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Satellite of Love
GuildLogo-Satellite of Love.png

"Just repeat to yourself its just a game. I should really just relax."

Guild Founder: Dr. Clayton Forrestor
Approx. Population: 35
Guild Master(s):
Guild Officer(s):
  • Aremel - on break
  • Nikobraz - availabe
  • Nohara - Skyrim
  • Razldazl - semi available

About the Satellite

Founded on the principle "free games ought to be free" the satellite was launched from Asteroid F to enable newcomers to the game to acquire mid-range gear for a leg up to sustainability.

"Thou shalt spin. Be it standing in place or while walking, thou shall rotate very fast. Be it turnwise or widdershins, thou shalt spin" - mejezfeld not a guild member. clever though.

D33P 13

>steam clan<
Gamers who make their own rules, and then break them. Mad science at its best. Vast Multi-national Global Conspiracy. (Megalomania not required, but it helps)

Participation in clan not required. Membership by invitation only. See group profile on steam for details. Offer void where prohibited and on Mars (can't say why).


  • At-cost recipe farming is encouraged.
  • No-cost resource sharing is encouraged. Requesting materials for re-sale purposes is disallowed.
  • Recipe sharing is encouraged. Player asking for item to be crafted should be expected to pay ce and cr cost but materials should be provided at no charge.
    • Just impress us with your selfless devotion to teamwork and fairplay. Be willing to help.IatBR clause
  • See an Officer or Guild Master for uniform. Please wear uniform as costume in public areas.

Joining is free

Anyone who plays Spiral Knights with an officer of the guild and displays a reluctance to rush to their character's and teammate's death, shows a situational awareness and a basic understanding of game play (or a willingness to learn) may request membership or may be invited. Membership is not locked so the SoL can be a good starter guild for those wishing to someday start their own (several members have joined with this understanding stated up front).

Once your character is a member of the guild there is no responsibility (whatsoever) to continue to associate with the guild. However, there are advantages. Memberships has its privileges.

Anyone promoted to Veteran can view the guild secrets.



Bulletin Board

Guild Specials

  • Need the Star Spangled Bomber cheev?
  • Magnus 11k crowns. Guild only. See: EvilDrF.

Classified Ads


  • Need to craft something? We can craft it for you! Up to 3 star items can be shared this way! Please provide ce and cr only (materials are free)! If you get a UV, its yours to keep!

SoL's collective 2 and 3 star recipes:

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