Deconstruction Zone

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Deconstruction Zone
Gate-Deconstruction Zone.png
Important stratum themes:
  • Around The Clock Workshop

The Deconstruction Zone is a region. Regions categorize levels with similar characteristics that have been incorporated into the Clockworks.


No gate icon description for this region.


Each level map is composed of randomly generated segments.

Levels are populated by multitudes of Thwackers, Menders, Scorchers, and Demos. Gun Puppies, and Mecha Knights are somewhat common encounters. Knockers appear in certain segments.

Blocks, Crystal Blocks, Gold Doors, and Gold Keys are found throughout. Switch appear sometimes.


It is believed that, similar to the Clockwork Tunnels, the Deconstruction Zone is a behind-the-scenes area of the Clockworks used by Gremlins.

Inside these areas are also several locked rooms, the majority of which host small groups of Gremlins and a key that can unlock another room. In the only room that contains treasure boxes there is no key, so if the party wants to kill all the Gremlins, this room must be opened last. Sometimes, instead of a room with treasure boxes, there will be a locked gate blocking the lift, which if you wish to kill all the gremlins, must still be opened last.


  • release 2011-04-04: Levels of this region have been available for exploration since launch.

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