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Defer unanswered questions about style to The Wikipedia Manual of Style. Because we are a gaming wiki, we will have a few exceptions to these rules, most of which involve naming convention.

You can check the index of namespace 12 (the Help namespace) for useful links.

If something seems to be a pattern on this wiki, follow it.

If you have more questions, ask editors on the wiki editor forums.

Wiki Format

There are a few different kinds of pages used around this wiki, such as "lists" and pages about individual items. Below is a list of page formats for easy copypasting to make sure you get all relevant information in the same places in articles consistently:

Wiki Navigation


SpiralKnights:Redirect - list of reasons to redirect, and how to tag them.


Whenever fitting, articles should be categorized. See Special:Categories for a list of categories.

Naming Convention


Here are some guidelines for general pages:

As a game, Spiral Knights has its own special names, so the Wikipedia guidelines will not always be appropriate.

Files (Images)

Uploaded files should be named clearly and plainly. All images should have the appropriate image tag included in the file description. The preferred image format is PNG. For images created by the Spiral Knights community, please follow the following naming conventions:

  • Crafting-Item_Name.png - Used for crafting item icons
  • Equipment-Item_Name_icon.png - Used for equipment item icons (armor, helmets, shields, weapons, etc)
  • Equipment-Item_Name_Stats.png- Used for equipment stats (armor, helmets, shields, weapons)
  • Equipment-Item_Name_Abilities.png- Used for equipment abilities (armor, helmets, shields, weapons)
  • Item_Name-Equipped.png - Used for equipped items (armor, helmets, shields, weapons, etc)
  • Item_Name-Equipped 2.png - Used for alternate angles (armor, helmets)
  • Item_Name-Attack.png - Used for swords and handguns overworld display of their basic attack
  • Item_Name-Charge_Attack.png - Used for bombs, swords, and handguns overworld display of their change attack
  • Item_Name-Overworld.png - Used for images taken of an overworld view of certain items (accessories, costume, furniture, etc.)
  • Item_Name-tooltip animation.png - Used for tooltip's animations of certain items (accessories, costume, weapons, furniture, etc.)
  • Item_Name-Preview.png - Used for full inspect windows of certain items (accessories, costume, battle sprites, swords, etc.)
  • Monster-Monster_Name.png - Used for monsters (128x128px)
  • NPC_Name-Mugshot.png - Used for NPCs, this include vendors.




Table of Contents

  • {{TOCright}} (Usage) - For moving the TOC to the right
  • {{CompactTOC}} (Usage) - For an ABC type TOC to replace the standard type. Used for alphabetical lists.


  • {{SKLink}} (Usage) - For making links visible in tables with dark backgrounds
  • {{Star}} (Usage) - For showing the star rating graphically
  • {{Main}} (Usage) - Links to a main article
  • {{exploration}} (Usage) - Display text that links to a visual of an exploration entity.
  • {{color link}} (Usage) - For easy linking to color pattern's categories
  • {{SFX link}} (Usage) - For easy linking to SFX's categories
  • {{release}} (Usage) - For easy linking to any release notes
  • {{pc}} (Usage) - To only add the personal color on visuals with prismatic aspect

Linking with icon

  • {{mission}} (Usage) - Used for linking to mission pages with its correct rank and type.
  • {{Link+Icon}} (Usage) - Shows the icon and link of certain things like energy, crowns, etc
  • {{attack}} (Usage) - Shows the icon and link of any damage type
  • {{status}} (Usage) - Shows the icon and link of any status effect
  • {{monster}} (Usage) - Shows the icon of the family and damage type of any monster with a link.
  • {{Monster Icons}} (Usage) - Shows the icon of any monster family.
  • {{equip}} (Usage) - Shows the icon and a link of an equipment, costumes, weapons, etc
  • {{accessory}} (Usage) - Shows the icon and a link of any accessory
  • {{mat}} (Usage) - Shows the icon and a link of a material
  • {{key}} (Usage) - Shows the icon and link of a key
  • {{recipe}} (Usage) - Shows the icon of any recipe type and a link to the item
  • {{sprite}} (Usage) - Shows the icon and link of any battle sprite
  • {{SpritePod}} (Usage) - Shows the icon and link of any battle sprite's pod
  • {{Link+Icon/Skill}} (Usage) - Shows the icon and link of any battle sprite's skills
  • {{location}} (Usage) - To either link to an area that has different levels, and/or to link to an area with a specific phrase. Can include icon if necessary.
  • {{module}} (Usage) - Shows the icon and a link of any module.
  • {{Prismatic Aspect}} (Usage) - To describe the prismatic parts of a equipment, costume, accessory, etc, have prismatic aspect.
  • {{lockbox}} (Usage) - Shows the icon and link of any lockbox
  • {{PrizeBox}} (Usage) - Shows the icon and link of any prize box


Spiral Spy files (and files created in relation to Spiral Spy) should never be uploaded to this wiki, no matter the circumstances. This is due to a variety of reasons, the most important of which is considered to be proof of existence and authenticity. In short, staff wants pictures on this wiki to be captured strictly from in-game. The decision was communicated here and seems to be final, considering multiple discussions with staff on the matter after the forum post.

Avoid using gifs. They should never be used as a representative image under any circumstances, or "main" images such as those displayed in infoboxes.[1]



An "Item equipped" image in an infobox represents an item as it appears in the tool-tip rotation in-game. Images should generally be the first clear frame of the tool-tip unless the item is obscured or at a terrible angle (as with certain accessories). Alternate angles should be shown in a gallery elsewhere on the page.

Due to how the game has changed overtime, filenames might seem to be...inaccurate. Images were uploaded (for quite a long time) to file destinations that had "equipped" in the name, because being "worn" or "equipped" was the only consistent view available at the time. Later on, tool-tip rotations were introduced. Since it would require a large chunk of time to change existing filenames (either by moving or reuploading), and nobody actually sees these filenames on published pages, the "inaccurate" naming convention remains.

Battle Sprites

Use example images on the Maskeraith (Spiralhorn) page. Details to come - basically, the inspect window shows the size comparison between T1/2/3 sprites and keeps dimensions consistent, compared to cropped images.


We want high quality animations! No .gifs! Boooo! We prefer to use APNG.


Tooltip animations for an item should be 201px (width) by 222px (height) and feature a full 360° rotation. The animation should be captured from the tool-tip rotation in-game and not from spiral spy. When capturing costumes (or helmets, armor, etc.), make sure they dont have any accessories attached. Compare the angle of the tooltip with similar items already uploaded to maintain consistency around this wiki.

You may use the following guide to create Animated PNG pictures:


Compare your item with existing files on this wiki. A picture is worth 1000 words, an animation is worth 1000x more. Then use this guide in junction with the one above, where relevant:


"You may post videos in the "external links" section of a wiki page, or on your own user page, provided that the video does not contain material that violates our Terms of Service. It's fine if the video you're linking is monetized, but the YouTube description must credit SEGA and Three Rings, and must provide a link back to our game." - Spiral Knights Support, 09 March 2015

Wikipedia MoS regarding "external links." Importantly:

Do not include the external link in the body of the article.
Keep the list short (on this wiki, it will usually be one demonstrative video).

Embedding videos seems to currently have technical issues.

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