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Note: This page is still being worked on while I find some templates to use. If you have any to recommend to me, PM me in-game at The-Master-Blaster or message me on Steam.

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Kill it with eggs before it lays fire!


This is where I do some of my YouTube stuff. I will try to record and upload if I have some spare time.

My YouTube Channel


GeForce Page: GeForce Fourms Page

PCPartPicker: My PCPartPicker Page

Steam: For all you Steam users on SK that would want to shoot me a friend request, go ahead: My Steam


Main account: Bkgvucvu

Main alternative: The-Master-Blaster

Second alternative: Littlebigportal

Third alternative: Greendaytoday

In Game Stuff



Future Projects (Weapons, Guns, Bombs, etc.)



Guilds That I've Been Part Of (As Much As I Can Remember) & Guild History

LD Guilds

First Blood: I was invited to join Shinyespeon in FB around June/July of 2012 when I was a Vog newbie, being the not so successful AA combo spammer with Voltedge and Grand Faust (I wasn't into toothpicking early on) I left after a week or two because I didn't think I was worthy enough being in a top-notch LD guild when clearly I wasn't good.

Rigorous: Now this guild I fell in love with when I thought it was time to search for a good LD guild. I stayed in this guild from April 2014 until like the last week of May or something like that. I was a veteran, and we had some good times.

R G P: Kyoten made this guild and left in late May 2014 to early June. It was fast growing at first, then it basically collapsed. I don't know what else to say about this guild.

For some reason, I'm going to say this guild because I remember this clearly because of what happened. Promise: I got an invitation frmo Aurora-Skyblades to sub for a 1v1 tourney, and I didn't join. But I kept that invitation to the guild. Then one day I decided to join it and to randomly leave one second into the guild. xD Exactly what I did.

"Regular" Guilds

Temporal Warriors: This guild was made by Shinyespeon in 2011. This was the first guild I have been part of and this is not longer active as (I would assume) most of the members (including myself) have left. The only people in there is my other alt (Jashadic to which I don't know the password to sadly) and some other inactives from like 2011-2012.

Intense Flame: I first knew Intense Flame form (obviously) Chawkthree. I was a veteran in that guild (as I am in almost any guild apparently) and I did spend a good like 8 months. I did one video with them for GLD when we actually had enough to participate in GLD. Spiral Knights - Lockdown - Ep. 3 - GLD With Aequitas!

Brmc: This is when I left Intense Flame for a GLD guild, but I think I left that one. But really I don't know why I joined Brmc, but I joined it for quite a while, around 6 months per say. I met Puen/Yottsu in LD a while before I joined Brmc tho, just to let you know.

Umbrae: I came across this guild a few weeks ago, around the last week of May 2014 where I met my long-time friend Kontar there. Unfortunately R G P was made and I wanted to join Kyoten in his new guild, which is now (basically) dead. (Kyoten left because he told me that some people in the guild were annoying him, so he just left and everyone left after him xD)

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