The King of Ashes

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The King of Ashes
Mission-The King of Ashes.png
Mission List: Rank (Champion)
Preceded By:

9-3 Interface-icon-Dialogue.png Mission: Heart of the Matter

Followed By:

9-4 Interface-icon-Dialogue.png Mission: A True Champion

Important Stratum Themes:
  • Monsters: Gate Icon-Fiend.png Gate Icon-Undead.png
  • Status: Icon status fire.png

The King of Ashes is a 9-3 rank mission.



Within the ever-burning depths of the Firestorm Citadel, Lord Vanaduke lies in wait for any living being to pass into his accursed kingdom. Any squad that has ever attempted to infiltrate the citadel has perished or was simply lost, like the countless lost souls bound to this terrible realm.

Lord Vanaduke is ready for war, believing in his twisted mind that any who dare enter the citadel to be an invading force bent on overtaking his kindgom. He stands as the last obstacle before gaining access to the Core and the Spiral Knights having any chance of restoring the Skylark and returning home.

As a Champion of the Spiral Knights, you alone have what it takes to lead a team into the very heart of this inferno and face the titanic might of Lord Vanaduke.


Defeat Lord Vanaduke in the Firestorm Citadel and reach the Core

Gate Map

First Floor:
Gate-Generic Lobby.png
Name: Mission Lobby
Depth: 0
Level Link: This mission's lobby is standard.

Second Floor:
Gate-Firestorm Citadel.png
Name: Blackstone Bridge
Depth: 24
Level Link: This floor is the same as Firestorm Citadel: Blackstone Bridge.

Third Floor:
Gate-Firestorm Citadel.png
Name: Charred Court
Depth: 25
Level Link: This floor is the same as Firestorm Citadel: Charred Court.

Fourth Floor:
Gate-Firestorm Citadel.png
Name: Ashen Armory
Depth: 26
Level Link: This floor is the same as Firestorm Citadel: Ashen Armory.

Fifth Floor:
Gate-Firestorm Citadel.png
Name: Smoldering Steps
Depth: 27
Level Link: This floor is the same as Firestorm Citadel: Smoldering Steps.

Sixth Floor:
Gate-Throne Room.png
Name: Throne Room
Depth: 28
Level Link: This floor is the same as Firestorm Citadel: Throne Room.

Seventh Floor:
Name: The Path is Sealed
Depth: 29
Level Link: The Path is Sealed is unique to this mission.


Players may venture into this area of the Firestorm Citadel via The King of Ashes or the relevant arcade gate as often as desired.

This mission is played often in order to obtain Token-Almirian Seal.png Almirian Seals from the Icon Map Boss.png Icon status fire.png Icon status stun.png Lord Vanaduke to exchange with Brinks for related gear.


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