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The Desk Clerk is on duty at Moorcroft Manor.

Moorcroft Manor, Town of Restless Spirits, is the first subtown located within the Clockworks and is the beginning of Tier 2.


A mysterious old manor home to a number of restless spirits. Moorcroft Manor appears to act as a station stop for spirits in their travels, however none of them appear to be actually going anywhere in particular.


Desk Clerk

Unique to the Manor, this well-dressed clerk is actually a Mewkat. Sporting a monocle and a fetching bow-tie, the desk clerk greets visitors and tends to the guests. The clerk is accompanied - if not actually assisted - by a zombie posing as bellhop.

Konjuring Kat

Konjuring Kat up to his usual hijinks.

The Konjuring Kat can be found floating before an alcove in the eastern wing of Moorcroft Manner.

This inscrutable Spookat tends what appears to be a mystical circle meant for the dark arts, which somewhat disturbingly involves a large skeleton scattered on the surface of the eerily glowing markings. In response to any curious knight's inquiry, the Kat answers only with "What dark ritual?".

If you talk to the Konjuring Kat with a Book of Dark Rituals in hand, a secret boss will be summoned, providing you with the Black Kat Cowl (if you were the owner of the grimoire) and 6 tokens upon defeat. The Konjuring Kat's dialogue changes to "Well, that was unexpected. I'll get it right next time!".


A Mewkat who explains the current situation about the horrible Black Kats that are now haunting the clockworks.

Spiral Warden

A Spiral Warden is permanently stationed outside the south entrance to Moorcroft Manor to prevent inexperienced knights from venturing further into the Clockworks, where they may face dangers they are not yet equipped for.


Thumbnail Name Description Location Notes
Brinks-Mugshot.png Brinks Token Trader Moorcroft Manor
Estavio-Mugshot.png Estavio Vials Merchant Moorcroft Manor
Hector-Mugshot.png Hector Vitapod Merchant Moorcroft Manor Sells vitapods that can be used in the Clockworks.
Kozma-Mugshot.png Kozma Spiral Quartermaster Emberlight
Moorcroft Manor
Montague-Mugshot.png Montague Historic Preservation Motivator Moorcroft Manor

Places of Interest

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