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Joined: May 2011
Prestige Rank: Vanguard

Icon status stun.png Tom-Awsm Icon status stun.png

About Me

- I am a chill dude from Norway.

- I started playing Spiral Knights in May 2011.

- I joined Knightmare, one of the then top guilds in the game, just prior to the release of PvP. I stayed there for a long time, eventually reaching the rank of officer.

- I am now an officer in the newly founded and very promising guild Perfect Storm as one of the founding members (Recruitment thread).

- I do various trading here and there, my thread in the Bazaar section of the forums is always updated.


- I have completed and no-death solo'ed all bosses (including the Legion of Almire danger mission).

- I have completed all Shadow Lairs.

- I have completed all of the in-game achievements.

- I have completed all the missions.

- I have purchased and completed the Operation Crimson Hammer DLC.


Max/High UV Breaker Gear (and other useless stuff) collection

Costumes and Outfits

Honorable mentions

People who have inspired me and enriched my time in SK:

Iapples - For being more awsm than me. Stay sexy, Appy <3 Usable-Cheeky Eyes icon.png

Pawn and Rommil - the best pair of twins there ever was on SK. Usable-Happy Eyes icon.png

Akher - one of my earliest guildmates that I'm still in contact with. Went on to be a great guildmaster after I left to join KM. Usable-Determined Eyes icon.png

Leilani - just talking to her made my day. I was very sad when she quit. Usable-Sad Eyes icon.png

Shidara - I knew Shidara for the longest time without knowing he was a fellow norwegian. Usable-Squinty Eyes icon.png

Aedium - an awsm pro who added me after an FSC run when I was still a newbie and thereby building my SK confidence. Usable-Plus Eyes icon.png

Rangerwill - now "Rangerwillx" after quitting and coming back, he is just one of those players you instantly know is a great guy. Usable-Pill Eyes icon.png

Xairathan - for being my number one supplier of useless UV'ed items, one of the best and nicest merchants in the game Usable-Spiral Eyes icon.png

Canozo - one of the coolest dudes in Knightmare, with awsm Lockdown skillz. Usable-Angry Eyes icon.png

Kennys-Knight - the best officer (now co-GM) in Knightmare, hands down (sorry, Ailment and Duk). Usable-Exed Eyes icon.png

Ailment - the most talented guy in all of teh internetz, his armor and weapon reskins are tha bomb. Usable-Sultry Eyes icon.png

Dukthepiper - a chill dude with a laid back and fun attitude, vent was never boring with him on. Usable-Almond Eyes icon.png

Lestatshadow - the weirdest/coolest brit you'll run into, ask to see his aura costume collection. Usable-Spiral Eyes icon.png

Killing-Intent - an australian fellow pizza-lover, always making us jelly of his huge farm. Usable-Normal Eyes icon.png

Season - my bro, and awsm runs in the family. Usable-Jolly Eyes icon.png

Kingbowser - the most awsm Koopa I've ever met (he is the king, after all). Usable-Starry Eyes icon.png

Angerday - he's a hipster in self-denial, but I still love him. Usable-Vacant Eyes icon.png

Emily - my in-game crush and the hottest chick on SK (seriously, ask anybody, her pixels are legendary). Usable-Delicate Eyes icon.png

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