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Alchemy Machines:

Map-icon-Alchemy-Machine.png = Usually indicates an alchemy machine - can be regular or special like the Mysterious Alchemy Machine.

Map-icon-Krogmo.png = Usually indicates a Krogmo Alchemy Machine.

Map-icon-Trophy.png = Usually indicates a machine that makes trophies.


Map-icon-Area-AuctionHouse.png = Usually indicates the Auction House.

Map-icon-Beaker.png = Usually indicates the entrance to the Lab.

Map-icon-Area-GuildHall.png = Usually indicates the entrance to Guild Halls.

Map-icon-Area-TrainingHall.png = Usually indicates the Training Hall or a Guild's Private Training Hall.


Map-icon-BattleSprite.png = Usually indicates a battle sprite vendor. Applies to Riley.

Map-icon-Accessorizor.png = Usually indicates an area where the player can accessorize. Applies to Bechamel and his station.

Map-icon-Depot.png = Usually indicates Kozma and therefore the Supply Depot.

Map-icon-Energy.png = Usually indicates an Energy vendor. Seen in the Haven Town Square.

Map-icon-Gear.png = Usually indicates a vendor who sells gear that isn't a weapon. Seen in the Haven Bazaar.

Map-icon-Misc.png = Usually indicates a recipe or miscellaneous stock (pickups, vitapods, personal colors...) vendor. Applies to Basil and Vatel.

Map-icon-SpiralKnight.png = Usually indicates a Spiral knight, usually a HoH vendor.

Map-icon-Token.png = Usually indicates a token trader. Applies to Brinks and various other token vendors.

Map-icon-Token-Cake.png = Usually indicates a specific token vendor during Caketastrophe.
Map-icon-Token-Candy.png = Usually indicates a specific token vendor during the Dark Harvest Festival.

Map-icon-Weapon.png = Usually indicates a weapon vendor. Seen in the Haven Bazaar.

Map-icon-Wrench.png, Map-icon-Anvil.png = Usually indicate gremlin vendors. The wrench applies to Punch. The anvil applies to Vise. In the OCH lobby, Vise's machine uses the Map-icon-Alchemy-Machine.png icon.

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