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NPC: Knight
Primary Location(s):

Biscotti is an NPC.


This character has items most similar to:

Icon-usable.png Dot Eyes, Cobalt Personal Color

Icon-helmet.png White Battle Chef Hat with a Regal Plume.

Icon-armor.png White Battle Chef Coat with a Sprinkle Aura.

Icon-shield.png None

Icon-sword.png Mighty Great Cleaver


This character was introduced with release 2012-04-04 during the first Caketastrophe.

As of release 2013-07-30, she can always be found in The Lab next to a Sprite Food Alchemy Machine. She provides information about the diet of Battle Sprites.

During the Spiral Knights anniversary celebration event (Caketastrophe) she can be found in the Town Square standing between Bulky and Maskwell. She is under pressure trying to bake enough cakes for the festivities, and has infused Dark Matter into the batch, creating the carnivorous Creep Cakes due to the dark powers and chaos that are contained within the purple mineral. After release 2014-03-26, Biscotti was seen walking around Haven for several days before the Anniversary.

In the Interface-icon-PvE.png Event Mission: Total Caketastrophe!, her kitchen has been infested with Creep Cakes.

This NPC's name alludes to a cookie of the same name. Her design seems to be reminiscent of Lead Artist Ian McConville's (Cherub's) wife Jes.[1] [2] [3]



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