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This page answers some of the most frequently asked questions on the Spiral Knights forums.

How do I set a forum picture/avatar?

Log into the forums. Near the top of any forum page is a link that says "Forum Preferences". Click on it, then click "Edit" and select a picture from the list.

Custom pictures are not possible; you cannot upload your own image. Also, once you select a picture, you cannot revert to having no picture.

How do I earn crowns quickly?

There are four basic strategies for earning crowns:

  1. Play the Clockworks, through either missions or the Arcade. Boss missions and danger missions pay well. Operation Crimson Hammer pays well if you have extra Eternal Orbs of Alchemy around (make Perfect Mask of Seerus and sell it to a vendor). See the links below for data.
  2. Re-sell recipes from Basil. This requires some research. Start with recipes that aren't available in the Hall of Heroes: boss item upgrades, items from the gunner update (release 2014-12-03), etc. But not all of these recipes are lucrative, and some other recipes are.
  3. For extra crowns, trade your boss tokens for Snarbostuffing, Jelly Glue, Schemer Scraps, and Dark Embers, and sell those to other players. Or, if that's too much work, trade your boss tokens for items and sell those items to vendors.
  4. You can also speculate on the energy market or the accessory market, but those require additional research and risk.

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How do I get Orbs of Alchemy?

There are a few ways to get orbs of alchemy:

  1. Save crowns (or real money), use those crowns to buy energy, and use that energy to buy three orbs from the Supply Depot.
  2. Buy individual orbs from players. Usually they cost more per orb than at the Supply Depot.
  3. Find orbs in the Clockworks. Often this strategy is slower than finding crowns and using those to buy orbs! But if you really want to find rather than buy your orbs, then read the wiki page Rarity to determine your best stratum. Seek out missions and levels in that stratum that have many treasure boxes: danger missions, arenas, danger rooms, treasure vaults, etc. See the links below for data.

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How do I find Radiant Fire Crystals?

There are two ways to get Radiant Fire Crystals:

  1. They can be found on depth 26 and deeper (and on depth 25 too, but rarely). On those depths, seek out levels with many treasure boxes: arenas, danger rooms, treasure vaults, etc. Dreams and Nightmares, Firestorm Citadel, and Shadow Lairs are good ideas. See the links below for data.
  2. You can buy them from the Supply Depot, but the cost is very high (typically over 400,000 crowns per item heated). It seems that very few players get Radiants this way.

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How should I heat?

In terms of the fire crystals spent, the most efficient way to heat is using 2X chances. For example, heating one 5-star item on 3X chances requires 453 Radiant Fire Crystals, while heating that item on medium chances requires an average of 419 Radiants. Sometimes you will get lucky and spend fewer than 419 (as few as 302). Sometimes you will get unlucky and spend more than 419 (with no upper bound).

On the other hand, using high chances gets you a chance at a Forge Prize Box. High chances may or may not increase your chances of other Forge bonuses too; we don't have sufficient data to evaluate that conjecture. And some players use high chances just because they can't stand the disappointment of sometimes failing a forging. My advice is: Use 2X chances when forging 5-star items.

Weapons benefit greatly from heating. They acquire CTR at heat levels 5 and 10, and a typical 5-star weapon doesn't match its 4-star damage output until heat level 7 or 8. So wait until you amass many Radiants, before upgrading weapons from 4 to 5 stars.

Armor and shield benefit very little from heating. So don't heat them if you need Radiants for heating weapons soon. Consider leaving them at heat level 1 (or heat level 5, if you want one extra health).

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How do I land alchemer ricochets?

Regular (non-charge) shots from alchemers generate a small amount of ricochet. The ricochets go in a somewhat random direction, but always to the left from the viewpoint of your knight. For example:

  • If you fire north (up the screen), then the ricochet will go west (left on the screen).
  • If you fire west, then the ricochet will go south.
  • If you fire southeast, then the ricochet will go northeast.

So make sure auto-targeting is off. Don't aim for the center of your target. Aim for the side of your target, so that the shot hits your target and the ricochet goes into your target. For example:

  • If your target is north of you, then aim at its east side. When the ricochet goes west, it hits the target.
  • If your target is west of you, then aim at its north side. When the ricochet goes south, it hits the target.
  • If your target is southeast of you, then aim at its southwest side. When the ricochet goes northeast, it hits the target.

Charge shot ricochets are similar, but they go in both directions — left and right. So aim for either side of your target, so that half of the ricochets go into it. If you have two targets standing close to each other, then try aiming between them. A Nova Driver charge can one-shot-kill two lumbers like this.

Other Questions

Here are some other common questions, that I haven't yet answered here.

  • What are the best sprite ultimate skills?
  • What's a good gunner loadout?
  • What's a good bomber loadout?
  • Should I switch to Steam?
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