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This is a list of things that would be good to get done. I'm going to mark things that I (Equinox) will target as high priority in my list to work on personally, but if you are interested in working on it, please jump right in. I'll mark these with a *. Naturally I'll pitch in with all of this stuff, feel free to ask me questions on my talk page or in the wiki forum about any of these items if they are not clear. Also feel free to add to this list.

General Tasks

  • Additional redirects for searching. They should be tagged using a template listed here. i.e. a page would have #REDIRECT [[urmom]] {{R for plural}} on it.
    • Some terms may be ambiguous, which means it should be a disambiguation page. You can find an example at crystal.
  • Create individual pages for trinkets as well
  • Double-check and see that the armor, helmets, shields, swords, bombs, handguns pages have all the known ones listed on there.
  • Switch the dropped by list to a subpage of individual materials pages in order to only need to update it in one place (will transclude on the crafting page). Leave a message on my talk page if you're interested in this and I'll explain how it should be done if you aren't sure how.
  • Going around to see if there are consistency issues we've missed in terms of wording or formatting.

Documentation Tasks

These all will need appropriate screenshots

  • Go through older documentation/introduction and update or just redirect to newer stuff or delete if its no longer part of the game*
  • Add the abilities to list of sets. Probably should be cumulative abilities/bonuses for the whole set (like increased damage Ultra etc).
  • A sort of general what's what screenshot of the interface with things circled/labeled (I'll probably just do this, I may try to see if there's a way I can make it clickable)*
  • Curse - We need some images of status conditions! The includes not only how it looks visually, but also how it looks if it appears with a countdown timer above your health bar. Some of them could possibly use additional information, even including a list of weapons that do things for that status (and even what gear provides resistance to it). The curse article should get you to all the status pages.

Reviewing Tasks

Review of all pages is definitely welcome, but there are a few that should be specifically checked over:

  • I need someone that has one working to look over gamepad to make sure it's up to date and has enough information.
  • Moorcroft Manor and Emberlight need to be updated to be current. Emberlight needs a screenshot like Moorcroft's. Actually come to think of it, they all may need updating/creating as I see there have been changes to the Arcade in Haven.
  • Arsenal - could use a section about how you click on items in the arsenal to get menus or mouseover to get info/comparison depending on the type of item

Image Tasks

  • As usual check User:Equinox/needed images‎. That list includes images of sets! Since the new monster zerg rush, I haven't updated or checked the monster images section of that page.
  • Trinkets - is missing various stats images (just an image of the "bonus" will work for those who do not have true stat bars)

Finished Tasks

Feel free to review these. These are tasks that have had enough work done that they are ready enough for use:

  • Mail - how to/cost/etc.
  • Switch trinkets over to tables similar to armor.
  • Spiffy up the left sidebar nav (only I have access to do this, I'll take care of it, but am open to suggestions)* (further changes can be made later)
  • Switch table backgrounds to something lighter to mask the white outline issue. This will hopefully just be temporary if people prefer the dark background.
  • Damage
  • Expand and polish Energy.
    • Probably a separate page for Energy Depot explaining that whole thing in detail
  • Trade - All about trading. Including the limitations to watch out for like how you can keep adding items when its already full/how recipes do not "stack" and show up in separate slots.*
  • Expand Saphy's great start on party (this may get moved into a more expansive article called "exploring") - screenshots & info about the little energy symbol next to party members in that list, the two menus that you can get by clicking on the people in the party list (and how to pay for someone etc), how to trade in terminals/ability to change equipment, elevator up/down so they know they can step on it instead of "Return to Haven", how to return to haven, mention the distribution of pickups vs crowns/heat vs hearts vs crystals.
  • Starting out - A Cliff notes version of all the basic information one needs to know to start playing the game including the first step of creating a knight (for a similar guide, take a look at this)*
  • Redesign of the main page (access again, but please do leave suggestions & comments on the talk page)*
  • Player versus Player - page about it/how it works/how to do it.
  • Friend - how to do it/how to remove/useful for friends only runs/etc.
  • Ignore - how to do it/how to remove/etc.
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