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Map of The Lab

The Laboratory is the Spiral Order's research and development facility located in the Garrison district of Haven. Players have access to several utilities in The Lab.


The Laboratory is where the Spiral Order's biotechs work, alongside various researchers and Battle Sprite specialists. The Lab has limited power, relying on a barely capable backup generator salvaged from the crashed Skylark.

Points of Interest


Not all of these characters are located in the laboratory at all times! Some only show up after certain Rank Missions are completed, or during certain missions.

Thumbnail Name Description Location Notes
Morlin-Mugshot.png Morlin Biotech The Lab Informs the player about battle sprites.
Biscotti-Mugshot.png Biscotti Skylark Head Chef The Lab Informs the player about the diet of battle sprites.
Hahn-Mugshot.png Hahn Biotech The Lab Hahn looks busy and does not seem to notice you.
Pakrat-Mugshot.png Pakrat Gremlin The Lab - after mission ??? A friendly Gremlin with a warning about the Crimson Order and information on Emberlight.


Thumbnail Name Description Location Notes
Riley-Mugshot.png Riley Harness Merchant The Lab Sells various Battle Sprite harnesses.


The Laboratory was "up and running" with these patch notes, along with Battle Sprites. Before this patch, the Lab was an area under construction that could not be entered. It was mentioned in these patch notes.

As of these patch notes, the lab's appearance now changes if the player has completed certain Rank Missions.

Like other areas on Cradle, the lab is a location with sub locations as time goes on. On the loading screen, "Laboratory: The Lab" might seem redundant, but this flexibility is needed considering Cradle as a whole - see the 4-2 Rank Mission A New Threat for a different loading screen to the same location, which says "A New Threat: The Lab." This indicates that entities of interest are located in "The Lab" - a specific floor or location in an overall area, while titles like "Laboratory" refer to the entire area, structure (or "building"), mission, and so on.


Here are some screenshots of objects and characters you might see in the Lab:

With all Rank Missions completed, the player might see these things in the lab:

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