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Griff is known to break wiki pages...but she tries to fix them as speedily as possible! (even though sometimes it ends up making her late for her classes...)

Known to disconnect anywhere where a large amount of data suddenly loads onto the screen, like when the loading screen shifts to Haven, or the clockworks, or when a number of monsters suddenly spawn. Also known to disconnect multiple times in a row. Stupid 6-year-old laptop.

Officer in the guild Elite Core Explorers.

Everyone on my friend and guildlist is welcome to enter any of my runs, just saying.

Current Goals

- Beat Vanaduke

- Learn as many recipes as possible

- Make lots of 5 star stuff with decent UVs

Biggest Fail Moments

- July 15, 2011: Hi guys, you're looking at the proud owner of 4 Catalyzers. Ahhhhhhhh!

Participated In

- Gremlin Haiku Hijinks


Learned Recipes

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