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Joined: 15th of April 2011
Favored Armor Set: Vog Set
Guild: Hunter X Hunter (Guild)
Rank/Affiliation: Guild Master

About me!

Hello fellow adventurers! My main knight's name is Kurapika.

I am an outgoing knight who loves to hang out and make new friends. I avidly collect costumes and I enjoy being a business knight! I also love being a guildmaster and helping other knights on their own journeys to become 5*.

I'm a non-paid player if you don't count the $10 worth of CE I bought and ridiculously wasted as a newbie. Regardless, all my current gear is hard-earned from working the Auction House and from buying/selling, as well as a good deal of luck!

I hope you take a look at the guild page I created for my guild Hunter X Hunter (Guild). =D



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