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Brinks, Token Trader

Brinks is a Token Trader in the Bazaar district of Haven, in Emberlight, and in Moorcroft Manor. He sells various materials, trinkets, and equipment.

Note: All equipment purchased from Brinks for tokens is automatically bound to the purchaser.


Wares are sold for tokens. Currently, there are seven types: Almirian Seals from Lord Vanaduke; Jelly Gems from the Royal Jelly; Bark Modules from the Roarmulus Twins; Frumious Fangs from the Snarbolax; and Forge, Grim, and Primal Sparks from treasure boxes.

Boss Tokens

Token-Almirian Seal.png Almirian Seal
Item Tokens
Equipment-Blackened Crest icon.png Blackened Crest 30
Equipment-Ancient Plate Helm icon.png Ancient Plate Helm 30
Equipment-Ancient Plate Mail icon.png Ancient Plate Mail 30
Equipment-Ancient Plate Shield icon.png Ancient Plate Shield 30
Equipment-Fang of Vog icon.png Fang of Vog 40
Token-Jelly Gem.png Jelly Gem
Item Tokens
Crafting-Rock Salt.png Rock Salt 2
Equipment-Brute Jelly Helm icon.png Brute Jelly Helm 15
Equipment-Brute Jelly Mail icon.png Brute Jelly Mail 15
Equipment-Brute Jelly Shield icon.png Brute Jelly Shield 15
Equipment-Antigua icon.png Antigua 20
Equipment-Sealed Sword icon.png Sealed Sword 20
Token-Bark Module.png Bark Module
Item Tokens
Equipment-Catalyzer icon.png Catalyzer 15
Equipment-Pulsar icon.png Pulsar 15
Equipment-Static Capacitor icon.png Static Capacitor 15
Equipment-Quicksilver Helm icon.png Quicksilver Helm 20
Equipment-Quicksilver Mail icon.png Quicksilver Mail 20
Token-Frumious Fang.png Frumious Fang
Item Tokens
Equipment-Bristling Buckler icon.png Bristling Buckler 10
Equipment-Snarble Barb icon.png Snarble Barb 10
Equipment-Spine Cone icon.png Spine Cone 10

Treasure Box Tokens

Token-Primal Spark.png Primal Spark
Item Tokens
Crafting-Cooling Cell.png Cooling Cell 2
Crafting-Critter Carapace.png Critter Carapace 2
Crafting-Frost Gel.png Frost Gel 2
Crafting-Gel Core.png Gel Core 2
Crafting-Monster Bone.png Monster Bone 2
Crafting-Brute Core.png Brute Core 5
Crafting-Bushy Tail.png Bushy Tail 5
Crafting-Drake Scale.png Drake Scale 5
Crafting-Hailstone.png Hailstone 5
Equipment-Hearthstone Pendant icon.png Hearthstone Pendant 5
Equipment-Jelly Band icon.png Jelly Band 5
Equipment-Katnip Pouch icon.png Katnip Pouch 5
Crafting-Rock Salt.png Rock Salt 5
Crafting-Unstable Core.png Unstable Core 5
Crafting-Chroma Tear.png Chroma Tear 10
Crafting-Perfect Snowball.png Perfect Snowball 10
Crafting-Rocky Core.png Rocky Core 10
Crafting-Warp Dust.png Warp Dust 10
Equipment-Brute Jelly Band icon.png Brute Jelly Band 20
Equipment-Choice Katnip Pouch icon.png Choice Katnip Pouch 20
Crafting-Dragon Scale.png Dragon Scale 20
Crafting-Everfrost.png Everfrost 20
Crafting-Primal Ore.png Primal Ore 20
Crafting-Royal Core.png Royal Core 20
Equipment-Warm Hearthstone Pendant icon.png Warm Hearthstone Pendant 20
Equipment-Hi-Grade Katnip Pouch icon.png Hi-Grade Katnip Pouch 50
Equipment-Rock Jelly Band icon.png Rock Jelly Band 50
Equipment-Toasty Hearthstone Pendant icon.png Toasty Hearthstone Pendant 50
Equipment-Purrfect Katnip Pouch icon.png Purrfect Katnip Pouch 100
Equipment-Royal Jelly Band icon.png Royal Jelly Band 100
Equipment-Sizzling Hearthstone Pendant icon.png Sizzling Hearthstone Pendant 100
Token-Grim Spark.png Grim Spark
Item Tokens
Crafting-Forbidden Fruit.png Forbidden Fruit 2
Crafting-Frayed Fabric.png Frayed Fabric 2
Crafting-Grave Soil.png Grave Soil 2
Crafting-Nightshade.png Nightshade 2
Crafting-Owlite Feather.png Owlite Feather 2
Crafting-Waste Module.png Waste Module 2
Crafting-Fine Fabric.png Fine Fabric 5
Crafting-Phial of Phear.png Phial of Phear 5
Equipment-Silver Amulet icon.png Silver Amulet 5
Equipment-Skelly Charm icon.png Skelly Charm 5
Crafting-Soul Dust.png Soul Dust 5
Crafting-Toxic Core.png Toxic Core 5
Equipment-White Laurel icon.png White Laurel 5
Crafting-Blighted Bone.png Blighted Bone 10
Crafting-Corrosive Acid.png Corrosive Acid 10
Crafting-Ghost Bell.png Ghost Bell 10
Crafting-Miracloth.png Miracloth 10
Crafting-Mug of Misery.png Mug of Misery 10
Crafting-Trojan Horseshoe.png Trojan Horseshoe 10
Equipment-Blessed Silver Amulet icon.png Blessed Silver Amulet 20
Equipment-Bright White Laurel icon.png Bright White Laurel 20
Crafting-Philoso Feather.png Philoso Feather 20
Crafting-Plague Essence.png Plague Essence 20
Crafting-Reaper Rib.png Reaper Rib 20
Equipment-Scary Skelly Charm icon.png Scary Skelly Charm 20
Crafting-Shadow Steel.png Shadow Steel 20
Crafting-Silverweave.png Silverweave 20
Equipment-Sacred Silver Amulet icon.png Sacred Silver Amulet 50
Equipment-Sinister Skelly Charm icon.png Sinister Skelly Charm 50
Equipment-Snowy White Laurel icon.png Snowy White Laurel 50
Equipment-Dread Skelly Charm icon.png Dread Skelly Charm 100
Equipment-Pure White Laurel icon.png Pure White Laurel 100
Equipment-Saintly Silver Amulet icon.png Saintly Silver Amulet 100
Token-Forge Spark.png Forge Spark
Item Tokens
Crafting-Blast Powder.png Blast Powder 2
Crafting-Driftwood.png Driftwood 2
Crafting-Fuel Canister.png Fuel Canister 2
Crafting-Gremlin Gizmo.png Gremlin Gizmo 2
Crafting-Iron Gear.png Iron Gear 2
Crafting-Power Cell.png Power Cell 2
Crafting-Static Clinger.png Static Clinger 2
Crafting-Swordstone.png Swordstone 2
Equipment-Crystal Pin icon.png Crystal Pin 5
Equipment-Driftwood Bracelet icon.png Driftwood Bracelet 5
Crafting-Force Dynamo.png Force Dynamo 5
Crafting-Redwood.png Redwood 5
Crafting-Rocket Sprocket.png Rocket Sprocket 5
Crafting-Torchstone.png Torchstone 5
Crafting-Volt Oil.png Volt Oil 5
Equipment-Wetstone Pendant icon.png Wetstone Pendant 5
Crafting-Blaze Pepper.png Blaze Pepper 10
Crafting-Heavy Gear.png Heavy Gear 10
Crafting-Ironwood.png Ironwood 10
Crafting-Meteor Mote.png Meteor Mote 10
Crafting-Silver Coil.png Silver Coil 10
Crafting-Thunderball.png Thunderball 10
Equipment-Dewy Wetstone Pendant icon.png Dewy Wetstone Pendant 20
Crafting-Flame Soul.png Flame Soul 20
Equipment-Glowing Crystal Pin icon.png Glowing Crystal Pin 20
Crafting-Plasma Cell.png Plasma Cell 20
Equipment-Redwood Bracelet icon.png Redwood Bracelet 20
36px Spark of Life 20
Crafting-Sun Silver.png Sun Silver 20
Crafting-Volcanic Iron.png Volcanic Iron 20
Equipment-Glimmering Crystal Pin icon.png Glimmering Crystal Pin 50
Equipment-Ironwood Bracelet icon.png Ironwood Bracelet 50
Equipment-Slippery Wetstone Pendant icon.png Slippery Wetstone Pendant 50
Equipment-Radiant Crystal Pin icon.png Radiant Crystal Pin 100
Equipment-Soaking Wetstone Pendant icon.png Soaking Wetstone Pendant 100
Equipment-Wyrmwood Bracelet icon.png Wyrmwood Bracelet 100

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