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The planet in which contains everything spiral! The guild that is in fact everything!

Guild Founder: Takendown
Approx. Population: 15
Guild Master(s):
Guild Officer(s):

Who Are We?What Is The Cradle? Who Are We?

Cradle is the strange planet on which Spiral Knights is set according to Spiral Knight's Wiki. In a sense, they are right. But what's missing from the description is that the Cradle is much more. Something bigger. Something more fantastic and something that represents everything as a whole. Much like our beautiful planet Earth. If you have any knowledge on the game you would know that Cradle, our Spiral Planet in a sense, was created and manufactured by Gremlins though the Wiki does not seem to back that up. What the Wiki does cover is that Gremlins like to break what they try to fix which would explain the existance of the Roarmulus Twins and Deconstruction Zone levels.

We are Cradle. A Tier 2 and 3 group of Knights (or soon will be) who work together to achieve what is needed to be achieved. We offer nothing but a home for Knights much like Cradle does for all players. In Cradle, we focus more on the Clockworks side of the game rather than Missions, though Missions is still acceptable. Founded on July the 21st 2012 by Takendown, Cradle hopes to offer the best Spiral Knights experience in and around the Clockworks and in Missions. We hope to form a guild of not only skilled players, but also players who have respect for what Three Rings have created for us. Respect for Cradle in-game as we do here on Earth. Respect for all that exists...

Why Do You Focus More On The Clockworks? Why Do You Focus More On The Clockworks Rather Than Missions?

A great question but not very easy to explain. While Missions may seem the easy and quickfire way to get to any desired Boss level such as the Jelly King or Lord Vanaduke, you are really missing out on things the Clockworks have to offer. The two images below should be able to provide reasons why we prefer the Clockworks.

Rare monsters offering unique items roam the Clockworks. Have you discovered any yet?
The Clockworks below the surface cycle levels in real time. You will never see all...

Of course both of the above do not seem to apply to Missions, not to mention that before the existence of Missions most people were finding rare and unique items such as the Darkfang Shield which currently cannot be found within Missions (or anywhere else within the Clockworks it seems).

That isn't to say that items within Missions cannot be found - That isn't true. There seems to be a decreased chance in picking up a item in Missions. At least, I've only found one item (the Blast Bomb) in the entire Mission series (1-1 - 9-4) while I've found more unique items within the Clockworks.

As well as rare items, rare monsters such as the Toxilargo and the Sloom can also be found within the Clockworks offering rare and unique items you won't find in Missions. While some less rare monsters such as the Toxilargo may appear in Missions, the more rare monsters such as the Mewkat may not.

As the Clockworks' levels shift from time to time, new levels are being created. Rare ones too such as a Raining Wolver Den or something similar to the Starlight Cradle. Of course, as this is rare, chances are you will find rare and unique levels once in a while. In Missions? Never.

A very good questionI Don't Focus On The Clockworks Much And I Play A Lot Of Missions. Can I Still Join?

Welcome aboard! - Of course you can still join! We do Clockwork runs regularly but that does not mean we don't do Missions! We just focus more on the importance of the Clockworks and experience everything that can be experienced within the Clockworks that players were experiencing before the existence of Missions. Whether you don't do the Clockworks and focus on Missions, there's always a place for you here! Don't feel left out! We count everybody as one! We don't exclude!


  • Please respect every single guild member within Cradle.
  • Beggary within Cradle is unacceptable and may result in demotion or removal.
  • Please try your best to log in at least 5 times a week.
  • Please avoid being anti-social. We're a very social guild.
  • Disinterest regarding anything relating to Cradle (Guild) will result in removal or demotion.
  • Please do not request for a promotion and/or that you get promoted to Officer or Guild Master. Such request may result in demotion or removal from Cradle.
  • Please alert Takendown should you be away from Spiral Knights for a while. Doing so prevents the risk of being removed from Cradle due to inactivity.
  • Important: Please enjoy Cradle.

Guild Blast Network and Lockdown

Lockdown.png As our numbers grow, we'll be participating in Guild Lockdown either in the EU or US, depending on when rival guilds are ready to face Cradle. Takendown will arrange for Cradle to participate in Lockdown if available. Guild members may also request Guild Lockdown games (if available) - We're very competitive!

Blast network.png We'll also be participating in Guild Blast Network (if also available) if players are interested in playing and representing Cradle! Takendown will also arrange this, and the same rules apply.

Guild Blast Network and Lockdown Rules

  • You are representing Cradle. Please be friendly and a good sport towards rival guilds.
  • Please be very competitive - We at least want to win!
  • Have fun! - This one is most important.

Yay! We Are Recruiting As Of Now! Request To Join!

Tier 2 and 3 users! We are recruiting! Feel free to send Takendown either a /tell or an in-game mail requesting to join! (The 25 crowns spent on mailing will be repaid)

Currently, there are no requirements other than you being considered a skillful, active Tier 2 or 3 player who has an interest to join this guild for the right reasons!

If you feel like you want to somewhat trial in Cradle for a few days to see how you like the guild, that's also acceptable! We won't take it to heart if you decide to leave us! We're just glad you decided to trial!

We like to give! Something You Should Know...

Because we like to give, I, Takendown, am offering you a little thank you for members that are to join this guild. Here's the deal:

  • We keep an eye out on the Event Log. If you do amazing things such as defeating Lord Vanaduke or becoming Crown King, you will be awarded with spectacular prizes! Ranging from Crystal Energy to upgrades to Accessories! Awesome!
  • Within Cradle, depending on your performance and how you've been within the guild, players will nominate other players to receive wonderful prizes!

Guild Game Suggestions (From Ally: Gyro Avengers (Previous Created Guild by Takendown))

Here's something that will keep you interested! In-game ideas suggested by Takendown and Kellnox with the contributions of others within Gyro Avengers!

Status Vial Super Vial Ultra Vial Description
Blind Item-Blind Vial.png Item-Super Blind Vial.png Item-Ultra Blind Vial.png A Blind Vial will blind the target, stopping it from attacking (and seeing you) making the target completely targetless.
Name Stats Abilities Rating Description
Item-Silkwing Raiment.pngSilkwing Raiment N/A Health Bonus: +8 ★★★★★ A Raiment inbued with Silkwing itself. This Raiment is bound to provide a warming health sensation.
Name Stats Abilities Rating Description
Metronome.pngMetronome N/A Causes fire, curse, stun, freeze, shock, or poison with each charge attack. ★★★★ An odd blade with many different abilities.
Archaic Metronome.pngArchaic Metronome N/A Causes fire, curse, stun, freeze, shock, or poison with each charge attack. ★★★★★ An upgraded Metronome forged with perfect bars of Primal Ore. It positively vibrates with barely-contained elemental power.
Flashbang N/A Can cause blind with each shot. ★★ A long-range weapon, the single clip could easily blind whatever it hits and anything around it.
Shuttereye N/A Can cause blind with each shot. ★★★ Originally intended for location, when fired upon an enemy, a nice explosion could render your target's neighbors blinded.
Amaurail N/A Can cause blind with each shot. ★★★★ While a gunpowder firearm could do a nasty effect on a knight's hearing, the Amaurail would do worse on a target's eyes as well as its neighbors.
Eclipsor N/A Can cause blind with each shot. ★★★★★ A single misfire could blind an entire room if not cared for. It is said that the Sun Silver used to create this legendary firearm was ten times less lucent than when finally put on the weapon.
Envenous Alchemer.pngEnvenous Alchemer N/A Good chance of inflicting Moderate Poison. ★★★★★ An alchemical handgun that fires bullets of venomous poison that split on impact.
Equipment-Vorpal Six-Shooter.pngVorpal Six-Shooter N/A N/A ★★ A powerful pistol that can fire tulgey teeth at those who would oppose its wielder.
Equipment-Twisted Six-Shooter.pngTwisted Six-Shooter N/A N/A ★★★ A boosted vorpal six-shooter enhanced to fire with a satisfying "crack-bang".
Equipment-Dark Thorn Revolver.pngDark Thorn Revolver N/A Damage Bonus vs Beast: Low ★★★★ An explosive powder-powered handgun whose strength has been increased by an offering of souls to the beast within.
Equipment-Barbarous Thorn Revolver.pngBarbarous Thorn Revolver N/A Damage Bonus vs Beast: Medium ★★★★★ A handgun of terrible power that fires bullets of Snarbolax tooth with the wrath of the great beast itself. Those who hold it claim to feel the fiery glare of the beast upon them whenever they close their eyes.
Status Condition
Name Description
Icon Status Blind.pngBlind Blind is a status condition which inflicts the victim with a blinding aura, making them targetless, completely missing their attacks. When a Knight is inflicted with Blind, enemies around will become harder to see, almost like a Chromalisk being invisible or partially seen. Note: Blind is only a FANMADE Status Condition created by Gyro Avengers members. It does not currently exist anywhere in-game.
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