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A "Boss Trophy" is unlike other Furniture items. These are crafted at a special machine in the Hunter's Lodge, called the "Armero Alchemy Machine" by the community in general. These trophy items come at great cost, but decent planning and teamwork can make obtaining these items a great goal, instead of a tedious toil. Below are some tables outlining the raw material and crown costs of these furniture items. The actual cost of these might be very different for different guilds - would the participants rather buy materials from the Auction House, or "farm" for them in the clockworks?

Time and money... Which would you rather spend in large amounts? Decide together what is best for your group! Perhaps doing Shadow Lairs would be an alternative plan, since defeating bosses in a Shadow Lair gives more boss tokens. However, this leads to other expenses, such as the energy cost of the Shadow Keys, potentially more Sparks of Life used during the run, time planning, and so on.

In conclusion:

  • Be frugal.
  • Be patient.
  • Be wary.
  • Plan ahead!

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