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Important stratum themes:
  • Pit Stop
  • Gate-Emberlight.png Town of Gremlin Outcasts

Event only:

The Emberlight is a region. Regions categorize levels with similar characteristics that have been incorporated into the Clockworks.


A village of outcasts, Emberlight serves as a refuge for gremlins who were banished from the Great Colony. Now they live humble lives, selling wares and repairs to passing travelers, always fearful that one day the gremlin king Tinkinzar would see fit to wipe them out entirely. — Gate Icons


Emberlight is the second subtown located within the Clockworks at depth 18 making it the beginning of Tier 3.



Points of Interest

One is located near the entrance of the elevator to Haven, close to the Spiral Warden.
Another is located at the middle left near Kozma.
The last is at the top right close to the exit elevator.
One is located at the top left of the map near Gracken.
Another is at the top right near of the map.


Some gremlins are around walking in the roofs, fixing the roads, and two are watching a monitor.

Name Visual Type Role Location Notes
Gracken Gracken-Mugshot.png Gremlin Vendor:
General Goods
Top left of the map
indicated by: Map-icon-Misc.png
Offers pickup items in exchange for crowns.
Brinks Brinks-Mugshot.png Knight Vendor:
Token Trader
At the top left
indicated by: Map-icon-Token.png
Offers materials and equipment in exchange for certain tokens.
Kozma Kozma-Mugshot.png Knight Spiral Quartermaster At the middle left
indicated by: Map-icon-Depot.png
Talking to her opens the Supply Depot.
Spiral Warden Spiral Warden (Emberlight)-Mugshot.png Knight Guardian At the bottom near the Haven elevator. Authorize you to enter the subtown if you have achieved the required rank.


You can't pass the force field if you are not at least rank 7-1, this mean you would have to complete the 6-2 Map-icon-SpiralKnight.png Mission: Hall of Heroes first.

Coming here will award you the Achievement-An Emberlight in the Dark.png An Emberlight in the Dark Achievement.

Emberlight's gremlins wear different outfits, with shades of blue and lighter hair color, from both hostile gremlins and haven-dwelling gremlins, although they all wear masks.

An Emberlight's Gremlin is seen in the Grand Arsenal



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