Grinchlin Assault!/Ascent

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Gate-Grinchlin Assault!.png
Region: Unique. This level can only be accessed via the Interface-icon-PvE.png Event Dangerous Mission: Grinchlin Assault!.
Level: Ascent
Depth: 19 or 24 (Depends on rank)


Notable Exploration Entities


Take advantage of nooks and crannies and the dash.

Map-Grinchlin Assault!-Ascent.png Map of Ascent.
Area-Grinchlin Assault!-Ascent.png At the start of this fight, head to the bottom left corner and let the gremlins come to you. Leave one undefeated to set up the next waves: taunt the respawning puppies then dash away so they stay facing away from the fight. Repeat as needed. For the second wave, it would be prudent to take out the menders first. Damage an enemy, then use Deadly Shadow Cloak and take the mender pair out while they are distracted.
2Area-Grinchlin Assault!-Ascent-2.png There are 16 boxes in the first cache. Choose it or continue climbing.
3Area-Grinchlin Assault!-Ascent-3.png Hit switches to keep Doors up, as each door blocks a Humbug respawner. The doors will fall down after a while because the switches are on a timer. The bottom right corner of this room is a good place to fight from.
4Area-Grinchlin Assault!-Ascent-4.png There are 27 boxes in the second cache. Choose it or continue climbing.
5Area-Grinchlin Assault!-Ascent-5.png This Battlepod is invincible. It will launch rockets throughout the fight and finally self-destruct after all monster waves are defeated. This room is relatively easy, just avoid the straight paths when the battlepod launches its rockets.
6Area-Grinchlin Assault!-Ascent-6.png There are 43 boxes in the last cache. Loot it then continue to the next level, or restart as desired.
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