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The Clanless Knight
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History (Unfinished)


Born to an unknown family, Scamall (Pronounced "Skom-ull") was found in infancy in a reed basket, floating in the River Uisce ("Ish-Ka") of the Bloodbeast Forest. Cold and alone, help came in the form of his adoptive father, Draoi (Dree). Draoi was the local druid of the Brethren of the Forest, the courageous few who braved the dark forest, even daring to make it their home. Upon hearing of the infant's arrival, they warned the druid against keeping the child, believing his presence to be an ill omen. Draoi, however, was the wiser and less superstitious of the village elders, and reasoned that the newborn's birth parents most likely sent him away to save him from some threat. Seeing no other alternative, Draoi raised the infant as his own, naming him "Scamall", meaning "cloud", after noticing his tendency to daydream. Scamall was taught by his foster father the art of magic and, while he never fully mastered it, showed considerable determination and skill for his young age, even by Draoi's standards. One day, Draoi was sent by the clan chieftain to the Spiral Castle, bringing with him items and techniques to revolutionise alchemy, an advanced technique even then. Bringing his son along, Draoi told him about the Spiral Order, an army the likes of which the world had never seen before. Scamall was fascinated by his father's stories of them, and even more so when he saw the fabled Knights in action. He resolved then and there to become a Knight, and make a name for himself.

Joining the Spiral Knights at 12 for his 5-year training regimen, Scamall was confident in his abilities, for over the years, he had been trained by the Brethren in the arts of hunting and battle. He quickly adapted to the training the Knights imposed on him and, with his extensive knowledge of magic passed down by his father, impressed even the most decorated Knights. However, his social skills were lacking, and he found himself to be the butt of many a joke by his peers, known by most as the "teacher's pet" and "the thieving animal". The strict code the Knights enforced prevented his retaliation, and so the slurs continued. One regretful recruit pitied him and, deciding he'd had enough, attempted to quell the torment. Needless to say, the bullies turned on her, and in doing so, incurred Scamall's wrath. In a sparring match, he beat the culprits in a four-on-one battle, leaving them severely injured and shamed. Visiting his fellow victim in the medical ward, he thanked her for what she did, and she him, complimenting his ability. Scamall asked for her name, and she replied with "Kora", allowing a friendship to blossom.

At 17, Scamall and Kora had graduated from the Academy, and were inducted into the order formally as Spiral Knights. They learned that a large number of Knights were heading off on a mission to outer space, the reason why was never revealed. With thousands of others, much to Scamall's confusion, the Skylark headed out. Arriving in the orbit of a mysterious planet, Knights noted several anomalies irradiating from the planet's surface. This was later proven to be pure Energy. Suddenly, a large number of energy flares short-circuited the entire ship, deactivating its engines and leaving it succeptibe to the planet's unusually strong gravitational pull. With utter chaos aboard, all Knights raced for the escape pods, but the unnecessarily large number of Knights meant that some had to be shared, an extremely uncomfortable and hazardous option, though considerably better than suffocating in the vacuous void of space. Scamall shoved Kora into his escape pod, despite her protests, and ran, hoping that there were spare pods on the bridge. To his luck, there were a handful left, but other Knights may have been on their way with the same goal in mind. Leaving the other pod for any last-minute stragglers, Scamall got in, pressed the button, and jettisoned, dangerously close to the planet's atmosphere.

Out of the Fying Pan...

Waking months later due to the crash impact, Scamall suffered some degree of amnesia. He could only remember his identity and status as a Knight, along with some minute fragments of memory from his past. Musing over this, he inspected his heavily-damaged escape pod. His life-support system had preserved him for months, albeit in a comatose state, due to the natural Energy radiating from the earth itself. Horrified at what he may have missed out on in the preceding months, he checked his HUD. HQ had gotten the Uplink working again, and he saw that the Knights were still stranded on the planet (to his almost relief), dubbed Cradle. He recieved a message from HQ informing him to travel immediately to the nearest Rescue Camp, located a few miles northeast. With one last look at his shelter for the last few months, Scamall armed himself, and set out.

By nightfall Scamall had reached his destination. The Rescue Camp contained little more than some tents and shelters made from old escape pods, but the Knights there seemed happy enough. Scamall regained some of his fighting skill in a training simulation built underground, not knowing it was there before the Knights had ever encountered this planet. Passing training with ease, he had won respect from his other party members, who directed him to those in charge of the rescue camp. From these people Scamall learned of what had transpired in the months following what came to be known as 'Skylark's Fall'. The Knights formulated a plan to extract a boundless energy from the planet's Core to repair the Skylark, though they have no way to retrieve it as of yet. Scamall, seeing an opportunity to make himself known, took on the challenge of travelling to the Core, eliminating every monster on the way down, and finding a way to save his people. He just didn't have a single idea on how to do that.

It is here that Scamall begins his journal logs, detailing his time on Cradle.

Safe Haven

The time came for Scamall to leave, and he was guided to the elevator leading to what was known among his peers as The Final Test. On the walk over, he looked down the sides of the bridge and saw gargantuan gears churning beneath the land. It was here that he was informed of the Clockworks, and that it is there he would be venturing. Feeling slightly cold at the thought of perishing in an underground cavern where none would find him, he decided to show no mercy to any that would dare harm him and his fellow Knights.

Travelling in a party of four, Scamall blazed through the underground dungeons, though he overestimated his condition. He was still weak from his comatose slumber, and a lot of his energy was spent fighting for survival. As such, he arose from the Clockworks battered and bruised, but very much alive, thanks to the help from his team. Scamall reassessed his goals, and sought to better himself before attempting to descend as far as the Core.

It was morning when Scamall arrived in Haven, and he was seeking some form of hospitality, as well as answers. Approaching a rather stately-looking Knight, Scamall inquired about various issues that were plaguing him: training facilities, armour and weapons vendors, anyone with information. The Knight, named Cort, directed him towards the Arcade, and recommended the Bazaar to him as well, for Scamall had yet to replace his Proto gear. Scamall, after much sidetracking, arrived at the Arcade, and was briefed by Leiutenant Feron on the situation. Now knowing what he was up against, Scamall made it his life's goal to play a part in the Order's escape from the planet, or die trying.

The Ally

Days had passed, and Scamall was having serious difficulty coping with the underground hordes of the Clockworks. His amnesia had forced his practically encyclopedic knowledge and experience as a fighter out of his head. His gear was almost ineffective against monsters from Stratum 2 onward. To top it off, energy costs were rising, making crafting a lot tougher. He needed to find help. One day in particular marked a milestone for him.

Like all other days, Scamall had the daily grind to the Clockwork Terminal. Like all other days, he would continue until the going got too tough, by which point he would return the next day. Not this day. Scamall had arrived in the company of his first ally, a Cobalt-clad clan member by the name of Meekish. Scamall remained in his company beyond the terminal, venturing to Stratum 2. Meekish's skills as a fighter were adequate for this depth, but he was more often than not saved by his Cobalt Armour. Scamall studied the armour's durability as they fought downwards, and decided to acquire a set for himself. At depth 8, however, Meekish's luck had run out, and he was brutalised by a pack of Wolvers. Scamall was forced to use the hunting technique he had learned from his childhood, "Kiting" to group the beasts together, then shot them down. Meekish, impressed, proposed an alliance with his new comrade, and together they set off for the first of the fabled "subtowns", Moorcroft Manor. Scamall, unable to progress further, took the elevator back to Haven, with Meekish promising that they would fight together again.

Plan of Action

The following day, Scamall was in the Bazaar, attempting to craft a weapon to slaughter the subterranean beasts of the machine. Lacking the proper knowledge of weaponry, having been comatose for months before, he bought a Beast Basher, traded for materials with some other Knights, and began upgrading it to the Big Beast Basher. In the process of this, he heard a familiar yell. He turned to see Meekish greeting him. Upon engaging each other in conversation, Meekish told Scamall of his plan to raid the Gloaming Wildwoods, and slay the legendary Beast King, the Snarbolax. Scamall, eager to test out his new weapon, followed Meekish to the Arcade elevator, and the two descended. Depth after depth, Scamall's pickaxe grew in strength, and he felt confident in its ability to destroy the Beast King, for, in Scamall's eyes, it was the pick's true purpose. Shortly before arriving at the Terminal, Scamall and Meekish encountered Sightt, a female Knight with a thirst for wealth. She had journeyed to the Clockworks to uncover the fabled Snarbolax's treasure, said to have been claimed from fallen warriors. With Scamall's skill, Meekish's knowledge and experience, and Sightt's unshakeable determination to claim her reward, the team felt certain that their trial would be a breeze. It wasn't.

The Gloaming Wildwoods

The team's resolve was virtually shattered upon arriving in the forest. The trees themselves whispered with malice, and Scamall felt eyes watching him at all times. Every turn he made, he caught a flash of scarlet before whatever it was vanished, leaving only dread in its wake. The team was forced to fight for their lives through beast and bone, fighting not only the native creatures of the woods, but the restless souls and skeletons of those claimed by the forest. Though despair permeated the team's spirit, Scamall's pick swung with courage, as though it had a mind of it's own. Every so often the team would see the Beast King itself, standing at its fullest height, awe-inspiring and terrifying at the same time, before vanishing, allowing its underlings to attack the Knights. Meekish said that the woods were three floors deep, and that the Beast's lair lay at the bottom, as did its treasure. Each time they saw the Beast it would attempt to weaken them in any way possible, from discouraging them, to injuring them, to killing them. Scamall, though unnerved, remained defiant, declaring his ability to survive against impossible odds. Warning against overconfidence, Meekish also advised to make use of bells placed around the woods, citing their overwhelming effect on beasts. Sightt, remaining solely focused on their goal, eventually reached the final elevator down, and reasoned that the Beast must be devastating in battle for the treasure to be so legendary. In a final moment of preparation, the team descended, with Scamall uttering a battle cry.

Lair of the Snarbolax: Shadow of the Beast

The trio arrived at the heart of the wood, yet the Beast King had yet to show itself fully. Scamall did see, however, the eerie glow of red as they trudged along the path, already weary from their fight thus far. Luckily, a health station was found up ahead, a last gift from the Knights that passed through before them. Entering a clearing with a lone bell in the centre, where bones lay scattered across the terrain, Scamall tensed up; they had found the Snarbolax's lair. The team readied themselves, when the trees shot vines and thorns from behind them, blocking their way out, and with it all paths of retreat. A deafening thud brought their senses back to earth, as the King of Wolvers, black as night, landed from the trees, standing there in all his glory. Sightt and Meekish charged forward, but Scamall hung back. He knew of the legends surrounding "Ol' Snarby", of his impenetrable hide, his razor-sharp quills, his fear-inducing roar. Indeed, the beast blocked all attacks from Meekish and Sightt, batted them aside with one mighty swipe of his tail, and chased Scamall, breaking his train of thought. Remembering the bell, and its effect on Wolvers, he called to his team to strike at the opportune moment. They did so, and the beast stumbled, stunned. The team charged, executing a flurry of attacks before their combo was broken, the Snarbolax angrier than ever. Again and again they baited the creature, and again and again they succeeded in wounding it. Its anger soon pushed it over the edge, however, and it nearly slaughtered all three of them. Sightt was knocked out cold, Meekish was injured, and Scamall was thrown to the ground, having suffered a blow to the head, and regaining memories of his childhood. Meekish helped him up, stating that Scamall was the best fighter they had, and they charged one last time. With a clang of the bell, Scamall leapt forth spectacularly, bringing his pick down with a tremendous swipe. The Beast fell, and Scamall stood there, numb from battle, yet elated at their survival. Meekish, over the moon with joy, began salvaging some fangs from the monster's mouth as prizes. Scamall revived Sightt, who then dashed off to swim in the treasure the shady creature had accumulated over the course of its lifetime. Scamall himself, however, was more interested in a recon module laying on the ground. Downloading the data onto his HUD, he read the logs of Euclid, leader of Alpha Squad. Scamall pondered over this and more as the team left for Moorcroft, but as they left, they failed to notice several red eyes glaring at them from above...

Tier Two: Tier Harder

In the two months following his first official "Boss Battle", Scamall had achieved many small goals. His alchemic abilities allowed him to craft an entire Cobalt set, which he used to hunt in the Gloaming Wildwoods repeatedly, looking for more beasts to hunt. The fangs he had accumulated had stacked up exponentially, and with them he had the means for a dangerous set of weaponry. Brinks, token trader extraordinaire, helped him fashion three piercing-damage-based weapons: The Snarble Barb, the Bristling Buckler, and the Spine Cone. His arsenal was growing, but at a slow rate. Scamall had grown too used to the "safe" environment of Tier One, and as such, was beaten severely at Tier Two. Staying back with the novices at Tier One, Scamall considered giving up adventuring and letting his fellow Knights grow strong enough to reach the Core. For a while, he did.

A long while later, he was contacted by an old friend and colleague of his from the Homeworld: A novice Knight called Avasy. He needed Scamall's help in getting to a Clockwork Terminal, so that he could acquire a rare item for HQ. Despite his treasure-hunting and materialistic demeanour, Scamall accepted his friend's request. Fighting down through the depths, Scamall regained his love for adventuring, and Avasy gained his reward. For the rest of the month, Scamall was barely active, as he was busy researching various weapons and armour sets as well as keeping an eye on the Auction House. He did, however, make it in time for the last day of the Dark Harvest Festival, though there was not enough time to gather tokens for the various prizes available. He was still happy enough to receive his new Pumpkin Bomb Bandolier, which he kept as a souvenir and reminder to not miss out on anything important again.

The Royal Jelly Palace

During the celebrated event Winterfest, Scamall decided to make some coin. He had heard of a palace beneath the churning gears, and the monstrous monarch that guarded its treasure vault. Figuring that many stronger Knights would raid the castle frequently to obtain vast amounts of crowns he theorised that he would gain a large amount of help in his planned attack on the palace. Confident in his plan, Scamall ventured underground.

To his delight, he found three well-seasoned Knights carrying equipment and knowledge that far surpassed his own: Eucliwood-Scythe, the de-facto leader of the party, wielding his assumed signature blade, Acheron, Philipspiral, the strategic bomber who froze all opposition in their tracks, and Shoutentenshu, whose knowledge of the changing gateways helped the team choose the most coin-packed path. The mere prescense of the three made Scamall feel inexperienced, as he was still equipped only with his Cobalt set. He did prove himself quite equal in fighting ability to his teammates, who grew more impressed with each depth they dove.

Battle Royale: The Sovereign Slime

Shoutentenshu, despite the team's continued success in breaching the palace's defences, left the team just before the throne room, lacking the energy needed. Eucliwood, though disappointed, resolved to fight twice as hard to compensate, and led the remaining team to the elevator. Scamall was excited, anxious, and above all, freezing, but his thoughts of the battle ahead numbed him more than ice ever could. After a moment of goodbyes, the trio descended.

Stepping into the throne room, Eucliwood devised a strategy, while Philipspiral set up an explosive perimeter. Scamall was distracted by the room itself; for a bunch of limbless chunks of ooze, these things sure knew style when they saw it. A metallic slamming noise snapped him out of trance; the portcullis had sealed shut their entry point. Sure enough, fresh off the throne, there the Royal Jelly stood, glistening in its gelatinous glory, surrounded by hundreds of slimes. Acheron raised, Eucliwood charged, swatting slimes away from him like flies, his eyes on the monarch. Philipspiral detonated his Shivermist Buster, encasing all slimes in ice, then proceded to bombard the king with poison vials. Its self-regeneration halted, the king was quickly exposed to a flurry of attacks from Eucliwood. After a few mere seconds of agony, the king started spinning at an extraordinary velocity, knocking back the team, and started healing again. Scamall, while down, experienced another flashback, unlocking more of his past. Having had enough of the battle, he threw all his vials at the king, while Eucliwood delivered sword strikes so fast that Acheron became a dark blur, ripping apart the Royal Jelly.

The team entered the fabled treasure vault, grabbing everything not nailed down, and went to the elevator. Scamall noticed another recon module laying on the cold stone floor. Downloading the data to his HUD, he stepped into the elevator, and went, for the first time, to Emberlight. Shortly after their departure, the pool of ooze Eucliwood left in place of the Royal Jelly started to quiver, and reform...

Dangerous to Go Alone...

About a month after his battle with the Royal Jelly, Scamall was contacted by HQ while adventuring. They told him of a pair of giant machines, built by the conniving Gremlins to destroy Haven and all who resided there. Scamall, like always, was up to the challenge, and descended to the Ironclaw Munitions Factory to destroy the mechanical threat.

Running into another Knight at the Factory, Scamall led the assault. However, the catastrophic state the Factory was left in resulted in numerous safety hazards, with rockets lining the floor, electro-shock panels, and partially-collapsed walkways. As a result, both Knights were subjected to pain a dozen times over. To top it off, the Gremlins had created an army of Constructs, whose elemental damage ripped through Scamall's shield. He and his partner were floored within the first floor of the Factory. Scamall remembered another ally he made a few days earlier, with sufficient skill and equipment to help him complete his mission. This Knight never gave a name, and was marked in Scamall's contact list as simply "Man-Without-Name". Scamall sent a distress signal, and the unnamed came to his rescue, crushing the Constructs. Scamall was grateful, but his partner was knocked unconscious during the fight, and was completely unresponsive. Scamall and the unnamed sent him skyward at the next elevator, and headed down.

With the unnamed, Scamall breezed through the Factory, starting to cope with the endless barrages of rockets, the dead ends full of Constructs, the races to avoid an electrical demise. Just before the final elevator, Scamall found a sheet of blueprints on a workbench, detailing two heavily-armed Gun Puppies, whose prototype weaponry was found scattered around the Factory. The unnamed, noting their impenetrable armour, suggested a more tactical approach, as opposed to a vain attempt at hacking the mechs to pieces.

The Roarmulus Twins: Built to Destroy!

Everything was eerily silent as the duo walked the final stretch to the main chamber of the Factory. Nothing but the clatter of machinery and the distant echoes of laughing Gremlins filled the tense air. It was a show to them, and the Knights were the stars. Reaching a raised platform covered in crates, high-above colossal Gun-Puppy prototypes, the air was pierced by a shrill alarm. Gears whirring, valves turning, pipes steaming, and two dark shapes rising on either side of them told the duo: It was time. The mechs' eyes lit up with a cold malice, and they roared their intent: A slow, fiery, painful death for both Knights, and the rest of Haven.

The unnamed set about clearing a path. Scamall, bewildered, called why- a loud bang answered his question. Rockets on either side of the Knights were hurtling towards them, and there was no room to dodge. Scamall dove for the space the unnamed had cleared, and the rockets collided with the opposing wall, exploding violently. The unnamed, unfazed, cleared more room, and found a peculiar switch: A polarity switch. Striking it, he realigned the walls, and formed a strategy. Both Twins were still bloodthirsty, and shot again. At just the right time the unnamed reversed the wall's polarity, blocking the shots from one, and sending rockets from the other. One of the twins was hit and fell, its head crashing on the platform. Its defenses down, the Knights attacked. The twins' weaknesses were each other, and the unnamed sought to exploit it further.

One by one the rockets were fired, and the twins took turns getting hit by each other's attacks. The Gremlins above were screaming, enraged that their ultimate weapons were being used as a mere timed puzzle. The Twins, evidently sentient, changed their tactics. They started moving left and right, covering more ground with their attacks. The unnamed, not missing an opportunity to strike, waited for the Twins to align again, and struck. He was outsmarting them, the ultimate machines, and they had had enough. Charging their ultimate attack, they swept the stage with high-voltage lasers. The unnamed hastily used the polarity walls to shield himself, momentarily forgetting Scamall's position, who was subjected to an agonising assault of elemental fury. He was critically wounded, his systems were fried, and his private journal was heavily damaged, preventing any more private logs. The unnamed, guilt-ridden and furious, attacked again, turning the Twins against each other one last time. After much bloodshed, the Twins fell, and Haven was saved. Scamall was brought to a medical station where he regained his health, lamenting the loss of his journal. The unnamed salvaged some circuitry from the Twins' remains, while Scamall found another recon module, this one belonging to Alpha Squad technician, Rulen. Downloading the data, the duo left. The Gremlins, however, were enraged and humiliated, and started salvaging prototype weaponry to rebuild their fallen champions...

Operation: #Occupy Haven

One day, as Scamall tried his luck at the Auction House, he overheard a Knight shout tales of a fashion show taking place in the Arcade. Ordinarily, he would shrug off the yelling as a trick of some sort, but he was eventually convinced when the Knight told of great prizes that awaited, and even more so when he heard that the legendary Magnus would be among the conductors of the event. Not wanting to miss out, Scamall dashed to the Arcade, which would prove to be as fun as expected, but in an entirely unexpected way.

Originally crestfallen at the impossibly large turnout, Scamall anxiously put on his recently-gained Stranger Hat and stood in line. The odds of him being picked were slim, to be sure, but over half the crowd were "Wolvers", and were not picked for obvious reasons, so he could seek solace in knowing that he was the most original there. After much chaos, the judging began. As the judges moved further and further up the line, Scamall grew more and more anxious. Would they pick him? What would happen if they did? Well, they didn't. Rather, Scamall was left fuming after two Knights on either side of him were picked. Fortune was laughing at him, and he knew it. Many of the "rejects" were equally as displeased, and remained huddled in a cluster of disappointment while the rest moved on. To ease the tension, a Knight called RubyEclipse handed out crowns as a gesture of goodwill, which certainly helped calm the others down. Another Knight, Strikerwolf, suggested crashing the intended site of the event: the Bazaar.

Once the group arrived, it was anarchy. The neatly-organized line was scattered in minutes, and Knights all over were shouting in frustration. The event leaders were dashing through the crowds, desperately trying to maintain order. Numerous times Scamall saw Magnus himself swarmed by numerous fans, clinging to him like flies. Once proper chaos has been achieved, the Scamall, Ruby, Striker and company stood on the sidelines, "helping out" when necessary. After Guild had had enough , they fled, privately messaging contestants so as to avoid more confusion. Scamall took some photographs to remember this event by, and then headed home for the day.

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept

After taking a two-day break from adventuring, Scamall tried to access the Uplink to check the news, only to find it under maintenance. After numerous unsuccessful attempts, Scamall deduced that HeadQuarters were updating it. Wondering what kind of update would require dismantling the Uplink, Scamall theorised that it was larger than any update he had installed previously. However, no amount of thinking would prepare him for what would be known as the Mission System.

The update was the most well-received by most Knights, especially Scamall, who thought that it would be extremely helpful to newer recruits and pod hatchlings. However, he also thought it would subtract from traditional Clockwork exploring. This did not stop him from jumping straight into action, helping new recruits complete various missions, while ranking up. He also found himself holding proper conversations with the well-known intel agent, Kora. Her friendly demeanour, as well as her familiarity with Scamall, stirred something in his memory. Unfortunately, he merely remembered her as a fellow Knight from the academy, but still acted friendly towards her. True to her trade, she provided information on the missing Alpha Squad, as well as a mission to retrieve the last known recon module of the team, left by the veteran Guardian Grantz. Scamall, as always, was up to the task, but was now growing ever aware of some accident that was sure to befall him, as it had so many times before. He also wondered privately: Why this sudden change in the workings of the HQ? Have things gotten worse than previously believed?

Write of Passage

Sometime after the Love Aura craze that gripped Haven, notably coinciding with the traditional Valentine's Day on the Homeworld, Scamall received a message from a couple of Knights inquiring about his travels through the Clockworks, which he published on the Uplink as a novelization of sorts. The feedback he received was delightfully positive, and one Knight in particular asked Scamall's permission to post the novelization to something called the "Treasure Vault", a place where authors gather to post various topics and fictitious works on the Uplink forums. Scamall agreed, and took it as an opportunity to make a name for himself, doing so over the next month. He visits the forum almost daily, often browsing through other works, sometimes reviewing, and, on occasion, making a contribution of his own.

[Thought I'd take a break from the traditional chronicling of my SK life to tell you to check out the Treasure Vault. Lots of talent there, people with far more experience at writing than me. Who knows, maybe you'll start something cool, too. ~Scamall]

Tier Three: With a Vengeance

After many ill-conceived attempts to make profits on anything but Mist Energy, Scamall ran into his old friend Meekish, who had made a lot of progress since they last fought together months before in the Wildwoods, now sporting a Vog Cub Set in lieu of his former Cobalt. Scamall informed his old friend of how close he was to his Tier Three permit, which would mark a particular milestone for him: geting to Tier Three without joining a guild or spending Homeworld currency. Meekish offered to help fund this advancement, but Scamall declined, wanting to accomplish his goal on his own. Meekish persisted, wanting to fight with his friend once more in the blaze of glory they used to share together, and Scamall eventually relented. Crafting his Mighty Cobalt Armour and Helm, Scamall rushed to the Hall of Heroes, where he was greeted by Barrus and acknowledged as a Tier Three Knight. However, despite all his accomplishments, victories and failures, trials and tribulations, he knew that his troubles were far from over.


Spiral Knight ID: Scamall

Age: 17

Current Rank: Defender

Place of Origin: Unknown

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