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Updated August 13, 2014 EDT
en This user is a native speaker of English.
Country: United States
Aliases/Nicknames: Occy, Occstersauce, Occychu, Occ, Occeh, Occychan, Occs
Joined: August 16, 2012
Tier clearance: Tier 3 (as of 18 January 2014)
Guild: Kitkat Royal Family (as of 5 November 2013)
Guild rank: Member (highest Officer)
Lockdown class: Icon class guardian.png
Mission rank: Champion (as of 13 August, 2014)
Color: Crimson
Eyes: Normal
Height: Tall +1

Who am I?

I am a Tier 2 Knight who crashed in Cradle in August 16, 2012. There is not much to say about the entire "About me" thing. I started Lockdowning on July 2013. A month later, I started to attempt Blast Network. I don't Blast Network very often.

  • Highest Lockdown kills below 5 seconds: 2 (August 19, 2013)
  • Highest Lockdown kills below 15-30 seconds: 5 (September 3, 2013)
  • Average kills: 2-3 (from both SS and SF in T2LD as of Nov 9 2013)
  • Highest Blast Network kills: 6 (March 19, 2014)
  • Average kills: 5 or less


August 16, 2012: I crashed to Cradle on August 16, 2012, journed w/ Rhendon.

August 17, 2012: Mission Rank changed from Recruit to Apprentice.

August 20, 2012: Facebook page created. If those want to view, click here.

October 15, 2012: Phantalon (now Phantalon) (my twinnie), (our friends) Bolttheraikou and Omglolz were "Moonwalking" in Mission Rank 2-2: The Scarlet Fortress (later Angels from Antiquity on the 2013-07-30 patch). The video was recorded by Bolttheraikou, but not yet posted anywhere yet. It is now known that Bolttheraikou lost the video unfortunately in late 2013. :(

November 2012: Took a hiatus (due to TOSHIBA laptop hinges, broke on December 2012)

July 1, 2013: I have made a comback in July, buring my hiatus, which lasted about 6-7 months.

August 7, 2013: Took a 1-2 week hiatus starting July 30 to August 7. Me and my other sister Desembur did Tier 2 Lockdown with eachother

August 8, 2013: Gotten a battle sprite, which is a Seraphynx, shortly after the missions alongside Rhendon himself.

August 16, 2013: Her account turns 1 year (Aug 16 2012-Aug 16 2013)

August 17, 2013: Her first try on Blast Network.

August 19, 2013: Killed 2 users in a row in under 5 seconds in Lockdown (Tier 2).

August 20, 2013: Her Facebook fan-page turns 1 as well (Aug 20 2012-Aug 20 2013).

August 28/29, 2013: Jelly Mail has been upgraded to Brute Jelly Mail.

September 3, 2013: Made a 5-in-a-row kill in Lockdown, which was in under 15-30 seconds. This was in Tier 2, where the sword was a Tempered Calibur at the time.

September 14, 2013: I reached Knight Elite~

September 17, 2013: I have encountered the Soul Jelly on the prestige mission "A Pinch of Salt".

October 6, 2013: Upgraded my entire Wolver set to the Dusker set, after at least 12 months after getting the Wolver set from a friend of mine, Bolttheraikou. Her Seraphynx reaches Level 40.

October 7, 2013: Upgraded my Tempered Calibur to the Ascended Calibur~

October 17, 2013: First prestige badge, and Seraphynx reaches Level 45!!!

October 22, 2013: Harumaki evolves, reaches level 50!

October 30, 2013: Got an Authentic Phantom Mask, after 75 Sour Candies

November 5, 2013: Left The Gremlin Order, joined Kitkat Royal Family.

November 12, 2013: Got a Pulsar from Brinks! ^^

November 13, 2013: Encountered GM Cronus in Haven 3! Encountered at 10:39 PM EST

January 18, 2014: Reached to the Hall of Heros and a Tier 3 Clearance!!! She is also now an Ash Tail.

February 17, 2014: I reached Defender Elite, almost exactly one month after being Defender, and a new Lockdown loadout for T2 (new replacement of the Solid Dusker)

February 19, 2014: Defeated 2 Skolvers and a Snarbolax with an AC.

February 20, 2014: I merged from previous non-Steam version to the Steam version.

February 21, 2014: Got a recipe of the Kilowatt Pulsar, and crafted it on the same day~

March 1, 2014: Second prestige badge!!! (Reached 10k)

March 17, 2014: Bought the entire Valkyrie set through CE!!!

March 21, 2014: Bought Plus eyes!

April 3, 2014: Exactly 1 day before Spiral Knights turned 3, and 1 day after the event, I got a Prismatic Frosted Helm!!!

April 5, 2014: Opened a my first two Surprise Boxes, containing Polar and Stormy Prize Boxes, respectively. Those boxes contained a Ribbon and Storm_Champion_Helm, respectively in those boxes. Even bought a Silver Key for an Iron Lockbox. The Iron Lockbox itself contained a Mech'tennas. I also bought a Blitz Needle.

April 8, 2014:

April 9, 2014: 10:15a EDT/7:15a PDT, I get my first Love Puppy encounter, at the very first depth of an arcade gate. YouTube video coming soon, featuring my sis Kasuha (who was under screenname Phantalon)

May 11, 2014: Her sister Kasuha changed color from Lake to Turquoise.

May 12, 2014: 4:35a EDT/1:35a PDT, her sis Kasuha (see above for her previous name) encountered a Mewkat, just about 9 minutes later, it got killed by a Grimalkin, just before she logged on and she opened up Bandicam.

June 17, 2014: Hit 15k prestige!

August 13, 2014: Finally hit Champion!!!


Occsters as a bombhead before moving onto a mission. Occsters in a Jelly set (exactly before both August 28-29, 2013)

Prize Boxes and Lockboxes Opened

  • Surprise Prize Box x2 (Polar Prize Box, Polar Ribbon (later sold to Auction House for 90k-100k); Stormy Prize Box, Storm Champion Helm)
  • Rose Regalia Returns Prize Box x13 (x4 Citrine Tabards, x4 Citrine Chapeaus, x1 Amethyst Tabard, x2 Amethyst Chapeaus, x2 PRISMATIC TABARDS) (13 because one is sent to Desembur)

Usables Timeline

August 16, 2012: Used the Happy Eyes upon character creation.

March 21, 2014: Changed Eyes from Happy to Plus.

April 5, 2014: Changed Personal Color from Aquamarine to Crimson. Changed Eyes from Plus to Normal.

Guilds timeline

Unknown date: Joined The Gremlin Order (doesn't have its page)

November 5, 2013: Left The Gremlin Order, joined Kitkat Royal Family (also doesn't have a page)


  • This is one of the most-used characters on her main (others include Kairui and Harumakichi, created in September 2012 and July 2013, respectively).
    • Speaking of her most-used knights, her most-used Steam character is Christinedapikachu, her primary internet name since 2010, although Christinedapikachu was around in August 23, 2013 in Steam. Her Steam characters were obsoleted on February 20, 2014 at 8:08a EST.
  • Her 1-2 week comeback is confirmed to be Occy213's birthday (August 7). Her first hiatus was on July 1, 2013 EDT/June 30, 2013 PDT.
  • Her Seraphynx is nicknamed "Harumaki".
  • Occsters has appeared on Spiral Knights in almost each date in October 2013, apart from 26 and 31. (exception of those dates, on which she didn't log on those days)
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