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Signature here mainly for the time stamp for most recent edit: --Avak989 19:32, 15 June 2013 (UTC)

Why you stalk me?

Use the discussion tab if you want to ask me any questions or post any comments. I will try my best to see and answer them.

Well I guess I should put something useful here:


Pictures! (Click To View Them In Higher Quality)

Basic Information

I started playing in August or September of 2012 (very late I know). At least I still caught the Halloween holiday event. :)

My primary character is Avaknineeightnine. I spelled out the numbers, because Spiral Knights doesn't allow people to type in numbers in their character names. D:

I am in the guild, Skybreakers (Guild). Not a very well known or big guild, I know, but it has many friendly people. Besides I never got an invitation to a popular guild. :( But I'm fine with what I got.

If you want to friend me, first join me on some event or mission, because I do not like friending people for no reason. I usually delete friend messages from people who just randomly want to add me in Haven (I don't even know you!). Just join me on a Lockdown game, Blast Network game, or mission, so I can know who you are and say, "Hey, there's that guy who is amazing at running Royal Jelly Palace" or "Hey, it's that guy who sucks at running that mission but still is respectful/funny/interesting/not a beggar".

I guess you could see in my previous sentence that I also hate beggars. Well, I do hate beggars. Why go wasting time asking for something from other people when you can just try and get it yourself? Want more energy or a tab? Just wait an hour or a day, and you will get those mist. There is also this little thing called an Energy Market (wait no, that's not it, oh, it's an Energy Depot, whatever I never use that name anyway). Want crowns or heat? Just go run a mission. Even crazier are those people IN A MISSION that ask, "Hey, can I have 500 crowns?" For crying out loud, YOU ARE IN A MISSION WHERE YOU CAN GET THOSE CROWNS!

Just a note, after working with the Grey Owlite Shield and the rest of the Owlite Shield line for so long, I feel like they should have chosen a better word to replace the Grey in Grey Owlite Shield. I mean the line goes from Owlite Shield to Horned Owlite Shield to Wise Owlite Shield to Grey Owlite Shield. The names all seem to keep getting better from regular to Horned to Wise, but the Grey Owlite Shield name just drops the pattern. It sounds so plain and bland compared to the Wise Owlite Shield and Horned Owlite Shield. I feel like maybe I am too critical about this or maybe the developers just didn't feel like coming up with something else and just used this, but I really think it does not fit such a high and elegant looking shield. I am not saying the developers should change it, because it is kind of too late for that. I just wanted to voice this opinion I have.

Something else I want to say, I think Three Rings Design should come up with some new events for King Krogmo's Coliseum. Not saying that Lockdown and Blast Network suck, but I am trying to say that they could add a 3rd or more PvP games. Maybe they could even put in a PvE game where knights try to fend off monsters of increasing difficulty for as long as possible. The ideas are endless, but I just think they had a great idea with this PvP arena but did not take it to its full potential.


In the early 0* and 1* missions, I just used what the missions rewarded me with. In the early 2* missions, I used the Cobalt set. Then, I switched over to the Divine Veil, Skolver Coat, and Owlite Shield lines with the standard Calibur, Blaster, and Blast Bomb lines. This build pretty much provides you with defense against all damage types and many status effects AT THE 5* LEVEL. Before 5* though, it mainly provides Normal, Piercing, and Elemental defense which I considered decent until I had to face Candlestick Keeps and Fiend Levels (ouch). I am currently still trying to craft my 5* versions. After getting these essentials down, I plan to branch out and get other more interesting equipment. As of March 2013 with this edit, I have crafted my 5* versions, and I have to warn you that it does not provide a lot of defense for each damage type as should be expected. At least it looks quite cool. :) Currently, I am branching out in making gear specific to missions that are great for grinding (King of Ashes, The Sovereign Slime, ...).

For King of Ashes, I plan to stick with my current helmet and armor but use the Crest of Almire with its Shadow defense rather than my Grey Owlite Shield's Elemental defense. There are quite a lot more Shadow-dealing monsters than Elemental-dealing monsters in King of Ashes, so yeah. I also plan to have a Blitz Needle (well, I guess by the March 2013 edit, I already have 1) to deal with the Trojans that appear. I will have a Voltedge, because I think its charge attack is going to be great in dealing with hordes of zombies compared to the Leviathan Blade. In addition, it is Elemental damage, so more damage to the zombies. I also like shock. :) I could have used the Divine Avenger, but the thing is that I think its charge attack is extremely disruptive and annoying to the other people in my party. I also have trouble using these slow and heavy swords.

For The Sovereign Slime, I am probably going to keep using my current helmet and armor but use a shield that can resist piercing like the Aegis, Barbarous Thorn Shield, Ironmight Plate Shield, or Royal Jelly Shield. I am going to use the Acheron or Gran Faust as my sword, because they are Shadow damage swords. I am going to use either the Umbra Driver or Sentenza as my Shadow-dealing gun.

In Lockdown, I am currently equipped with a Tier 1 Circuit Breaker Set that provides Normal and Elemental Defense (which I consider very helpful as the only 0* and 1* weapons deal these two damage types). I feel the weapons in Tier 1 do not really differ from one another as they all mostly do the same damage (which is not much at all). I do not have a Tier 2 set, but I plan to use Gunslinger Hat and Dusker Coat for the weapon bonuses. I prefer to keep my weapons a secret. I currently have a bunch of Tier 2 sets. I most enjoy using Dusker Cap and Dusker Coat as a Striker. I feel the Gunslinger Hat and Gunslinger Sash does not really work for me, because I would prefer a Damage Bonus rather than an Attack Speed Increase on my guns. I also have a bombing loadout. I also do not have a Tier 3 set, but I plan to have the Shadowsun Stetson and Skolver Coat for the weapon bonuses. Again, I prefer to keep my weapons a secret.

In Blast Network, I plan to get ... lol, what am I talking about? Blast Network doesn't care about your loadout. Just go on and play this variant of Bomberman (not saying it's bad because it is still fun)!


You will most likely see me in my costume of Jack o' Bombhead Mask and Hallow Fur Coat. I had a stroke of luck in getting that Jack o' Bombhead Mask from the Hallow Prize Box, so it is my most prized possession. I also really like how it looks.

The Winterfest costumes are ok for me. I am mostly interested in the Frosty Fur Coat, Frosty Flak Jacket, and Humbug Hat, but even these are only ok in my opinion. The Frosty Fur Coat does not match with my Jack o' Bombhead Mask, and the Frosty Flak Jacket looks ugly compared to the Fur Coat. The Humbug Hat looks very nice, but I feel it is extremely hard to get. I also do not feel like using up 50-100k crowns in the Auction House for it. As of March 2013 with this edit, I still have not gotten these 3 pieces, and I still have the same opinions about them. The closest to a satisfactory costume set that I have for Winterfest though is my Frosty Scale Helm and Frosty Cloak. Even these I feel are ok, and I will very rarely wear these. (No, I am probably not going to sell them as they are nice mementos for Winterfest)

I believe that some time in January or February was when there was a special event for people to face some cursed Mewkats, obtain Ancient Pages, and be able to craft some special gear which are listed on here: Montague . In my opinion, these pieces of gear all look absolutely amazing, but are just ok in terms of their defense. The abilities are quite nice though. I did not decide to focus on this event, because I chose to instead work on completing my missions and advancing to be a Vanguard. Looking back, I am conflicted. I kind of feel like I should have taken advantage of it, but I also feel like I can wait till next year for another possible event.

It was April and that meant Caketastrophe was upon us. I took advantage of this amazing event to get that mask that I had been looking forward to since Halloween, the Prismatic Frosted Helm. After doing the prestige mission mostly everyday and running quite a few Clockwork levels for random Cake rooms, I was able to get this interesting helmet. After accomplishing that, I decided to just keep doing the Prestige Missions until the last day in order to get at least 1 box.

Grinding For Crowns and Heat

First of all, I just want to say that the amount of crowns needed in this game later on is a pain (for the lack of a more severe and extreme cuss word).

Heat is not a problem compared to crowns! You can easily heat equipment up to level 10 while you grind for a ton of crowns, especially later on in the game.

After getting my 2* gear, I mainly focuses on grinding the Royal Jelly Palace levels for crowns due to their high crowns per energy payout. Later, I transitioned to just grinding the 1st 2 levels of Royal Jelly Palace for their even higher crowns per energy payout. I did that to get all the way to my 4* gear. As you would expect, it gets very boring doing it that many times, but there are not many other choices, especially without those levels past the 5* Hall of Heroes. Now I realize that you can grind the Prestige Missions for greater crowns per energy payout, but they are pretty tough as expected. Be sure to grab some party members if you are tackling it with 2* or 4* gear for the Tier 2 or Tier 3 versions. I have tried those danger Prestige Missions for many times, and even with a party, you are guaranteed to have trouble. I would recommend you stick with the Royal Jelly Palace for this leg, because it is a reliable source of income as long as you can finish it. In addition, many more people run Royal Jelly Palace than any of the danger Prestige Missions, so it is easier to find a party for Royal Jelly Palace.

As of March 2013 with this edit, I have finished all the missions and attained Vanguard status. Now, I just grind King of Ashes for lots of crowns and heat, because it gives quite a lot of those each run. Here is a really nice website that I used to find out which missions to grind: (it is not mine btw). It is very helpful by listing the amount of crowns you would usually get each level of a mission and the average crowns per level of a mission.

Random Events To Share

January 19, 2013: I just found a stratum that gave out 4 crowns per Moonstone/Blue Mineral deposited in Gate Construction. This kind of price was really rare at the time. I was slowly clicking in my 450 Moonstones as it suddenly changed prices to 3 crowns per Moonstone (I was clicking because I like to keep 50 minerals after depositing the rest just in case of say a 5 crowns per mineral chance). I may be making a big deal out of this, but I WAS FINALLY GOING TO GET TO USE SO MANY MOONSTONES. They really need an option to customize what Auto Sell does...

February 18, 2013: I attained Vanguard status! Thank you for the applause! Thank you...Oh, no applause. Well, ok. It is still quite special to me though. I have braved 6 or 7 months of Spiral Knights, and I must say it has been worth it at some points and not worth it at some other points. I have made many friends (no close friends because I don't want to share my personal information as a defensive person would), and I have had to brave through many repetitive runs just to get crowns for my gear. Looking back on it now, I realize that I actually picked an ok loadout. It was decent, but I could have changed it to make it better. I guess the helmet, armor, and shield were fine choices. I could have changed my weapons to have one that deals one damage type that is not normal and the other that would deal a different damage type that is not normal like a shadow weapon and an elemental weapon or a piercing weapon and an elemental weapon... That way, I would have been able to deal either critical damage or normal damage to all types of monsters. Now that I am here, I plan to just run King of Ashes some more times, craft a few more pieces of equipment for Lockdown, facing bosses, grinding missions, ...

March 6, 2013: I have created a YouTube account and have uploaded my first video! Here it is: . I plan to just use it to upload and save some gameplay videos of me in Spiral Knights. Maybe there will be some other random videos too! Stay tuned (I do not expect to get a large fanbase or even any subscribers)!

June 1, 2013: I was playing with some friends in Vanaduke mission/Firestorm Citadel/The King of Ashes. We were doing great, but when we nearly defeated Vanaduke boss (we were in the fifth and last phase), I died. Because I was attacking with my Blitz Needle before I died, I accidentally kept clicking. It just so happens that my mouse was right over the "Return to Haven" button, so when I kept clicking, I accidentally hit that button and left the party. After all our hard work, I accidentally left the party right at the last minute, because this button was not locked like other buttons or did not have a confirmation window.

June 15, 2013: I was just roaming through Haven when I decided to check up the Auction House for a Spark of Life for my crafting. There were only 2 sales, 3 Spark of Life for around 9,000 crowns and 1 Spark of Life for around 170 crowns. Obviously, I bid on the very cheap one, and it just so happened that it was on the Short phase of the sale. I was able to wait it out and get it without worrying too much. Now, I know this does not sound like much, but I have never gotten this lucky with Auction House sales before, especially ones at this cheap of a price.

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