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Joined: 07/06/2011
Guild: Silver Sanctuary
Achievements: 52/60

About Me

Though my username here is Death8338, I made a Spiral account with steam and used the name Cat-Dog because I planned on just playing around and getting the achievements then leaving. Little did I know that I would stay with the game as long as I have and end up helping out with updating the Wiki for all other players. My alternate account is Kat-Dog and is stationed at the Rescue camp for all future changes to the game and to better help the community both on the Wiki and in-game. If you see me, be sure to say hi.




Achievement - First StepsAchievement - Welcome, StrangerAchievement - Mission AccomplishedAchievement - World of Moorcraft
Achievement - Spiral SpelunkerAchievement - An Emberlight in the DarkAchievement - Go DeepAchievement - Hardcore
Achievement - Royal PainAchievement - Free SpiritAchievement - O Frabjous Day!Achievement - Terrible Twin Turrets
Achievement - One-Star SmithAchievement - Two-Star SmithAchievement - Three-Star SmithAchievement - Four-Star Smith
Achievement - Five-Star SmithAchievement - Apprentice AlchemistAchievement - Adept AlchemistAchievement - Accomplished Alchemist
Achievement - Ascendant AlchemistAchievement - SwordsmanAchievement - Expert SwordsmanAchievement - Master Swordsman
Achievement - GunslingerAchievement - Expert GunslingerAchievement - Master GunslingerAchievement - Bombardier
Achievement - Expert BombardierAchievement - Master BombardierAchievement - HatterAchievement - Expert Hatter
Locked AchievementAchievement - ArmorerAchievement - Expert ArmorerLocked Achievement
Achievement - ShieldbearerAchievement - Expert ShieldbearerAchievement - Master ShieldbearerAchievement - Stellar Set
Achievement - Applied EntropyAchievement - Minor MinerAchievement - Moderate MinerAchievement - Major Miner
Achievement - Marvelous MinerLocked AchievementLocked AchievementAchievement - Jump Start
Achievement - Helping HandAchievement - Walk It OffAchievement - Pharma SuitableAchievement - Conditioned Response
Achievement - Energize!Achievement - Bronze SurvivorLocked AchievementLocked Achievement
Locked AchievementLocked AchievementAchievement - Star Spangled BomberAchievement - Son of a Nutcracker!
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