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Crash Site
Gate-Crash Site.png
Important stratum themes:
  • Crash Course
  • Reporting In
  • Gate-Crash Site.png Waking in a New World

The Crash Site is a region. Regions categorize levels with similar characteristics that have been incorporated into the Clockworks.


No gate icon description for this region.


Waking in a New World

Gate-Waking in a New World.png
Name: Waking in a New World

Depth: 1
Description: This level is basically a tutorial. Rhendon will contact the player after both crashed in Cradle. The main objective in this zone is to rejoin with Rhendon and arrive at the Rescue Camp. There are a few Jelly Cubes and Chromalisk Whelps to fight before to meet Rhendon, after the meeting with him, there are three Veteran Spiral Knights waiting a few metres of Rhendon. In that area the player will fight against a Mini Boss called Ironwood Sentinel along with a few Gun Puppies, the veteran knights will aid in the fight. After the battle go straight to the Rescue Camp. Don't forget to get the Heat and the Crowns during the run.



Ironwood Sentinel Fight


The Crash Site is an area of the surface.

Waking in a New World is the only level of the Crash Site. After knight creation, the player must venture away from their crash pod. Various tips and obstacles teach the player the basics of gameplay, including controls and methods of exploration.

This part of the game is not multiplayer and players will not be put in parties.

If health reaches 0 in this level, the knight will be revived after a few seconds.

If this is the first time Spiral Knights has been run on the player's computer, the rest of the game will download after the completion of this level. The level is considered "complete" when the player enters the Rescue Camp.


  • release 2012-05-09: Waking in a New World is shorter. The number of Jelly Cubes, Chromalisk Whelps, Treasure Boxes, and Explosive Blocks has been reduced.
  • release 2013-12-11: A group of Retrodes no longer appear during the Ironwood Sentinel fight.


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