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Information is currently limited.  
Information is currently limited.  
*[http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/114689#comment-1031455 Some data collection has been made in the forums].  
*[http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/114689#comment-1031455 Some data collection has been made in the forums].  
*Contrary to the tooltip, [http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/114686#comment-1031452 there is nothing new or unique in the prize wheel at this time]. Changes will be made in the future based on feedback, and prizes can change at any time.
*Contrary to the tooltip, [http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/114686#comment-1031452 there was nothing new or unique in the prize wheel the first time the Casino could be found].  
*The {{Lockbox|Slime}} was introduced {{DoRSource|30 June 2016}} with the second Casino occurrence. Within this box are two previously unseen styles of [[Node Slime Mask|Node Slime]] costumes: Heavy and Regal.
== See Also ==
== See Also ==

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A possible Golden Prize Wheel interface, before spinning.

The Golden Prize Wheel is located in the Golden Slime Casino, a transiently available location encountered randomly in Clockwork Tunnels via the Arcade.


Each spin of the wheel rewards you with a random prize, including unique items not available anywhere else! Requires one Golden Slime Coin or crowns if none are available. — Tooltip


A single Golden Slime Coin or 200 Icon-Crown.png Crowns may be used to spin a wheel.

A random prize is rewarded immediately after pressing the "Spin the Wheel!" button. The spinning wheel and "crown receiving" animations are simply aesthetics.

Players can spin any wheel as many times as desired, provided they have enough currency to do so.

Types and Prizes

Several different machines are randomly available in every Casino. Each type has its own prize pool, though prize pools are currently very similar.

Blue text (or lack of) before the first spin sometimes helps identify the wheel's type. Watching the prizes spin will always reveal the wheel's type.


Generalized Prizes

Known general prizes currently are:

  • Crowns
  • Heart
  • Pickup (vial or barrier)
  • Gate Icon-Beast.png Kleptolisk (nothing, implying it sat in that particular slot of the wheel and ate whatever prize was there)
  • Damage-dealing "prize"


This device was introduced
24 May 2016

It is similar to the Prize Wheel that spins upon level completion.

It is indicated on the minimap by Map-icon-Golden Prize Wheel.png.

Information is currently limited.

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