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NPC: Gremlin
Primary Location(s):
  • Frying Pan Flame Wave Attack elemental icon.png Icon status fire.png
  • Frying Pan Swing Attack Attack normal icon.png Attack elemental icon.png Icon status stun.png
  • Frying Pan Spin Attack Attack normal icon.png Attack elemental icon.png Icon status stun.png
  • Area Mend Heart icon.png
  • Weak to: Attack shadow icon.png Shadow
  • Resistant to: Attack elemental icon.png Elemental
  • None

Groat is an NPC.


Groat is an average-sized gremlin from Emberlight who normally has blue eyes. He is a friendly chef who assists Biscotti with baking demands, inadvertently making the Caketastrophe worse.

When Dread Velvet is on his head, Groat is considered "possessed." He has red Glow-Eyes and hunched posture. He uses a frying pan as a weapon.


A weapon dealing shadow damage such as the Acheron or Grim Repeater will make short work of possessed Groat, and easily take care of other enemies in the mission.

Groat will attack after the player fights through waves of various creep cakes, rocket puppies, and silkwings.


This character was introduced release 2014-04-02 during the third Caketastrophe.

Groat's frying pan is a unique weapon.

Besides this mission statement, there's not much history on Groat: We've been receiving reports that Groat, a local Emberlight Chef, has been acting...strange. It seems that Biscotti comissioned him to do some baking on her behalf but the responsibility may have gone to his head. He disappeared into the clockworks soon after Biscotti delivered the last crate of batter. With the Anniversary celebrations at stake once again, Biscotti needs some culinary champions to help her sort out this mix-up!



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