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Two knights in Haven

Knights are the only playable race in Spiral Knights.


Each account may have up to 3 knights.

When creating a knight, players can customize their knights' personal color, eyes and height. They can also customize the knight's starting armor and helmet. The game uses gender-neutral terms for player knights.


The Knights are vertebrates of organic structure, resembling short humanoids with dark skin, glowing eyes and stumpy feet. As organic creatures they can suffer from biological imperfection[1] and sickness.[2] They are warm-blooded,[3] have hair,[4] and wear clothes.[5]

Knights can be affected by neurological disruption,[6] are capable of emotions,[7] have various personality traits including those of the anti-social deviation,[8][9] and in some cases, most notably the Arkus incident, can be driven mad.

They take part in recreational activities,[10] have short noses with a sense of smell[11][12][13][14] and need to, or at least enjoy, eating and drinking[15][16][17]; like most vertebrates, they utilize teeth[18] to break down food before digesting it. Some armors and shields double as cooking apparatus, giving the impression that Knights possibly do not have the biological ability to eliminate harmful bacteria in foreign consumables. Knights have a sense of hearing[19] and a sense of touch, with some armors[20][21] designed with comfort in mind and others sacrificing comfort for maximum protection.[22]

Knights do need to breathe[23] although it is unknown what they breathe to survive, or if they can breathe the atmosphere of Cradle.

Although Knights are not fused permanently with their armor,[24] they are never seen without it, and rarely without their weapons. Although knights (or possibly their armor) can carry an incredible amount of mass, they are still slowed down substantially when utilizing heavier armor and weaponry.


To see a list of the most notable Knights check Category:Knights.

According to in-game lore, the Knights originate from the planet Isora. After an event (or series of events) named the Morai Wars their race was at the brink of extinction, having to leave the planet and search for a power source to save their homeworld, their commander being Ozlo. They roamed the galaxy in the Skylark before crashing to Cradle.


Spiral Order

The Spiral Order is the order that the Knights of the Skylark were a part of at the time of the crash. Every player of Spiral Knights is a member of the Spiral Order, and new players begin the game as recruits to the Order. Feron its their Lieutenant.

Guardians are knights who use heavy equipment to face powerful monsters, and also protect their squad; Recon knights gather intelligence; Strikers are knights who use swords to quickly neutralize their enemies; Technicians are tasked with maintaining equipment and researching their environment; Gunslingers specialize with firearms to attack from a range; Bombers handle explosives that support their squad against multiple enemies; Biotechs research their environment to teach other knights how to safely explore the Clockworks; and merchants craft and trade goods with other knights, helping them to be well equipped.

Recon Knight

Recon Knights are knights tasked with gathering intelligence for the Spiral Order, and when in a party, also gather relevant intel for their squad. Although more complex mechanical work is often left to Tech Knights, Recon Knights can perform basic mechanical tasks such as cracking locks and revitalizing undamaged but abandoned machinery. Some notable Recons include: Rhendon and Parma.


A Guardian acts as the "Tank" of a party. They generally have a high vitality, and equip heavy armor and weaponry in order to keep attacking forces at bay and to weather the brunt of enemy attacks. Some knights take upon themselves the Guardian's Oath, which carries great honor and great responsibility; A Guardian must put other's safety before his own. Knights under this Oath are granted access to some of the most powerful armor the Spiral Order has to offer. Some notable guardians include: Arkus, Izola, Virgil, and Grantz.


Like the noble cavalry, strikers zoom in and attack enemies, having high damage, a Booster, Wolver Gear or a Swiftstrike Buckle. However, they sacrifice health, being a Glass Cannon. Echo, a Hero, is a example.

Alpha Squad

The Alpha Squad were the first Spiral Knights to enter the Clockworks and venture all the way to The Core. Their current location is unknown. Euclid is their leader.

Recon Rangers

The Recon Rangers are an elite team of knights tasked with recovering intel from some of the most dangerous levels in the clockworks. Desna is their leader.

Scarlet Scouts

The Scarlet Scouts are an elite team tasked with recovering intel from some of the most dangerous levels in the clockworks. Rhendon is their recruiter.


They perform valuable research into the hybrid geology of Cradle and the Clockworks, as well as the creatures inhabiting it.

Spiral HQ has sent many knights down into the Clockworks in order to discover more about the nature of Cradle and its inhabitants. Teams of research knights are sent down into the Clockworks for extended periods of time, often basing themselves at a subtown (one such team is stationed at Emberlight). Many Geo Knights are sent forth into the wilds where they contend with the constant threat of wolver packs while carrying out their research; other knights must brave the dangers of lichenous lairs in order to carry out their duties.

Often Prestige Missions will involve providing protection or further supplies to these research teams. Players also contribute to the ongoing research into the inhabitants of Clockworks by submitting material samples to Spiral HQ for examination.

Technicians, while primarily responsible for maintaining equipment, also take energy readings and compile data collected throughout the Clockworks.


Combat-orientated Technicians are Knights who have experience in various mechanical duties, as well as the quick thinking and bravery required to put them into practice in combat situations. Technicians excel in rapidly dismantling machines, even ones that are hostile, and performing various other mechanical duties such as repairing armor and disabling locks in the heat of battle.

Other Technicians may lack the speed and brawn of combat-orientated Technicians, but they make up with it in hardiness and determination to solve any problem. They tinker for hours on end, collecting data even during brutal environments such as the high risk camps in Wolver Dens and the unforgiving cold of the core. They build and repair machines, and are often in charge of any construction work that occurs in Haven.

Geo Knights

Geo Knights take mineral samples to study their use in Clockworks formation and their affinity with monster types.

Some notable Geo Knights include:

  • Chief Geo Knight Wegner who coordinates the Geo Knights in investigating the mineral constitution of the Clockworks. Working with knights in the field, Wegner has found that the nature of a stratum in the Clockworks is linked to what minerals it contains. He gives instruction on the uses of minerals to new and advancing knights.


Biotechs are like biologists. They study creatures in the Clockworks, researching each of their attacks, patterns, instincts and nature. This allows expedition teams to get accustomed to the enemies that they face.

Some notable Biotechs include:

  • Chief Biotech Hahn is fast-talking and rather curt knight specializing in research into the offensive abilities of various monster families. He lectures new knights via comlink on the types of special damage that monsters can inflict on knights travelling through the different levels of the Clockworks. His lectures are given "free of charge" but not, it would seem, free of obligation.

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