Impostoclaus Hat

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Impostoclaus Hat
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The Impostoclaus Hat is a costume.


A fabulously festive Winterfest hat that makes the wearer look like the great spirit of Winterfest, Impostoclaus. Glorp! Glorp! Glorp!


Acquisition has changed over time. During the Winterfest event:

2012: randomly from a Usable-Winterfest Prize Box icon.png Winterfest Prize Box.
2013: from the Supply Depot for 3500 energy.
2014: Not available.
2015~2019: Usable-Winterfest Present icon.png Winterfest Present.


This item was introduced 12 December 2012 during the 2nd Winterfest.

It comes with several of its own accessories: a modified Dapper Combo, a pair of Round Shades, a festive hat, and an aura-like effect that consists of constantly falling and splatting snow. The eyes of this costume are always red, regardless of the player's personal color. These properties allow the wearer to look like Impostoclaus.


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