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Joined: 09/20/2011
Guild: Recon Rangers & Guild
Achievements: 60/60

Take the following with a grain of salt. It's in dire need of updating here.


The username's Whimsicality, but for simplicity's sake, call me Whimsy. My friends have brought my attention to this game a while ago. I was skeptical at first, and when I found out my computer could hardly run the dang thing, I almost wanted to delete the game and quit. I do not regret continuing in the slightest, as Spiral Knights has cemented itself as one of my favorite games to pick up and play. It's been enough to hold my attention for so long, so I think OOO deserves some credit for making a neat game.

Now, I may be lenient on who I accept friend requests from, but don't think I'm just gonna abandon ship and tend to your whim. I'm here for my friends, and random nobodies who spam requests are not friends of mine.

The name Whimsicality originated from some silly name I had on Skype, relating to the Pokémon Whimsicott, or something. I feel that this name is fairly fitting for how I generally act in this game; I joke around playfully, and I like to do certain tasks in the game spontaneously.

My Whole Arsenal

Too lazy to list everything, but this is somewhat accurate.


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