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This is the current list of 1-, 2-, and 3-star recipes available for sharing within the guild Lancer Knightz. The idea here is to save the cost of buying a recipe by using a guildmate's recipe. You supply all other materials and costs, not the crafter. Specifically, you must supply:

  • crystal energy (10, 50, or 200)
  • crowns (200, 400, or 1000)
  • materials (consult the wiki)
  • an unbound copy of the precursor item, if any.

Because you can't trade mist energy, you must give crystal energy to the crafter. Depending on Auction House prices, energy prices, and your unused mist energy, using a guildmate's recipe in this way may or may not be worth doing. It's up to you.

Please recognize that the crafter is doing you a favor, and make his (or her) life as easy as you can. Do not ask him what the materials are; look them up yourself. Do not give him half of the supplies on one occasion, and the other half on another occasion; just give everything required in one trade. There is no reason why your use of the crafter should occupy any more than two minutes of his time.

Want to add your name to the list? If you're able to edit this wiki, then go ahead. If you're not able to edit this wiki, then contact Donkeyhaute to get your recipes listed. Include only recipes that require no unbinding — that is, just 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star recipes, and no recipes requiring boss items from Brinks.







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