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About Me

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Death Adders

Death Adders is the first guild I've joined. Maspenguin invited me after he helped me in tier 1 arcade. Shortly after the invitation I was promoted to officer. I wasn't sure why he really need me as an officer so I asked him. He replied that he want me to recruit more member when I can. Well, turn out I couldn't do that job though since I'm not that good at socializing. Later the guild was disbanded because it is too inactive. Maspenguin himself want to move on and play Team Fortress 2 instead.

I was playing in lockdown with my faust and play as recon class. A guy talked to me and invited me to his guild. He said that I have potential. The guild really was impressive. At the time it was(or still is?) one of the guild that is famous about lockdown. I left the guild because I was a dummy who wanted to join another silly guild.

A guild founded of people in ignition armors

I was walking around in haven and notice people wearing the newly introduced ignition armor. They were talking about founding a guild solely for people who like the armors. I want to join the fun so I left the guild ____ and joined it. Then some time later, I left the guild.

Pure Transformations

It was a guild joined but I don't remember what I did there anymore. Maybe it was one of the guild that I tried to be an accountant and make up rules of evil taxes.

After Pure Transformations, I joined the guild that Mysteriousbeast(Former Beastworrior) invited me to.

Another Guild that Mysteriousbeast invited me to. He was an officer there.

Retribution Council

Retribution Council is the guild I still stay at the time of writing. I realize that I'm more interested in PvE more than PvP and so this guild should be ok for me.

Friends and people

Many of theses people are friends in-game but some are just people that I've met.


Huntest is one of my favorite friend in the game. He used to do a lot of missions and arcade with me when we were knight elite. I don't remember how I exactly meet him or what kind of stuff did we experience together anymore though. But there was a time I stopped playing spiral knights for about 2 years. Then later, when I joined the game again. I mailed him in-game if we could add each other in steam. And when he finally replied I was happy, and he was too.


Also one of my favorite friend. He Also used to play with me a lot. I think I remembered him as a funny guy. He also made another account named Mysteriousbeast. He also the guy that invited me to the guilds he joined.


A guy I like to have as friend. His rank was higher then mine when I met him. So I see him as one of the people I admire in the game. Though when I met him years later. I am already a vanguard and his rank was defender elite. Whelp, he said he didn't play for years too.


If I remember it right, he is the founder of the guild Death adders. I first met him when I was waiting for people to join the tier 1 arcade. I'm probably a squire rank back then. He showed up to me and helped me in the arcade. And then he invited me to the guild. Time went and the guild is disbanded(maybe?). The last time I met him we talked and I remembered that he said he is going to play Team Fortress 2 now. And the I've never seen him again.

The guy that gave away asi high Cryotech Alchemer

I feel bad that I didn't remember his name anymore. He gave me an asi high Cryotech Alchemer. I was so happy to get it.


What I remember about Blue is he removed me from friend list just because he was deciding to stop playing for a long time. I didn't notice about it but then I found him in the haven, with his name as white, not blue. So I talked to him about it. I said that it don't really matter to me. I can still have him in my list.

That guy who said I owned him 1000ce

It was the time when I play with ________ in the Roarmulas Twin mission. We start with a party of 4 and at some point we kept dying and dying. A guy has revive himself with energy for like 7 times. He got really mad and said that everyone owned him 1000ce. I believed it and so I added him as friend to be able to contact again about giving back ce. But later I realize that by calculation. He doesn't need 1000ce. So I wrote a mail(not a polite one) directly to him that he doesn't need that much and I decided to remove him as friend.


There was one time he gave me a URL for his steam. I kept it in a .txt file and think "I'm gonna add him later tomorrow". But the next day, the computer crashed and some file are unrecoverable, including the .txt file. And so years went on until I met him again at June 27th 2017. I asked for his steam url and told him why I didn't add him as friend. He said it was okay and he doesn't have any hard feeling.


I was finishing talking to ccooww about adding steam. Then Karmakun asked out loud about where to get advanced orbs. I told him that he should do JK run( that advice is actully wrong though. I realized later that JK run will more likely give elite orb than advanced orb) and helped him there. But the thing is he got disconnected and couldn't get the prize boxes in the end.


I met him when he still is Knight Elite.


I found him spamming something like "Can anyone give me some crowns? Even 1 cr will help, thanks." and I thought it was a joke. So I gave him 1 cr. Later in the same day, I met him again in an arcade run. This time I decided to ask if he was kidding about begging. And he said that he was serious. Also excused that it take a long time to load each map(He probably have to wait about 3 minutes). He also said that he let his friend borrow 500cr but he got it back 499cr(I don't know why he even had to say that). So I gave him advice to never beg and never give money to anyone begging in the game but rather let them find it themself.

Other stuff


You wouldn't believe me but I used to encountered more than 20 impostocubes in the game. The first one I found it in Alien Ooze mission. I found the rest some where else but mostly Royal Jelly Palace Mission. I only have one proof about encountering an impostocube on June 28th 2017. That very thing also dropped Prismatech Pipe which I sold for 50kcr because it was hard for me to sell it.

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