy.png Sour Candy 2,000
Token-Sweet Candy.png Sweet Candy 2,000
Usable-Trick or Treat Confetti icon.png Trick or Treat Confetti 300

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