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Suits and Helmets

Ignoring Padded armor for a moment, there are 38 kinds of suits and helmets. In almost all cases the suit and helmet are obtained identically and enjoy identical statistics. The seven exceptions, marked with * below, are: Radiant Silvermail has no matching helmet, Perfect Mask of Seerus has no matching suit, and Divine Veil has a fiend bonus while Divine Mantle does not. The four Kat armor lines have unusual and asymmetric alchemy paths.

Then there are 36 Padded armor lines, organized as nine variants in four status flavors: Falcon (sh+4, fr-3), Firefly (fi+4, sh-3), Grizzly (fr+4, po-3), and Snakebite (po+4, fi-3). These armors are marked with ? in the status columns below. Each armor's official name begins with "Sacred", which simply means "5-star".

Name Damage Bonuses Fi Fr Sh Po St Cu Sl
Almirian Crusader norm+shad fi-2 cu+2
Azure Guardian norm+pier
Dread Skelly norm+shad fr+4 po+4
Grey Feather norm+elem fi+4 sh+4
Ice Queen norm+pier fr+4 st+4
Royal Jelly norm+pier st+4 sl+4
Arcane Salamander norm+elem slime dam+1, beast dam+1 fi+4
Deadly Virulisk norm+pier slime dam+2 po+4
Dragon Scale pier+elem beast dam+2 fi+4 po+4
Radiant Silvermail* pier+shad undead dam+2 po+4 cu+4
Divine* elem+shad fiend dam+2 (Veil only) fi+4 sh+4 cu+4
Valkyrie norm+shad fiend dam+2 fi-4 po+4 cu+4
Volcanic Salamander norm+elem slime dam+2 fi+4
Volcanic Plate norm+elem ASI-1 fi+4 st+4 sl-4
Ironmight Plate norm+pier ASI-1 st+4 sl-4
Ancient Plate normal ASI-1, MSI-1, health+3 st+4 sl-4
Name Damage Bonuses Fi Fr Sh Po St Cu Sl
Mercurial norm+pier MSI+1 sh+4
Fallen norm+shad ASI+1, fiend dam-2 fi+4 po+4 cu-4
Chaos norm+elem dam+2, CTR+2 fi-2 fr-2 sh-2 po-2 cu-2
Black Kat* norm+shad dam+3, MSI+1 fi-2 fr+4 sh-2 po-2 cu-4
Heavenly Iron norm+shad sword dam+1, fiend dam+1 sh-4 cu+4
Skolver norm+pier sword dam+2 fr+4
Snarbolax norm+shad sword dam+2 fr+3 po+3
Vog Cub norm+elem sword ASI+2 fi+4
Kat Claw* norm+shad sword ASI+1, sword dam+1 fr+4 sh-2 cu-1
Starlit Hunting norm+pier sword dam+2 st-4 sl+4
Deadshot norm+shad gun ASI+1, undead dam+2 cu+4
Justifier norm+pier gun ASI+2 st+4
Nameless norm+elem gun ASI+2 fr+4
Seerus* norm+elem gun CTR+2, gun ASI+1 fi+4 fr-2 sh+4 po-2
Shadowsun norm+shad gun dam+2 po+4
Kat Eye* norm+shad gun ASI+1, gun dam+1 fr+4 sh-2 cu-1
FaFiGrSn Pathfinder norm+pier gun ASI+1, gun CTR+1, gun dam+1 fi? fr? sh? po?
FaFiGrSn Guerrilla norm+pier gun ASI+1, gun CTR+1, gun bst dam+2 fi? fr? sh? po?
FaFiGrSn Hazard norm+pier gun ASI+1, gun CTR+1, gun slm dam+2 fi? fr? sh? po?
FaFiGrSn Sentinel norm+elem gun ASI+1, gun CTR+1, gun dam+1 fi? fr? sh? po?
FaFiGrSn Keeper norm+elem gun ASI+1, gun CTR+1, gun cnst dam+2 fi? fr? sh? po?
FaFiGrSn Wraith norm+elem gun ASI+1, gun CTR+1, gun grm dam+2 fi? fr? sh? po?
FaFiGrSn Shade norm+shad gun ASI+1, gun CTR+1, gun dam+1 fi? fr? sh? po?
FaFiGrSn Ghost norm+shad gun ASI+1, gun CTR+1, gun und dam+2 fi? fr? sh? po?
FaFiGrSn Hex norm+shad gun ASI+1, gun CTR+1, gun fnd dam+2 fi? fr? sh? po?
Bombastic Demo norm+elem bomb dam+2 fr+4
Mad Bomber norm+elem bomb dam+2, bomb CTR+2 fi-2 fr-2 sh-2 po-2
Mercurial Demo norm+elem bomb dam+1, MSI+1 sh+4
Volcanic Demo norm+elem bomb CTR+2 fi+4
Kat Hiss* norm+shad bomb CTR+1, bomb dam+1 fr+4 sh-2 cu-1
Starlit Demo norm+pier bomb CTR+2, slime dam+1 st-4 sl+4


There is a wide variety of defensive and offensive trinkets. You can equip up to two trinkets at a time, if you have active trinket slots. Trinket slots can be purchased from Kozma's Supply Depot and from other players. The slots expire after 30 days.

Name Damage Bonuses Fi Fr Sh Po St Cu Sl
Royal Jelly Band piercing
Radiant Crystal Pin elemental
Dread Skelly Charm shadow
Elite Slash Module sword dam+2
Elite Sword Focus Module sword CTR+2
Elite Quick Strike Module sword ASI+2
Elite Trueshot Module gun dam+2
Elite Handgun Focus Module gun CTR+2
Elite Quick Draw Module gun ASI+2
Elite Boom Module bomb dam+2
Elite Bomb Focus Module bomb CTR+2
Penta-Heart Pendant health+6
Soaking Wetstone Pendant fi+2
Sizzling Hearthstone Pendant fr+2
Wyrmwood Bracelet sh+2
Pure White Laurel po+2
Saintly Silver Amulet cu+2
Purrfect Katnip Pouch sl+2
Gift of Autumn health+4 fr+1
Grand Solstice Ring health+4 fi+1 fr+1
Somnambulist's Totem MSI+1 sl+1
Daybreaker Band CTR+1, health+1, slime+1 sl+?


Shields behave very differently from armor. A shield protects you only while it is activated (and unbroken). While it is activated, it blocks all damage and status from you, until it breaks. The amount of damage and status that the shield can absorb before breaking is determined by the shield's health, damage resistance, and status resistance. When the shield is broken (or unactivated), it blocks no damage or status from you, until it recharges. See also the Shieldbearer Guide.

Name Damage Bonuses Fi Fr Sh Po St Cu Sl
Omega Shell normal
Volcanic Plate Shield normal fi st
Ancient Plate Shield normal st
Grand Tortoise normal MSI-1, bash st
Aegis norm+pier
Ironmight Plate Shield norm+pier st
Royal Jelly Shield norm+pier st sl
Barbarous Thorn Shield norm+pier sword dam+2
Savage Tortoise norm+pier MSI-1, bash sh po
Dragon Scale Shield pier+elem fi po
Grey Owlite Shield norm+elem fi sh
Heater Shield norm+elem fr
Omegaward norm+elem MSI-1, bash fi fr
Dread Skelly Shield norm+shad fr po
Crest of Almire norm+shad fi sh
Gorgomega norm+shad MSI-1, bash fr st
Celestial Shield pier+shad
Power Mitt norm+elem fi
Teddy Bear Buckler norm+shad fr st


There are 22 5-star swords. See also my sword guide and the Swordmaster Guide.

Name Damage Status Combo Bonuses Style Obtain
Leviathan Blade normal 3 Calibur
Cold Iron Vanquisher normal 3 undead dam+3 Calibur
Celestial Saber normal stun 3 Calibur Eq. Prize Box
Sweet Dreams normal stun 3 undead dam+2 Calibur Sl. Prize Box
Dread Venom Striker normal poison 5 Cutter
Wild Hunting Blade normal 5 beast dam+3 Cutter
Sudaruska normal stun 2 Troika
Triglav normal freeze 2 Troika K. Coins
Barbarous Thorn Blade piercing 3 Flourish F. Fangs
Final Flourish piercing 3 Flourish
Fearless Rigadoon piercing stun 3 Flourish
Furious Flamberge piercing fire 3 Flourish
Warmaster Rocket Hammer elemental 3 OCH
Divine Avenger elem+norm 2 Sealed J. Gems
Fang of Vog elem+norm fire 3 Calibur A. Seals
Amputator normal 3 slime dam+3 Brandish
Combuster elem+norm fire 3 Brandish
Glacius elem+norm freeze 3 Brandish
Voltedge elem+norm shock 3 Brandish K. Coins
Obsidian Edge shad+norm poison 3 Brandish A. Sigils
Acheron shad+norm 3 Brandish
Gran Faust shad+norm curse 2 Sealed J. Gems


There are 32 5-star handguns. See also the Gunslinger Guide.

Name Damage Status Clip Bonuses Style Obtain
Arcana elemental 3 Blaster Basil
Argent Peacemaker elemental 6 undead dam+3 Antigua J. Gems
Biohazard shadow poison 3 Catalyzer B. Modules
Blitz Needle piercing 2 Autogun
Callahan piercing stun 2 Magnus
Gilded Griffin piercing 6 Antigua J. Gems
Gorgofist shadow 2 tortofist A. Shells
Grand Tortofist normal 2 tortofist A. Shells
Grim Repeater shadow 2 Autogun Basil
Hail Driver elemental freeze 2 alchemer
Iron Slug normal stun 2 Magnus
Magma Driver elemental fire 2 alchemer
Neutralizer normal 3 Catalyzer B. Modules
Nova Driver elemental 2 alchemer
Obsidian Carbine shadow poison 6 Antigua A. Sigils
Omega Tortofist elemental 2 tortofist A. Shells
Overcharged Mixmaster elemental shock 3 mixmaster Conf. Prize Box
Celestial Orbitgun elemental fire 3 mixmaster Eq. Prize Box
Permafroster shadow freeze 3 Pulsar B. Modules
Phantamos shadow 3 Blaster Basil
Plague Needle piercing poison 2 Autogun K. Coins
Polaris elemental shock 3 Pulsar B. Modules
Riftlocker piercing 3 Blaster Basil
Savage Tortofist piercing 2 tortofist A. Shells
Sentenza shadow 6 gremlin dam+3 Antigua J. Gems
Storm Driver elemental shock 2 alchemer
Supernova normal 3 Pulsar B. Modules
Umbra Driver shadow 2 alchemer
Valiance normal 3 Blaster
Volcanic Pepperbox normal fire 2 Autogun
Wildfire elemental fire 3 Pulsar B. Modules
Winter Grave shadow freeze 2 Magnus Basil


There are 21 5-star bombs. See also the Bombing Guide.

Name Damage Status Bonuses Style Obtain
Nitronome normal Blast
Big Angry Bomb normal stun Blast
Irontech Destroyer normal stun Blast
Deadly Shard Bomb normal shard
Dark Briar Barrage piercing F. Fangs
Scintillating Sun Shards piercing stun fiend dam+4 shard
Deadly Splinter Bomb piercing shard
Electron Vortex elemental shock vortex K. Coins
Celestial Vortex elemental fire vortex Eq. Prize Box
Ash of Agni elemental fire haze
Shivermist Buster elemental freeze haze
Stagger Storm elemental stun haze K. Coins
Venom Veiler elemental poison haze
Voltaic Tempest elemental shock haze B. Modules
Torpor Tantrum elemental sleep haze
Deadly Crystal Bomb elemental shard
Graviton Vortex shadow vortex
Obsidian Crusher shadow poison vortex A. Sigils
Dark Retribution shadow OCH
Deadly Dark Matter Bomb shadow shard
Shocking Salt Bomb shadow shock slime dam+4 shard
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