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Gremlins are a race of small, mischievous humanoids that are fascinated with machinery and endlessly tinker away at any they can find. The gremlins were brought to the Clockworks by an unknown means and serve as its builders and repairmen. However, their efforts are often marred by their own tendency to break what they try to fix — or in many cases blow it up completely (they're fond of explosives). It is believed that gremlins get their orders from The Core itself, but for now their secret is safe, as the gremlin language is completely indecipherable to any other intelligent race.

All enemy gremlins belong to the colony, which serves King Tinkinzar. King Tinkinzar is said to be a great ruler and a mechanical genius who is responsible for the vision of the Clockworks. The king is never seen by common gremlins (nor has he ever been seen by the Knights), rather his orders are carried out by his Crimson Order, a fearful and zealous band of nine gremlins who alone share audience with the king.

There exists a small band of gremlins who are outcasts from King Tinkinzar's colony. The outcasts have taken refuge in Haven and the subtown of Emberlight but at the cost of being hated by their own kind.

Another small band of green-furred gremlins called Grinchlins had planned to ruin the Christmas of Emberlight, steal all presents and even destroy Impostoclaus. The reasons behind this or if they serve King Tinkinzar is totally unknown. Their base of operations is found in Mount Krampus.

Gremlin Units

The Gremlin Propaganda when Kora tells information about the Gremlins in the Rescue Camp

The Gremlins are a diverse bunch, able to specialize themselves with a wide variety of designated roles. The following is a list of known Gremlin units:

Gremlin boss battles include:



The first clan of gremlins encountered, Tenderfoots are the weakest gremlins in game. They are only found in Tier 1.

  • Thwacker: A regular melee attacker, the thwacker can throw his axe when enemies are out of reach. They are easily defeated by most players.
  • Mender: The gremlin version of a healer, Menders heal their injured allies, gremlin or otherwise. They cannot directly deal damage.
  • Scorcher: These gremlins wield small flamethrowers which let them set players on fire. They can fire bullets if their flames are unable to reach enemies.
  • Demo: These gremlins carry around packs of bombs and run around placing them. They are very agile and can throw bombs that can stun you.


The second clan of gremlins, Ironclaw gremlins are generally harder to defeat than Tenderfoots. They are encountered only in Tier 2.

  • Thwacker: Ironclaw thwackers are more agile, and they can dash and dodge a knight's attack. They can also swing their axe a second time after their initial overhead swing. The second attack propels the thwacker forward, and can surprise unprepared players.
  • Mender: Ironclaw menders can now area mend and are more dodgy, trying to flee knights except if there are wounded monsters nearby.
  • Scorcher: Ironclaw scorchers have a more rugged and tough appearance, and they can occasionally shoot a spread of three bullets.
  • Demo: Ironclaw demos are now faster and dodge around more frequently. They can also throw packs of bombs.


The third clan of gremlins, more formidable than the Tenderfoot and Ironclaw clans. They are encountered only in Tier 3.

  • Thwacker: Darkfang Thwackers now wear a shield on its back, blocking all attacks from behind. They also gain a sudden spin attack that catches unsuspecting knights by surprise, often taking out chunks of health.
  • Mender: One of the most notable moves is the Mender's auto-bubble. The bubble is activated when the Mender is low on health, but the Mender only has one bubble. The bubble will disappear over time, or when a Knight breaks it down. They also gain the ability to resurrect other gremlins and will consciously try to flee from knights if there are no wounded monsters nearby.
  • Scorcher: Darkfang Scorchers gain a new and much more dangerous attack - their wave of fire covers more area and can also travel larger distances than its regular stream attack. Darkfang Scorchers may also spill oil making the fire hazard more dangerous.
  • Demo: Darkfang demos move more unpredictably and drop bombs when hit most of the time. They are also extremely agile.

Notable Gremlins

Thumbnail Name Description Location Notes
Seerus-Mugshot.png Seerus Warmaster Grand Arsenal
Herex-Mugshot.png Herex The Whispering Venom Unknown

Gracken-Mugshot.png Gracken General Goods Emberlight

Punch-Mugshot.png Punch Variant Smith Haven
  • Sells variant tickets that can remove and replace existing unique variants on equipment.

Vise-Mugshot.png Vise Unbinding Smith Haven

Nonna-Mugshot.png Nonna Emberlight Adoption Agency Haven

Razwog-Mugshot.png Razwog Schemer Near the Rescue Camp

Groat-Mugshot.png Groat Chef Prestige Mission: A Gremlin in Knead
  • Tries to help Biscotti making cakes, but uses too much moonstone in funky ways.
  • Only aggressive when possessed by Dread Velvet. Attacks include variations of attacks used by other gremlins, namely the Thwacker, Scorcher, and Mender. His weapon of choice appears to be an elaborate frying pan.

Sputterspark-Mugshot.png Sputterspark Engineer Unknown

Pakrat-Mugshot.png Pakrat Informant The Lab
  • A friendly gremlin who hangs out in the Laboratory in Haven after certain Rank Missions are completed. Uses simplistic speech.
  • Gives warnings about the Crimson Order and information about Emberlight.

Gremlins in Disguise

The Strangers in depth 24 of the 10-1 Rank Mission Breaking in the Recruits seem...stranger than usual. Gremlin forces have infiltrated this area and disguised themselves as strangers. One "stranger" claiming the name "Wargel" is a Darkfang Thwacker in disguise, the other two ("Botshoes" and "Kneepo") are mecha knights assisting the effort. Several wolvers are also involved in this brawl. To what purpose? Kora asks the player to investigate further, while extracting the NPC knights ("recruits") to Haven.

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