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Welcome to the page of Cordiceps, the mushroom knight!

Origin of the name - examine:

'Mushroom RAGE'
Joined July, 2011
Guild: Impervious (Guild)
Timezone: PST
Rank: Vanguard
Prestige: Horsey Club



  • F2p player. The day OOO really locks out F2p, Cordiceps meets fungicide and quits :(.
  • Began SK because of the Summer Camp promotional event in July 2011, but only played sparingly until August.
  • Was donated 15k crowns on Day 1 of Cradle by a stranger who has since quit. Hail the Benefactor!
  • Left a random add guild, Millenium Kingdom, and established the awesome guild Jenkem Junkies.
  • Jenkem Junkies became inactive as members moved onto new things (R.I.P. QQ), left for Impervious by the end of October 2011.
  • Lockdown is introduced - began first as Recon before switching to Guardian; have since transitioned to Striker.
  • Beat all Shadow Lairs with less than 3 rezzes a person by December 2011.
  • Became a bomber with a full bombing set in April 2012.
  • Became a gunner January 2013.
  • Semi-retired, having attempted to quit thrice. I take random breaks for months. I am super part-part-part time SK.
Battle Sprite Maskeraith.png
Level: 100
Perk: MSI Medium
Skill-Vengeful Quills.png Skill-Deadly Shadow Cloak.png Skill-Chaotic Haze.png
Golden Harness.png Dark Harness.png Elite Iron Harness.png
Battle Sprite Seraphynx.png
Level: 53
Perk: +3 Health Bonus
Skill-Ray of Light.png Skill-Heart Attack.png Skill-Angelic Aura.png
Golden Harness.png Dark Harness.png Elite Iron Harness.png


  • Independence, beggars, independence! Listen to Beyonce for inspiration! Don't call for rescues or depend on the strong, don't beg for things.
  • SK? That would be hilarious if it wasn't so damn sad. Games are a relaxing outlet, not a way of life.
  • Be nice! Be cooperative! Be deadly! Play for fun, but try to be effective.
  • The essence of true skill is defending while attacking, and attacking while defending. Running away while waiting for an opening is not skill.


  • Mostly gunner due to the fact game-play is far more interesting as one. Retired swordsman, occasional bomber.
  • Accepts hits if far more damage can be dealt!!
  • Tries to play considerately; protect teammates, attack most threatening enemies, avoid shield bumping or kiting enemies into allies, working with teammates to steal or trade aggro.
  • As an end-game player farming, the speed of the run is supreme to all else.
  • Goes where the fight is the hottest for maximum DPS.
  • Evasion>Shielding, Attack Speed>Attack Damage
  • Never use capsules unless everyone else is dead.
  • Kills the most vulnerable enemies first and rezzes friends as soon as it is safely possible.
  • No longer use slots of any kind out of frugality.

Up Next on the Forge


  • None planned at the moment.

Other possible crafts:

  • Dragon Scale Armor Crown gold.png 30k
  • Ice Queen Set Crown gold.png 21.5k
  • Dark Briar Barrage Crown gold.png 37.5k

Crown gold.png 89,000 Rarity-Radiant Fire Crystal icon.png Rarity-Shining Fire Crystal icon.png Rarity-Eternal Orb of Alchemy icon.png 9 Rarity-Elite Orb of Alchemy icon.png 9

  • Dread Skelly Mask Crown gold.png 30k
  • Volcanic Plate Mail Crown gold.png 41.5k
  • Irontech Destroyer Crown gold.png 30k
  • T2 LD set (Need pendants and heat!)

Crown gold.png 101,500 Rarity-Radiant Fire Crystal icon.png Rarity-Shining Fire Crystal icon.png Rarity-Eternal Orb of Alchemy icon.png 9 Rarity-Elite Orb of Alchemy icon.png 6

Punch 'Em

Equipment-Gran Faust icon.png

Heat 'Em

Equipment-Stable Rocket Hammer icon.png

Random Stuff

Hailoh-Mugshot.png The Mushroom Shop

PVP Stats

Yup, I'm pretty much mediocre.

Blast Network
Blast Network Lockdown
  • Best Score: 12 Kills, 1 Death
  • Highest No-death Score: 9 Kills
  • Typically die ≤2 times per match
  • Icon class guardian.png Best Score: 13 Caps, 10 Defends
  • Icon class striker.png Highest Caps: 18
  • Icon class striker.png Highest Defends: 13
  • Icon class recon.png Best Damage w/ Guns: 13k
  • Icon class guardian.png Best Damage: 15.7k
  • Icon class striker.png Best Damage: 20.6k
  • Average 10k+ though 15k+ is rare.

Opinionated Commentary

Why would you even let this happen?

The Poor, Neglected and Under-powered Gears
Ancient Plate Set Equipment-Ancient Plate Helm icon.png Equipment-Ancient Plate Mail icon.png Equipment-Ancient Plate Shield icon.png
  • Though I assume it is essentially a vanity set, it would be nice if it had a use.
Azure Guardian Set Equipment-Azure Guardian Helm icon.png Equipment-Azure Guardian Armor icon.png Equipment-Aegis icon.png
  • No status resist on the shield or set means it is automatically inferior to all other Piercing sets.
  • The lack of any advantage to this set is essentially a marker for a vanity project or a waste of energy.
  • The savings generated by getting the recipe free do not help the older generations and still lack in status defense and damage type defense.
Big Angry Bomb Equipment-Big Angry Bomb icon.png
  • The continuation of the slow fuse time, heavy walking penalty and slow charge time continue to make it possibly the worst bomb in existence.
  • The increased damage hardly changes the time it takes to complete battles with it, not to mention it supposedly delivers the most damage yet it's DPS is actually inferior.
  • The chance to stun is shared by the Irontech Destroyer Bomb, making the Irontech still a better choice.
Deadly Virulisk Set Equipment-Deadly Virulisk Mask icon.png Equipment-Deadly Virulisk Suit icon.png
  • Optimized to fight a T2 Dungeon at the T3 level.
  • Resistant against the weakest status in the game.
  • Provides comparable defense to other 5* gears with no benefits to justify the cost of crafting.
Deadshot Set Equipment-Deadshot Chapeau icon.png Equipment-Deadshot Mantle icon.png
  • The cumulative medium ASI for gunning is inferior to the Nameless set, which doubles the ASI.
  • While Shadow projectiles are some of the more dangerous obstacles in the Clockworks, the Curse resistance is essentially useless and therefore it loses wholly to the Nameless Set.
Deconstructor Series Equipment-Heavy Deconstructor icon.png Equipment-Deconstructor icon.png
  • The damage bonus is easily replaced by a UV, trinkets, Mad Bomber and now Bombastic Demo Sets.
  • No 5* means it will never match up to the other Blast Bomb variants.
Dread Skelly Set Equipment-Dread Skelly Mask icon.png Equipment-Dread Skelly Suit icon.png
  • Though the original fire weakness has been removed, it is essentially identical to the Snarbolax Set, except the damage bonus, thereby making it redundant and inferior.
  • Though it provides the most Shadow defense in the game, such a small increase is negligible to anyone who has had a Low unique variant on any armor.
Ironmight Armor Plate Set Equipment-Ironmight Plate Helm icon.png Equipment-Ironmight Plate Mail icon.png
  • Decreased Attack Speed means it is automatically inferior to all other Piercing Armor sets.
  • The max Normal defense does not compensate for the weaker Piercing defense in T3, because again, Normal is an uncommon damage type in T3.
  • Could use a more useful status resist, such as Shock.
  • The Ironmight Plate Shield is a decent and undervalued shield.
Omega Shell Equipment-Omega Shell icon.png
  • Provides no status resist whatsover.
  • It's former advantage of adding more health (probably negligible amounts) has now been supplanted by heart pendants.
  • Normal is very uncommon as a T3 damage type.
Royal Jelly Set Equipment-Royal Jelly Crown icon.png Equipment-Royal Jelly Mail icon.png Equipment-Royal Jelly Shield icon.png
  • Inferior in status resist and in Piercing defense compared to the Ice Queen set, making it redundant and inferior and therefore a comparative waste in Energy.
  • Slooms are far too rare to need the status resist on this set.
Supernova Series Equipment-Supernova icon.png Equipment-Radiant Pulsar icon.png Equipment-Heavy Pulsar icon.png
  • Inferior to the Polaris Series due to lack of a status infliction.
  • Valiance would endanger the user less, enable faster attacks for far less lag-inducing art.
Troika Series Equipment-Sudaruska icon.png Equipment-Khorovod icon.png Equipment-Kamarin icon.png Equipment-Troika icon.png Equipment-Triglav icon.png Equipment-Jalovec icon.png Equipment-Grintovec icon.png
  • Slower, weaker and have a lower DPS and non-push back charge-up that covers for the vulnerability of such a slow attack.
  • An easy fix would be to make the charge-up more effective, because the reach advantage alone does not compensate for the damage type and sluggish swing speed.
Wild Hunting Blade Series Equipment-Wild Hunting Blade icon.png Equipment-Hunting Blade icon.png
  • Inferior to even its counterpart, the Dread Venom Striker, the Wild Hunting Blade was made to fail. It does not have Piercing damage that would greatly enhance its damage bonus as an extreme hard counter to Beasts and is greatly inferior in terms of general damage to all other enemies to the DVS and every other normal sword.
  • The damage bonus can easily be replaced by the general sword damage bonus from the Skolver Set.
  • The greater reach does not compensate enough for the overall lower effectiveness.
Winmillion Series Equipment-Winmillion icon.png Equipment-Arc Razor icon.png
  • No 5* and weak charge-up.
  • The superior charge of Leviathan or CIV yields higher DPS.
Volcanic Salamander Set Equipment-Volcanic Salamander Mask icon.png Equipment-Volcanic Salamander Suit icon.png
  • While fire resist is valuable, the stat specs are wholly inferior to the Vog Set for FSC purposes, and since there are not many purposes at the T3 level, this set either requires a buff or a special dungeon it is optimal for.
  • The damage bonus against Jellies is something that could be easily compensated by the Skolver Set, which would provide a general damage bonus and is therefore more versatile.
OOO Please change these gears! They need help!
The Over-powered, Over-used “Clone” Gears
Crest of Almire Equipment-Crest of Almire icon.png
  • Combining the best of the Dread Skelly Shield and the Owlite Shield, we have the Crest of Almire that boasts strong Shadow defense coupled with resists to the two most lethal status effects in the game.
  • While an end-game reward, it so crushes the Dread Skelly Shield that the said shield is basically obsolete.
Mask of Seerus Equipment-Perfect Mask of Seerus icon.png Equipment-Flawed Mask of Seerus icon.png Equipment-Fractured Mask of Seerus icon.png
  • Seerusly? Resistances against the most threatening status effects, two weapon enhancing boosters and comparable resist? Well, that's one way to force people to pay.
Owlite Shield Series Equipment-Grey Owlite Shield icon.png Equipment-Wise Owlite Shield icon.png Equipment-Horned Owlite Shield icon.png Equipment-Owlite Shield icon.png
  • Boasting an incredible resistance set against the two deadly statuses, the Owlite series is vastly superior in its usage over other shields. With the resists, it can compensate for shortcomings of armor resistances, enabling the common Skolver/Owlite combination even in areas of elemental damage dangers.
  • The elemental defense also provides a distinct advantage against some of the more effective attacks of enemies during PVE, compared to Undead, Jellies and Beasts.
Polaris Series Equipment-Polaris icon.png Equipment-Gigawatt Pulsar icon.png Equipment-Kilowatt Pulsar icon.png
  • Create a gun that has area of effect, knock-back, elemental damage, hit-stun, shock chance, movement while firing, fast attacks and triple shots and you have an over-powered gun that everyone will covet and use. There are so many specs to this gun that make it a king of the entire gun series and yet to this day it has not been nerfed.
  • Balancing this gun will decrease lag with the flashy art, decrease spam in PVP and PVE, wherein it can often singlehandedly hold off a horde of players or monsters easily.
  • Decrease the super common Undead and Construct enemies and the reign of elemental weapons may actually end.
Skolver Set Equipment-Skolver Cap icon.png Equipment-Skolver Coat icon.png
  • It boasts similar defense levels of other Normal/Piercing type armor, yet also has a general very high sword damage bonus, crushing all other similar armors.
  • The set should come with a berserker balancer, in which high aggression is coupled with low defensive stats, otherwise with such clearly superior gear you get the “clone” effect that so many players whine about.
Snarbolax Set Equipment-Snarbolax Cap icon.png Equipment-Snarbolax Coat icon.png
  • The set renders the Dread Skelly Set obsolete as it is clearly superior with the sword damage bonus. Even as a gunner there is the Shadowsun Set and bombers would need bomber gear, leaving the Skelly Series hung up to dry.
  • The small differences in resistances and Shadow defense are not enough to compensate the clear advantage of the very high general sword damage bonus.
My Arsenal
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