Clockwork Tunnels

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Clockwork Tunnels
Gate-Clockwork Tunnels.png
Gate Icon-Beast.png Gate Icon-Construct.png Gate Icon-Fiend.png Gate Icon-Gremlin.png Gate Icon-Slime.png Gate Icon-Undead.png Icon status fire.png Icon status freeze.png Icon status poison.png Icon status shock.png
Gate-Clockwork Tunnels.png Clockwork Tunnels

Gate-Blast Furnace.png Blast Furnace

Gate-Cooling Chamber.png Cooling Chamber

Gate-Power Complex.png Power Complex

Gate-Wasteworks.png Wasteworks


Gate-Clockwork-Beast.png Wild Path

Gate-Deconstruction Zone.png Mechanized Mile

Gate-Clockwork-Fiend.png Infernal Passage

Gate-Clockwork-Gremlin.png Gremlin Grounds

Gate-Clockwork-Slime.png Slimeway

Gate-Clockwork-Undead.png Haunted Passage

Unlike most worlds, which have been brought to Cradle, torn apart by Gremlins, and reassembled for their own purposes, the Clockwork Tunnels are merely the behind-the-scenes 'bones' of the world. The Clockwork Tunnels were constructed chiefly to connect parts of the Clockworks. However, in their haphazard fashion, Gremlins often abandon unused sections of the tunnels, leaving them to be reclaimed by the various other denizens of Cradle.

While certain areas of the Clockworks such as the Blast Furnace, the Cooling Chamber, the Power Complex and the Wasteworks have a specific name related to their elemental status theme, their morphology seems to suggest that they can be considered part of the Clockwork Tunnels.

The monster theme of the level into which Knights will delve is determined by the color of the gear displayed in the level icon.


  • Knights will always confront several Menders or Silkwings in the Clockwork Tunnels.
  • Elite Monsters like Greavers, Mecha Knights or Thwackers are very rare, appearing only in a single room that only spawns one of them. They otherwise do not appear in Clockwork Tunnels (except in determined Scenario Rooms and Danger Rooms)
  • Heavy Monsters like Lumbers and Alpha Wolvers will appear in all Areas regardless of the Level (Alpha Wolvers show up mostly in slime and beast tunnels).
  • Danger Rooms are sometimes present within these levels.
  • Scenario Rooms may appear within these levels.
  • Mini Monsters like Glop Drops and Grave Scarabs are also rare, although not as rare as Elite Monsters. They typically ambush you when you pick up a key or step on a button.
  • Drone members are seen commonly in the Clockwork Tunnels. Shankles are the most common and Wisps appear when it is a Status area and will gain that status of each level. Shankles will deal what ever Damage fitting to the Level (Shadow Damage in Fiend and Undead levels, Piercing Damage in Beast and Slime levels, and Elemental Damage in Gremlin and Construct levels).



  • release 2011-04-04: There used to be two versions of Mechanized Mile; a Construct version and a Gremlin version. However the Gremlin version of Mechanized Mile was still predominantly populated with Constructs, with very little to no difference to the Construct Mechanized Mile.
  • release 2012-02-22: The Gremlin version of Mechanized Mile was replaced by Gremlin Grounds
  • release 2019-06-27: Several new standard rooms and Danger Rooms added. Giants, Elites and Minis can now appear in Clockwork Tunnels in the new rooms.

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