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Name Alexander
Age ---
Joined 24 Apr 2013
Game time >2100 hours
Game Access Full
Achievements 56 / 60

A little bit about me

Alexander, male, 20 years old. An average spiral knights player knowing many about game secrets, tactics, and equipments. I have the horse badge (85k+ prestige points), two battle sprites (dragon and seraphynx), vanguard rank, spent more then 2200+ hours on this game. I love listen music, play the games, commune, read the books, beauty girls.

My equipment

There i presented all swords, shields, bombs, handguns and etc, which i had sometime... Some things i marked by "X", thats mean i do not longer have it, and i crafted or bought that things long times ago.

Icon-sword.png  Swords

Equipment-Warmaster Rocket Hammer icon.png Warmaster Rocket Hammer ★★★★★
Equipment-Barbarous Thorn Blade icon.png Barbarous Thorn Blade ★★★★★
Equipment-Divine Avenger icon.png Divine Avenger ★★★★★
Equipment-Final Flourish icon.png Final Flourish (X) ★★★★★
Equipment-Fang of Vog icon.png Fang of Vog(X) ★★★★★
Equipment-Obsidian Edge icon.png Obsidian Edge ★★★★★
Equipment-Glacius icon.png Glacius (X) ★★★★★

Unique variant icon.png Equipment-Combuster icon.png Combuster ★★★★
Unique variant icon.png Equipment-Voltedge icon.png Voltedge ★★★★★

Equipment-Acheron icon.png Acheron ★★★★★
Equipment-Gran Faust icon.png Gran Faust ★★★★★
Equipment-Leviathan Blade icon.png Leviathan Blade ★★★★★
Equipment-Dread Venom Striker icon.png Dread Venom Striker ★★★★★

Icon-handgun.png  Handguns

Equipment-Argent Peacemaker icon.png Argent Peacemaker ★★★★★
Equipment-Obsidian Carbine icon.png Obsidian Carbine ★★★★★
Equipment-Umbra Driver icon.png Umbra Driver (X) ★★★★★
Equipment-Grim Repeater icon.png Grim Repeater ★★★★★
Equipment-Storm Driver icon.png Storm Driver ★★★★★
Equipment-Callahan icon.png Callahan ★★★★★
Equipment-Sentenza icon.png Sentenza ★★★★★
Equipment-Blitz Needle icon.png Blitz Needle ★★★★★

Unique variant icon.png Equipment-Plague Needle icon.png Plague Needle ★★★★★

Equipment-Polaris icon.png Polaris ★★★★★
Equipment-Gilded Griffin icon.png Gilded Griffin ★★★★★
Equipment-Arcana icon.png Arcana ★★★★★
Equipment-Valiance icon.png Valiance ★★★★★

Icon-bomb.png  Bombs

Equipment-Shivermist Buster icon.png Shivermist Buster (X) ★★★★★
Equipment-Voltaic Tempest icon.png Voltaic Tempest (X) ★★★★★
Equipment-Dark Briar Barrage icon.png Dark Briar Barrage ★★★★★
Equipment-Obsidian Crusher icon.png Obsidian Crusher ★★★★★
Equipment-Dark Retribution icon.png Dark Retribution ★★★★★
Equipment-Electron Vortex icon.png Electron Vortex ★★★★★
Equipment-Venom Veiler icon.png Venom Veiler ★★★★★

Icon-shield.png  Shields

Equipment-Ancient Plate Shield icon.png Ancient Plate Shield (X) ★★★★★
Equipment-Barbarous Thorn Shield icon.png Barbarous Thorn Shield ★★★★★
Equipment-Grey Owlite Shield icon.png Grey Owlite Shield ★★★★★
Equipment-Crest of Almire icon.png Crest of Almire ★★★★★
Equipment-Swiftstrike Buckler icon.png Swiftstrike Buckler ★★★☆☆
Equipment-Omegaward icon.png Omegaward ★★★★★
Equipment-Gorgomega icon.png Gorgomega ★★★★★
Equipment-Volcanic Plate Shield icon.png Volcanic Plate Shield ★★★★★

Icon-helmet.png  Helmets

Equipment-Almirian Crusader Helm icon.png Almirian Crusader Helm (X) ★★★★★
Equipment-Ancient Plate Helm icon.png Ancient Plate Helm (X) ★★★★★
Equipment-Perfect Mask of Seerus icon.png Perfect Mask of Seerus ★★★★★
Equipment-Vog Cub Cap icon.png Vog Cub Cap (X) ★★★★★
Equipment-Skolver Cap icon.png Skolver Cap ★★★★★
Equipment-Black Kat Cowl icon.png Black Kat Cowl ★★★★★
Equipment-Kat Claw Cowl icon.png Kat Claw Cowl ★★★★★
Equipment-Kat Eye Cowl icon.png Kat Eye Cowl ★★★★★
Equipment-Kat Hiss Cowl icon.png Kat Hiss Cowl ★★★★★
Equipment-Snarbolax Cap icon.png Snarbolax Cap ★★★★★

Unique variant icon.png Equipment-Grey Feather Cowl icon.png Grey Feather Cowl ★★★★★

Equipment-Chaos Cowl icon.png Chaos Cowl ★★★★★
Equipment-Heavenly Iron Helm icon.png Heavenly Iron Helm ★★★★★

Icon-armor.png  Armor

Equipment-Almirian Crusader Armor icon.png Almirian Crusader Armor (X) ★★★★★
Equipment-Ancient Plate Mail icon.png Ancient Plate Mail (X) ★★★★★
Equipment-Skolver Coat icon.png Skolver Coat ★★★★★
Equipment-Vog Cub Coat icon.png Vog Cub Coat (X) ★★★★★

Unique variant icon.png Equipment-Shadowsun Slicker icon.png Shadowsun Slicker ★★★★★

Equipment-Snarbolax Coat icon.png Snarbolax Coat ★★★★★

Unique variant icon.png Equipment-Chaos Cloak icon.png Chaos Cloak ★★★★★
Unique variant icon.png Equipment-Grey Feather Mantle icon.png Grey Feather Mantle ★★★★★
Unique variant icon.png Equipment-Heavenly Iron Armor icon.png Heavenly Iron Armor ★★★★★

Icon-trinket.png  Trinkets

Equipment-Elite Sword Focus Module icon.png Elite Sword Focus Module ★★★★★
Equipment-Elite Handgun Focus Module icon.png Elite Handgun Focus Module ★★★★★
Equipment-Elite Quick Strike Module icon.png Elite Quick Strike Module ★★★★★
Equipment-Elite Slash Module icon.png Elite Slash Module ★★★★★
Equipment-Elite Trueshot Module icon.png Elite Trueshot Module ★★★★★
Equipment-True Love Locket icon.png True Love Locket ★★★★★
Equipment-Penta-Heart Pendant icon.png Penta-Heart Pendant ★★★★★

Icon-battle sprite.png  Battle Sprites

Battle Sprite-Drakon-T3-icon.png Skorcher ★★★★★, Elite Crystal Harness.png  Skill-Meteoric Firebolt.png Skill-Scorching Barrier.png Skill-Frenzied Firestorm.png
Battle Sprite-Seraphynx-T3-icon.png Nyashka ★★★★★, Elite Crystal Harness.png  Skill-Dazzling Light Ray.png Skill-Iron Heart Attack.png Skill-Valkyrian Aura.png
Battle Sprite-Maskeraith-T3-icon.png Darkouser ★★★★★, Elite Dark Harness.png  Skill-Vengeful Quills.png Skill-Deadly Shadow Cloak.png Skill-Haunted Haze.png

Rare costume items

Equipment-Prismatic Frosted Helm icon.png Prismatic Frosted Helm
Equipment-Steam Knight Mask icon.png Steam Knight Mask
Equipment-Metal Sonic Mask icon.png Metal Sonic Mask
Equipment-Metal Sonic Suit icon.png Metal Sonic Suit
Equipment-Authentic Frankenzom Mask icon.png Authentic Frankenzom Mask
Equipment-Authentic Phantom Mask icon.png Authentic Phantom Mask
Equipment-Authentic Spookat Mask icon.png Authentic Spookat Mask
Equipment-Infernal Guardian Helm icon.png Infernal Guardian Helm
Equipment-Infernal Guardian Armor icon.png Infernal Guardian Armor
Equipment-Heavenly Guardian Helm icon.png Heavenly Guardian Helm
Equipment-Heavenly Guardian Armor icon.png Heavenly Guardian Armor

My contacts


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