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Zenphyre is an unknown player that mysteriously appeared during the open release of Spiral Knights and has come from the land where gamers prosper. He adventures daily and has a few lunch breaks in between Depth 23 and he battles enemies mercilessly with incredible killing intent. Without his cookies, Zenphyre destroys everything in his path and what makes him kind of unique to only himself: HE WORKS ALONE MWAHAHAHA


Edit: .... (ominous silence) ..... (footsteps being heard approaching)

Huh, feels weird looking around here again after almost a year lol. Everything's so dusty! Anyway it has come to my attention that even though I am still pursuing my career goals and opportunities along with still being in the internship since it's a year long, I was recently given plenty of free time though the work I've done was very tedious and exciting. I am happy to say that I will be returning back because after thinking about it once I got more time out of my work, I noticed that what I am doing wasn't 100% me. I need time to play something and not focus too much on something that I will achieve but won't have much fun without something else keeping that fun in. Some people on forums and outside who play the game convinced me and even though the game is a lot different from back then, I don't mind coming back in and seeing what's different besides the no update era yet lol. Other than that I am back baby! >:D

Uhhhh Hi

Lone Wolf
Joined April 2011
Status: Legendary Veteran
His Cookies

Zenphyre came into Spiral Knights one day on a Saturday in the second week of the month on the holiday before the other one that came after and became interested after seeing what he had to face off first...the dreaded JELLIES! The creator, or "God" of Zenphyre was bored and surfed the internet looking for any MMORPG or anything related after his retirement from playing WoW when Cata came out. In his journey on finding a replacement, the God gave up and decided to look at DeviantArt in the anime section of the website. Looking at a few awesome Bleach pictures, he stumbled upon an ad with an anime robot on it and a large planet behind it. The first thing he did was, you guessed it, went to take a bathroom break, ate waffles, then came back and clicked on it a second before it switched to a toilet paper ad. Seeing the Spiral Knights main page come up, he encountered a name creator and typed in Drario after the one he created in WoW being his lvl 80 protection/retribution paladin. However, he was stunned with extreme horror that the name was taken, but being calm, he went to the fridge and got orange juice and began thinking of a random name. After a few minutes of pacing back and forth, he said, "Eh what the heck, I'll go with something starting with a Z", and he randomly chose something that started with a Z and dun dun, Zenphyre came into the world.

The first week of playing was interesting for him, going through Tier 1 with ease and being able to solo on the 2nd day of his commence on the game. Zenphyre, after having his Protogear set all the way to lvl 10, used the many crowns he has and bought his very first sword, the Fireburst Brandish. The first day using this weapon amazed him on how much damage it was able to deal and immediately fell in love with the sword. After having it to lvl 10 he bought his first armor, being the Wolver Cap and Wolver Coat, which added extra damage to his sword. He then picked a Pepperbox for his first gun and was impressed by the rapid fire it gave and the damage it dealt. After upgrading his gear to 3* on the second week, he began Tier 2 with a few groups to settle in with what he will be dealing with in there, and faced off against the Jelly King, a menace that he found in his 2nd group run and managed to kill him on his first try. After a few successful runs in Tier 2 and the Royal Jelly Palace, he was able to solo Tier 2 with no problems at all. The third week he had his gear upgraded to 4* and believed that he was ready to take on Tier 3, and went on a random T3 group and was amazed on how challenging it was and began doing runs in there having the fun of slicing and dicing the hardest enemies all while watching anime and listening to rock music.

A month and a half passed, his gear at 5* by the first week of the second month, having a Vog Cub Cap and Vog Cub Coat, his very first sword all grown up Combuster, and his very first gun Volcanic Pepperbox. He was able to devastate anything in his path and has little to no difficulty encountering challenging enemies. However, his greatest challenge was still awaiting: facing Lord Vanaduke. Zenphyre started to know about Firestorm Citadel that was referred by some weird hobo that he talked to when he sat near the fountain and the hobo said, "Oh Zen, FSC is where the experienced and skilled always go and I don't know if your up to the task." But Zenphyre countered, "Eh whatever, I'll give it a try." and Zenphyre gave him a cookie and the hobo was happy.

Zenphyre then past the first 2 weeks before going into FSC in intense training and gaining new weapons that will help him in his journey, having a new favorite sword which almost replaced his Combuster but still did, the Leviathan Blade, then with many JK runs and gaining many Jelly Gem, he created his strongest offensive, the fearless Divine Avenger and his sidekick, the Argent Peacemaker. He then decided on a bomb and the hobo, being as wise as any hobo, told him of the Shivermist Buster and in time Zenphyre has acquired the bomb with ease. Doing intense training and running as many T3 runs as he can, he finally lvled all of his gear to 10 and prepared his first encounter with the Duke.

The journey through FSC his first try was challenging and scary but not knowing of the fallen kingdom yet, he went in with a group who knew of the place and were nice to tell him about it. Going through the devastating wheels that come at Zenphyre in Blackstone Bridge, then his brave rescue for the small creatures in Charred Court, going through the many Slag Walker that appeared in Ashen Armory (that became his favorite depth), and finally going up the Shadow Fire -infested stairs of Smoldering Steps, Zenphyre and his group arrived at the Throne Room. The battle commenced between Zenphyre and Lord Vanaduke, being a fierce one with debris falling from the ceiling and the Duke charging at Zenphyre with blinding speed, but Zenphyre, being quick and agile as he was, dodge the devastating attacks the Duke threw at him. The group supported him all the way, using their Blitz Needle at the Duke while Zenphyre tanked the Duke and one of the other teammates of his group used his own Shivermist Buster. Ten minutes into the battle, the Duke has reached Phase 5 and has become more destructive than ever, Shadow Fire covering the floors and now being able to throw fire across the room, but Zenphyre and the group didn't gave up and after five to seven minutes in Phase 5 being a gun battle, they took down the Duke and Zenphyre was amazed on how he took him down on his first try. He had fun and was happy that he conquered the Firestorm Citadel and made his yet another trip down The Core where more challenges might await...

As of today, Zenphyre ventures down the Clockworks now doing pure solo runs since his first adventure in Firestorm Citadel and has been doing solo runs ever since. However, since the release of Danger Missions and becoming bored of soloing, he does a few PUG's every now and then but maintains his usual habit of soloing Danger Missions and the usual King of Ashes mission. He mostly does Vanaduke solo runs and has a lot of fun facing the Duke and would laugh if he dies once from debris or shadow fire being misplaced but he loves challenges. Up to today, Zenphyre can't wait for what the Core might have in store for him and if the mysterious King Tinkinzar, the king of the gremlins might appear in the Core and that Zenphyre is pumped up to face him and his dreaded Crimson Order.

What does he mean there's more?!

Zenphyre after killing Darkfire Vanaduke (he's hard D:)
ME WANT TO EAT YOU :D. No he doesn't have small or extra small mod this is when he was normal height, now has extra tall mod.

As what was said, yes there's more. Zenphyre is much of a loner and tends to hang out either near one of the Strangers, sit in front of the fountain, or be in the Snipe Garden sitting near the Gun Puppy Statue that wants to eat him. Zenphyre is also pretty quiet, never talking much around people and they also do the same to just leave him there. His main priority to sitting by the fountains is to listen to any arguments that might erupt from anyone or hear interesting conversations about how someone passed the potato instead of the ketchup. His signature seat is by the left side of the fountain at the corner but sometimes a person might sit there so he goes to his second signature seat which is the right side of the fountain at the corner. Whenever he's bored, he hangs out where he usually sits and he mostly sits by the fountain, and when he really doesn't want to be noticed, he goes to the Snipe Garden, or if he's crazy and wants someone to talk to, he hangs out with the Strangers. Zenphyre is sometimes approached by a few people who are amazed by his 5* gear and would often say, "Hello" or "What's up Zen" or "Want fries with that shake?" and such, but being the quiet loner he is, he would either ignore them or just move the opposite of them. It's not because they might get annoying to him but because they will be annoying to him. When approached with a random trade window from a person he doesn't know, he will immediately close it, offer a Gel Drop, or hide it so the person won't have to insta-trade with him. Zenphyre at times if he is that bored and no conversation happens and a person walks up to him, he would begin a small conversation with the person and would make him/her laugh while still avoiding attention that others around him might notice. Zenphyre is a nice person but is mostly alone so if you see Zenphyre sitting near the fountain or stalk him inside the Snipe Garden or interrupt his conversations with the Strangers, feel free to attempt to talk to Zenphyre and if he's pretty bored and has nothing to entertain himself, he might start a talk with you, but make sure you bring a cookie just in case.

-Le Gasp- No Guild?

I will destroy you...

If you try to invite Zenphyre into one, he will ask you in the most kindest voice that one space alien will fall and find the all powerful bagel with cream and ride a fish to Africa, No. Zenphyre does not join any guilds end of story. He strives to continue being guildless and will get many guild invites while happily pressing decline on all of them :D. Even if you beg or cry or give him a million CE, he won't join one. The top guilds tried to invite him but he turned them down, eventually seeing them fall after he came back four months after he quit. Zenphyre works alone with no help (besides Nekoloko and Kingerly) and will do it with no guild backing him up. Even with the guild hall update coming soon. Zenphyre isn't excited about viewing what it will be like and will only be busy running Vanaducky or watching from the stairs he sits on towards arguments. Anyone sending him a guild invite, prepare to meet the terrible decline of it and no matter how much you beg or cry, Zenphyre always says no. Go ahead and try, Zenphyre's mind is made up and will not take very kindly to spammers, he has the ignore function which is his ultimate weapon. If you give him a cookie or bacon, he will accept the offer but he will never join your guild. Good day sirs and mada'ams.

Como se mira

Zenphyre in the first two months of playing Spiral Knights, his attire consisted of his Vog Set, Combuster, Heater Shield (forgot to mention my first shield), and Volcanic Pepperbox. He went on using these when he was informed about Firestorm Citadel from the cookie-loving hobo and soon his added attire was his DA, AP which replaced his Volcanic Pepperbox (it will be missed), and Shivermist Buster. He went with this attire for about a month with the added gear but then when the update came to making the enemies more dangerous, he noticed that the Jellies and Wolvers will now deal piercing damage, which terrified Zenphyre (not really). He then went to work on another armor set in which he bought another Wolver set only when upgrading it did it become Vog Cub's nicer and shinier brother, Skolver which includes his Skolver Cap and Skolver Coat and not only did he need piercing defense for just his armor, he began lvling another shield which eventually became Aegis. Oh, forgot to mention, Zenphyre when he did a few runs in Tier 3, decided to make another shield which is stronger than his Heater Shield and before was god tier, and upgrading it, it became his signature shield: Grey Owlite Shield. Skolver eventually became his costume with Vog underneath and his Grey Owlite on his back which showed his shininess to the world and attracted those who were hypnotized by the light.

When the summer came and the fireworks have come and past two days later, Zenphyre noticed that there were too many Vog Cubs around and noticed an increase in the Skolver migration. He felt that he would also be common and to prevent that, he got to work on another armor set, but it took him a while and two cookie breaks to decide on another set and eventually, an angel with a halo and wings came down from heaven and immediately did he get the idea on making the set. He got to work and in two weeks of FSC runs and much heat acquired, his set was complete, being Divine Veil and Divine Mantle. When the Roarmulus Twins were released to the public, he noticed the two new guns and went along with getting the Pulsar. Leveling his gun up, it became his new favorite gun that replaced his AP but not entirely, Polaris.

As the Shadow Lair update came along, he was upset of how much the Shadow Key was and boycotted against the new depths for most of his time but giving into the challenge that awaited him, Zenphyre took the chance and gave it a try. He took down the Rabid Snarbolax with random party members with one of them having a key and in a few short runs with other people he obtained Snarbolax Cap and Snarbolax Coat. A few days after that he also defeated the Ice Queen, Red Roarmulus Twins and eventually it took him many tries to take down Darkfire Vanaduke until he was defeated. His attire mostly is seen with him wearing the First Generation White Rose Regalia set, consisting of a Prismatic Wolver Tail, Prismatic Glow Eyes, Prismatic Wings and Parrying Blade, and Twilight Aura along with Grey Owlite Shield.

Red Rose Regalia: Rise of Untamed Power

He watches you read (and your waffle :D).
Power radiates in the form of red lightning. >:D

Upon his entering of SK in April 2011 two weeks after public release during Waffle Tuesday and after the outbreak of flies in the jungle that fed baby platy-pi, Zenphyre worked his way up to making a Vog Cub set and Skolver set in order to have the best gear he can find. However, somewhere in the eternal abyss of his costume section (over 100+ costumes), a great power lays dormant in which it has another two of its kind, but has quickly taken them down easily to be the one true set worthy of being shown to the virtual SK world, hibernating from even Zenphyre himself who has received this set during the time of distribution. The event which lasted more than a week gave it time for it to collect immense energy needed for in three years and two taco lunch breaks, it can be released and display its raw power to Zenphyre and the local hobos around it. From that day of stardom it has hidden itself within the depths of his costume section and gained power every passing day, having eliminated the White and Black Rose sets within his inventory, and from that moment on, the Red Rose set will appear to unleash his true form.

From the start of his life in SK, Zenphyre has collected and used many sets to which interested him, but has not interested him in the form that will remain on him for more than five months and two bathroom breaks. Even his Vog and Skolver sets didn't interest him as a form as many others have the same set and he will only be seen as a commoner who looks like others showing the set and eating soup with a fork and no napkin. Weeks and months passed and Zenphyre has collected even more sets to accommodate with, but they still have no revealed his true form which interests him due to the commodity of the sets and how even with accessories do not provide the display needed to create his own image. From that point on, the Red Rose set began to make its ascension known in which like The Ring movie (great movie :D), it began to crawl out the well with red lightning appearing out of the well, and growing and growing every passing second that the set ascends, and soon its revelation had caused a scream to be heard in the darkness....

The day of its revelation took place when Zenphyre himself is scrolling through his sets to find one suitable for his extension of time wearing it. Passing through his helmet and armor sections, none within them did any good and Zenphyre was about to give up. However, upon scrolling through his costume section and seeing the White Rose set he has, he had came to the conclusion upon wearing it, but further inspection shows that it has been killed in battle and didn't match very well with the toast he was eating, so it was out of the picture. Scrolling down more, he saw a flash of red strike his and immediately has foreseen his very old Red Rose set. Intrigued by its color and that it wasn't killed (the set killed the White Rose set D:), he equipped it and soon he was very interested in not wearing it for a while that he realized that this set will create the milestone for him needed to display his true form (and that most people either don't have it or show it :D).

Throughout his time wearing the set, it has begun to grow in power and evolution began when Zenphyre noticed Prismatic Valkyrie Wings appearing along with a Prismatic Wolver Tail forming on the back of the set. Liking the combination, Zenphyre has done many runs with it and was impressed by the swiftness and speed he was able to achieve through sitting down on the desk and and doing real life morning runs in the morning before yesterday's morning two months after the morning of fresh orange juice. Over time, Zenphyre's eyes began to glow more vibrant and and defined as he noticed the set has evolved Prismatic Glow Eyes, allowing for himself to become a portable flash light and giving him night vision like a flashlight with batteries in them. More time passed, and his Prismatic Valkyrie Wings has started to change shape, becoming more defined and losing its ability to flap along with looking more streamlined, Zenphyre noticed that the wings have become more shorter and static and realized that it has evolved Prismatic Wings. But the next evolution was the milestone for Zenphyre in order to achieve his immense display of power and strength.

Doing a Shadow Lair FSC run with a random skilled group, Zenphyre and his group battled their way through Carnavons and Slag Guards along with dodging Trojans and having cookies with Howlitzers. Reaching Darkfire Vanaduke after forty minutes, Zenphyre prepared himself and after hearing his deep voice that made potatoes grow, the battle began. Dodging and killing Carnavons and shadowfire, Zenphyre began to notice a trail of thick red cloud radiating form Vanaduke himself transferring over to his set. Ignoring the trail, Zenphyre continued to battle the Duke and throughout the fight the stream of red club began to make itself more visible and Zenphyre swore he saw a spark of red lightning emanating from himself. A few minutes later, Darkfire Vanaduke stands near in defeat and Zenphyre and his group ready their Blitz Needles to take him down once and for all (again). However, the Duke had his eyes set on Zenphyre and prepared to charge against him. Noticing this, Zenphyre released the charge on his Blitz Needle and fired volley upon volley of piercing armor rounds at the Duke who suddenly charged at him full speed. The collision of both gun and trojan charge caused a huge explosion to appear and the three members of the group then released their Blitz Needle charge and fired at the Duke, seeing his now fallen form exploding in mini eruptions before finally being defeated (again). Out of the smoke, Zenphyre stood dazed and his vision was blurry from the enormous impact he and Vanaduke made. Upon recovering, he turned to who his group who had looks of awestruck and amazement in their faces along with burritos they packed for lunch. Wanting to know what happened, they told him to look at himself and Zenphyre noticed that he was glowing more vibrant and red sparks of lightning crackled from his set. Looking at himself more, he then realized that the stream of red energy being transferred was the set absorbing Darkfire Vanaduke's power and making it its own, thus receiving a huge power boost from the battle. Upon realization of this, Zenphyre has achieved a great power of his own and realized that power coming from the earning of the red energy, being hte Aggro Aura.

Coning out of the Clockworks in his newly established aura and having a small water fountain break while nibbling on a bagel, Zenphyre noticed many people looking at him weirdly and others trying to buy from him. He went on his usual business on sitting at one of the corners of the fountain and looking outward toward the Auction House. Upon seeing more arguments and virtual fights happening in Haven, he noticed a retiring knight is selling Prismatic Parrying Blades for a very cheap price, and having an urge, bought one from the knight and equipped it on his set, becoming more detailed. However, his original sky color didn't clash well with the red patterns of the set, so after thinking about changing color for 11 years and 4 soccer matches, he decided on changing his color. Buying the red personal color, he recalled his many memories on his sky color and telling it that he well miss it. Equipping the red color, a sudden explosion happened which made plants grow and created a new national park created, in which the explosion was so huge that the hotel manager hired a new assistant to build more rooms for more people. The smoke cleared and shockwaves of red lightning appeared everywhere and a crater was in the explosion's place, in the middle being Zenphyre standing with red glory and display of immense power: the Red Rose set has shown Zenphyre's true form to the world!

Zen's Red Rose Regalia
Zenphyre's raw power radiates more at the start of a massacre...

White Rose Regalia: Next Level Unleashed

Overcharged potential beyond its limits
Zen wished he coulda grown a mustache sometimes. xD

Ever since Zenphyre came into SK when God adopted the bagel at the donut shop next to the swap meet where he gets his fresh clothing apparel with no mark on it, he always though upon exceeding his limits in ability. Having achieved the Red Rose power acknowledged him to be the best he can be without having short lunch breaks in between depths and hearing the spider walk outside on a leash. However, Zenphyre knew he could gain more abilities if he worked harder in going beyond his limits. While the Red Rose power came with many benefits (dem people looking at it too long), Zenphyre knew he could do better, and ever since God created Zenphyre when he quit WoW forever because he wanted to watch more anime on Saturday nights, he knew he could achieve more. When Zenphyre got the Red Rose set, he acquired another set that was partially incomplete and during his time in SK, it took him many months to acquire the next piece but he knew it was worth it just like feeding kiwis to platypus when they're on winter break. The other set he acquired was incomplete due to the missing link that SK didn't have, and for many months Zenphyre has been seeking it to finish the set and once it is fully complete, then his limits can be exceeded in which his limits will have no limits (see what happened there. :P).

Searching for many months on the item that he needed to complete the set, Zenphyre knew that he would have needed a pine-cone scented miracle to even get it. Not many in SK have the item nor did it show up often in the AH. For almost four years Zenphyre has traveled distant lands to find such item to increase his limits, yet it was tedious for him to keep looking. As many of the old folk went and played other games or pet the baby kittens, the items they had from the ole days were long forgotten which made it harder for Zenphyre to obtain. While Zenphyre still had his specific set which made him stand out somewhat, he only considered the set as a substitute until the item he needs is revealed. Almost four years later such an item has shown up and Zenphyre went all out in obtaining it, as others saw the item as well and battled it out to obtain which. Eating a sandwich in front of the AH with apple juice and pocky sticks, Zenphyre kept watch for arguments or people trying to lightly rub their bellies while they sit down. As the item has yet to be given, Zenphyre remained vigilant and kept and eye out for anything out of the ordinary, such as snipes forming a line for a field trip to the sock museum. A day went by and the item was close to be given out, and Zenphyre remained the high bidder in which almost no one opposed him. As the item had five minutes remaining in the AH, another posted a higher bid on it but luckily Zenphyre was aware of this and nuked his muffin with his own bid. Unopposed for the last five minutes, Zenphyre has finally acquired the item he needed to create his long term goal set which will help him in ending the Great Big Duck Rebellion of Mars.

Having obtained the item, which is a Chapeau of the White Rose that he has been searching since his entrance in SK, Zenphyre has put on the chap along with the Tabard of the White Rose that he has obtained in the start of his SK life. Loving the look and feel of the silky fabric and more lightweight material and that it came from the swap meet, Zenphyre has gone ahead and transferred all the power he had in the Red Rose set and put it within his new set. Immediately Haven started to shake violently at the raw power emitted and somewhere along the way snipes gathered to watch with popcorn and soda at the bright light that was emitted. Growing prismatic aspects as well as gaining a Twilight Aura (the gummy delicious flies around him as snacks), Zenphyre felt his power go beyond what he originally had in the Red Rose set and upon passing his limits, his personal color changed back to his original form from when he started. Once that happened, an explosion like before erupted only this time it was ten times more massive that one needed 3-D glasses to experience higher definition that normal movie theaters didn't provide with their highly salted popcorn and tasteless smoothies. When the smoke cleared, a gentle wind flowed through the air and a caressing aura was felt as Zenphyre was revealed, having returned to his original color and now sporting his new sought after main set, the White Rose set which was Zenphyre's truest form behind his Red Rose set. Glowing an immense sky blue with wisps of blueberry-tasting flies around him that he shares with friends and hobos, Zenphyre has achieved his perfect and exact form to show to the world!

Skill Level and Experience

One of Zenphyre's fastest and most powerful sets (pretty glowy flies. :D).

Based on Zenphyre's time and stay among SK has left him with tons of virtual adventures that made his knowledge of Cradle grow and knowing of the Clockworks increase, along with making it on time for bagel breakfast bonanza every Saturday on the third week of June after National Donut Appreciation Day. Having been on SK for 3 years and going on since two weeks after beta ended made him more aware of what happens within the Clockworks and what stuff happens among Haven when weirdos come next to him and ask him for pizza takeout. From the beginning, he was a small recruit amazed at what challenges await him and what perils he will face among reaching the end, along with finding the snipe that took him back in time when the lazychair was invented so he can test drive it around a stock car track designed for 200 mph speeds. Years later, Zenphyre has transformed into an experienced field veteran that utilizes tactical and strategic plans to wipe out his enemies and destroy countless foes with the use of his arsenal and fearsome cookies. Time passing by, Zenphyre has grown a lot more aware of what happens and knowing what happens makes him do things that he is able to do in his sleep like punching the pillow who he thinks is Marshmallow Man trying to take the flower away from the little girl aggressively without trading it for a giant lollipop. Zenphyre even grew more knowledgeable to how the Clockworks is run and how facing certain enemies are to be taken care of, and overtime he turned from being a runt of the litter to a hobo laying on the stairs for a few hours and watching people wrestle each other for who can get the last smoothie from the AH on Labor Day.

In terms of Zenphyre's fighting style, he deploys mostly offensive/powerful sword/gun combos while utilizing speed and agility for his main strategy. Unlike charging into enemies without knowing what their strengths/weaknesses are, Zenphyre plans ahead of time to see what he may deal with and tactically devises ways on how to dispose of them for attempting to take his dark chocolate bars ahead of time before next day's waffle giveaway is made. Before dash/shield bash were ever incorporated into the game, Zenphyre focused more on ASI more than CTR where it played as the underdog and ASI wasn't much of a matter for CTR gave more overall damage. Zenphyre however chose ASI for better DPS with the use of his fast-swinging weapons at the time he created them. Once dash/shield bash has been added into the game, Zenphyre took advantage of the dash ability to increase his dodging/agility even more and due to that, the use of blocking with his shield has been reduced dramatically to the point where he almost never gets hit (unless he messes up, sometimes...). Aside from Zenphyre utilizing ASI and fast dodging abilities, he focuses on increasing the DPS of his weapons to allow for more powerful hits upon striking enemies with weaknesses to said weapon, and from that he is able to extinguish them more quickly before dealing with other enemies who may be trying to bite his apple juice off. Zenphyre takes advantage of increased damage to further increase his speed of clearing out rooms while gathering loot at a faster rate, and sometimes he dodges attacks so quickly that it causes knights near him to lag spike off the screen and fall into the dark abyss not knowing how fast he got from point A to point B without spilling his water cup. Overall, Zenphyre incorporates more offensive techniques while achieving greater speed and damage to reduce his time of clearing out rooms, and coming out of them movie-style with an epic explosion behind him, and a pig flying off into space in a rocket :D.

From other knights/player's point of view, Zenphyre will literally rush his way through levels effectively clearing out depths with max damage and max ASi while incorporating max CTR to finish the job on stronger enemies. Zenphyre will NOT slow down if players tell him to slow down so they may attack enemies as well. It is their problem if they do not like his fighting style, as he is skilled enough to obliterate his way through levels at even the hardest difficulty. No matter what players think of his fighting style, Zenphyre will remain using his techniques and from the Battle Sprites update, his Drakon with Swift Steps has increased his ability to clear out depths even faster and make it to the end of the elevator in less time than a nonrushing person would do. In short, Zenphyre goes so fast that he makes fast people not fast. Whatever you tell him when you join his party or so, Zenphyre doesn't care if players want him to slow down, he will rush through depths at the fastest speed he can possibly go and destroy enemies with max dmg/ASI/CTR (his weapons have okay UV's) and get to the end while waiting patiently for players to get to him, but don't think he'll listen when players tell him to stop, they'll have to deal with it. Overall, Zenphyre is the best in his own sense but doesn't admit that he is the best in SK, he is just among the best in his field. In Lockdown and Blast Network, he is decent but above average when it comes to fighting against other players. Even then, Zenphyre is more focused on PvE since it gives him more cooperation among other players and lets him gain more experience on what goes on when the gates switch in the Clockworks, as well as knowing when lunchtime goes on when he gets hungry for a burger :T.

Fang of Vog: Eternal Flame

Yeah FOV makes one look beast.

The Fang of Vog, which I acquired somewhere in the 2nd day on the fourth week of May somewhere in 2011 after that one holiday, is one of my most used weapons when it comes to going against enemies that are weak to elemental (and sometimes I would have a fun time with fiends with it :D). Now, the swings from the blade are slower than that of a regular 3-swing sword and even though it looks like a Cutter, it doesn't have the speed of one. The speed of the blade is almost that to the DA but with a third swing, and each swing has a chance of causing strong fire against the enemy. The DPS from the swings are less than what a normal elemental sword should be and because of the slow speed it does with each swing, not many use it as much due to it, but with ASI trinkets the blade can strike faster but not nearly as fast as a 3-swing sword. Now for the fun part (YAY!), the sword's charge creates a circular pillar that engulfs the user in flames which swirls around him, creating a vortex of fire which I truly adore. However, the charge gives a chance of strong fire against the user, meaning that the user will burn baby burn until he or she smells like chicken (must resist turning cannibal...). But the charge has a ridiculous amount of DPS to it, making one of the strongest swords through charge, and since the charge has almost no knockback, the charge can hit up to 4 times, and with trapping enemies in corners, get ready to see those red numbers :D. Against Trojans, the charge will one shot them in T1, T2 and the early depths of T3, but with elite slash modules (which I does not have but have Skolver which hurts me because of no fire resist. D:), it is possible to one shot them in lower stratums of T3. Even against Slag Guards it is effective, and helps in clearing out the waves in which they appear during Phase 5 of Vanaducky (yes I call him that :D).

Even if the blade isn't powerful enough when it comes to normal strikes, the charge amazes me and helps me out in taking out Jelly King and Ice Queen in less than a minute (Ice Queen takes a little longer due to... yeah xD), and helps a lot when it comes to arenas and graveyards. Fang of Vog is also cool looking to me with it's flames engulfing around it and the way it sounds from the strikes is like a torch. Even though I sold FoV's for crowns and such (unbinding is still ridiculous Dx), I kept my very first FoV and will stay with me forever and ever and ever and ever and ever... :).

Because the charge of the FoV is cool and bad@ss, these are the times when I would get bored and have fun spamming the charge in ATH, killing myself from the burn afterwards (but at least I still smelled crispy and chickeny :D).

Fang of Vog Charges

❖♥☆♥ Melkan: True Friend and Cookie Giver ♥☆♥❖

Zenphyre's Pink Rose
Joined: During Steam Invasion
Status: Very Pink and Sexy
Guild: Sexy Knights
Her Candy
A normal conversation behind Bosco and his robot thingy.

For some time Zenphyre has grown accustomed to doing runs by himself and staying quiet in Haven to enjoy his chocolate smoothie with banana and mango mixed in, but over many months he has shifted away from his virtual solitude to socialize a little more with the people around him. From weirdos to hobos and the occasional anteater, Zenphyre has conversed with many that logged on during the day to escape the glaring light from the sun in which a hard boiled egg can be cooked on the street. With Zenphyre having made a few long-term friends along his SK life that were similar to his personality and love of cat pictures, his time of being an online gaming loner has been swept away and he occasionally talks to them whenever they log on and usually they'd bring a snack like a ranch-dipped cucumber. His long-term friends being Nekoloko and Kingerly, whom had given Zenphyre one of the best times of his SK life in socializing and adventuring within the Clockworks, have inspired him to be a better person in-game and in real life as well and knowing how to properly fold a box with a fork. As time went on their last day on SK has come and hearty goodbyes were given to which they may continue their journey in the outside domain of SK safely. Once they have officially retired, Zenphyre has gone back to his roots of being loner and for some time has done the usual routine of Clockwork runs and trying to grow a mustache. While he will miss his two very close friends, he will a gain another in which their bond is stronger and their knowing of each other has lasted as long as Nekoloko's. Having known each other for more than a year and half and already believing that they know each other in real life, this friend has stepped up to free Zenphyre from his solitude and provide him with enough Oreos to last beyond Gopher Day and keep him from digging holes behind the Gun Puppy Statue.

The story on how they met will bore you again and you wouldn't have passed the first sentence of this paragraph at all because you'd be snuggling a Snuggie on a 104 degree day with eels staring at you through the window in bowties. I just can't believe you actually read this far into what I have typed and most likely you'd be starving and wanting cucumbers with ranch and tomato soup for lunch. But if you're that one viking that loves to read crossword puzzles and enjoy watching the paint dry, then you might survive with a 0.03% chance of living in reading further on. The story of their first meeting actually happened when Nekoloko and Kingerly were still online. Having finished school for the day and enjoying their dry-clean only office chairs, Zenphyre, Nekoloko and Kingerly one day were doing a couple of runs together to gain more dinero and eat waffles with Basil on Taco Tuesday. Upon finishing the run, Nekoloko and Kingerly asked Zenphyre that they will be having real life events going and will have to sky rocket into space to escape Haven and go into the outside world known as Reality (aka Pretzel). Logging off and leaving Zenphyre in Haven, he went to his usual spot at the corner of the fountain and sat down on the boulder hard stairs to enjoy his tan and watch people argue on outbidding the feather duster the AH has. Laughing and eating popcorn with rice at the same time, Zenphyre enjoyed the many chat bubbles people were displaying and the eventual square bubbles that follow when someone does a silent but deadly next to their friend. As Zenphyre watched on at the conversations, a giant ball of fire started falling from the sky with the quietest scream he has ever heard and lands on the other corner of the fountain. Having finished his popcorn and rice, Zenphyre looked to his right and saw a shadow within the smoke rise up and make movements that a person who's out of it makes after 10 hours of partying with her very tall and handsome totem pole. With the smoke clearing, he noticed a large tinge of pink and purple being revealed and very feminine curves starting to form. The figure in turn suddenly stands straight and looks among the people in Haven who look in awe at the big spot of pink revealed like a concert full of happy turtles. Getting a closer look at this figure, Zenphyre noticed it to be a knight as well and from the looks of it appeared to be female. Poking said person with a very long poking stick to find out if she's a jellyfish or not, the person turned her head and stared at him. Looking on top of her head, Zenphyre noticed the name and was intrigued by what it means, whereas the person continued staring at him like he was in box full of cotton candy and ketchup. Standing in front of him, Zenphyre continued to look at the person who will become his new best buddy and pen pal: Melkan.

At first glance Zenphyre's initial was "she's pink...", that's it. Melkan didn't notice it since he didn't say it out loud and kept staring at him. Seeing her be so quiet, Zenphyre poked her again and to his amazement she poked back. Zenphyre poked her again and she started poking back again, which eventually erupted into an all-out poke war. After many casualties which resulted in the deaths of 15,239 knights, two strangers and a platypus, Zenphyre and Melkan ended the war with a small conversation that relates to their SK life. Conversing with one another for 4 hours straight upon their meeting, they have learned that they were from different countries which will make their future meetings a bit difficult to make without consulting the all-mighty potato wizard. They learned of their cultural traditions and stated a few jokes to one another where one ended up laughing so hard (guess which one :P). While their meeting only lasted as much as watching two movies in a theater without paying for the second one, Zenphyre saw potential in Melkan and likewise Melkan saw Zenphyre as an interesting person to chat with. Saying their goodbyes for the day as Melkan needed her beauty rest, they typed that they will meet again when their gods log on again and attempt to decide if the shoelace makes a good conductor for reusable energy. The next day came by quick with the Sun turning on its side and displaying its stretch marks, and Zenphyre and Melkan met once again and chatted a storm while Nekoloko and Kingerly were still out on whatever they were doing. Melkan has shown interesting traits that Zenphyre was into and likewise Melkan has seen him as a great person to chat with unlike others. Upon knowing more of each other, Zenphyre asked Melkan if she wanted to do a run in which she agrees to and they settled off with content stomachs and freshly cut carrots. Within the Clockworks, Zenphyre and Melkan has shown great teamwork in taking out enemies quickly and helping each other out. Zenphyre upon looking at her was amazed at how well she performs in the Arcade, whereas with Nekoloko and Kingerly they would usually depend on him to take out the tougher enemies. Finishing the run and eating dinner with Basil who dressed in a tux, Zenphyre thanked Melkan for the run and was impressed on how well she was able to take out tougher enemies. Melkan merely only poked him and from there on another poking war has started with also started the Great Donut Rebellion of 1964, leaving no one alive.

In the early months prior to their meeting Zenphyre and Melkan only chatted a couple of times in which Zenphyre focused more on his conversations with Nekoloko and Kingerly. Melkan understands the relationship he has with his other friends and she went on to her guildies to talk among how sexy they look and trying to install a 3-D mirror that allows them to look at themselves at all sides without turning their heads. Only doing one Arcade run together during those runs, both Zenphyre and Melkan eventually started drifting apart as Melkan logged on less and less. While Zenphyre had no concern over the matter, he did have a feeling on making the wrong choice if he were to delete her from his friend list. Normally Zenphyre would delete someone off his list if they have been inactive for a while, hasn't chatted with him for more than a few months, and hasn't baked him blueberry pie with fresh milk. Scrolling through his very small friend list to her name, Zenphyre eventually decided against it and left it there for a while longer, knowing that she'll be back and provide him with more pokes to his cheek while he pokes her armpit repeatedly until it starts leaving happy faces. Eventually she did come back a couple of times but at that time Zenphyre was starting a break for a few months away from the game due to the constant promos which irritated him. Having left the game for a bit until OOO decides to present new content, not much has happened between Zenphyre and Melkan for a while. Upon Zenphyre's return after a few months of inactivity, he took a look at his friends list and sees Nekoloko and Kingerly on where they reunited again with bear hugs and extreme tickling. Zenphyre then noticed that Melkan hasn't logged on for a while and even though he should have deleted her due to inactivity, he chose against it. With months passing Melkan hasn't logged on and Zenphyre has shown no concern over the matter due to sometimes conversing with one another and rarely doing runs together. Time passes where Nekoloko and Kingerly retired, and with more months going by Zenphyre has gone back to his outsider state in Haven. One day however, he noticed a miracle happening that was greater than skydiving without a parachute into a lake and living: Melkan has logged on. At first they didn't chat with one another much due to having forgotten their conversations from before, but within a few weeks Zenphyre and Melkan have noticed one another in a random Haven. While she was running around in circles, Zenphyre poofed into the Haven she was on to escape the emptiness the other Havens had. Having poofed right next to her, Zenphyre and Melkan looked at one another with Melkan greeting him after a very long time, stating that she was in his friend list. Zenphyre immediately recognizes her and asked her where she has been, in which stated that she took a break from SK over a year to enjoy other things until new content appears. Conversing once again just like months earlier, the two of them bonded heavily upon this meeting again and from that day they have been seen together silently whisping to one another about random things and doing many Arcade runs. Upon that meeting Zenphyre and Melkan constantly chat with one another and have been strengthening their bond in which they have become the best of friends and natural born mango peelers.

Melkan is very warmhearted (hence the hearts xP), affectionate, and compassionate in terms of Zenphyre's gut telling him she's the one (the one = best buddy). While she and Zenphyre don't have a history of interaction as long as Nekoloko's, Melkan was more inspiring to Zenphyre in good nature and spirit. While Nekoloko was more random to Zenphyre in conversations and runs, Melkan is more straightforward and contains that small randomness that balances with her genuine personality to create a female version of Zenphyre in a way (ah shut up already. xP). Melkan regularly acts weird in some ways but they make sense in which Zenphyre can she that she has freedom to do what she likes virtually just like looking up rage comics. She doesn't get angry or irritated easily (around Zenphyre she doesn't but maybe with others) and she is very aware of what goes on in conversations while adding to that small randomness of hers. In Arcade runs, Melkan displays great swordsmanship and knows how to perform well with hybrid loadouts just like Zenphyre. While she doesn't have a great arsenal of weapons due to leaving on break for around a year, she utilizes her weapons in ways that it becomes an advantage against enemies that have a huge resistance to its damage infliction. She provides excellent cover and supports Zenphyre in runs by diverting half of the enemies to herself and destroying them with violent gore and brownies, just like Zenphyre. Her dodging skills are exceptional and can almost keep up with Zenphyre in terms of speedrunning and clearing rooms as fast as possible. Her motivation to finish runs helps Zenphyre in completing runs a lot faster than when he was with Nekoloko in the Arcade and helps in efficiently clearing out danger rooms at a very fast speed without slowing down for chips and chocolate milk. Outside of the Arcade, Melkan would occasionally sit on the side of the fountain (new change from her corner) away from people or run around in Haven displaying her cloud of pinkiness to everyone while raining hearts around her body like maple syrup on pancakes :T. Her outfit perfectly fits her personality as Zenphyre is awed and drawn into her sexy look in which it threatens his manliness where Melkan would try to cuddle him in hearts and paintballs of pink and purple, but he's fine with it as his gut feels funny from the cuddling. Overall, Melkan shows a character that is different from Nekoloko but is amplified by the way she balances randomness with awareness of how things are which makes her bond with Zenphyre strong. She will do her best at any challenge given and she's a very fun person to chat and be with where one won't be disappointed at all.

Zenphyre + Melkan = Cookies and Milk with White and Pink Roses!!! xP

Melkan's and Zenphyre's Sexy Times


Screen shot 2012-01-28 at 8.25.24 PM.png
Zenphyre's Wifey
Joined: During Steam Invasion
Status: Virtual Cute and Kind
Guild: Stairs Club
Her Cookies
How Zenphyre and Nekoloko usually sit.

Now some of you might have seen how Zenphyre is very alone and doesn't hang around a lot with people around him, but secretly he has a friend very close to him, though they does not know each other in real life, but the bond is so close that they do. This person is always there for him no matter what happens (He can't get rid of her xD) and she is always happy and never sad and RARELY gets mad (at him but he want her to :P). They had a year long friendship already and even though they had their ups and downs, these two people will always be best buddies (with benefits) and will constantly talk with on another to no end until a party starts or sleep time arrives.

The story on how they met is very long and boring and will knock you out within the first sentence that you want to lay on a Tempurpetic on your belly and slowly move up and down while licking a lamp. Yes it will bore you but if your committed to reading and has a very good edumacation (he goes to top university but acts this way :D), then read at your own risk or with excitement. The story on how they met begins with a typical day on the first Sunday after that one holiday that passed two days before the chicken was left out of the pen at sundown with Friday coming after the second week. Zenphyre was as usual sitting quietly on the steps near the fountain looking at two people complaining about religion (and were very good). He had two friends at the time, Elle-The-Neko, who was very obsessive with him all the time and wouldn't leave him alone, and Meowcennary, who had common sense and would occasionally do runs with him. Now back to story, he was sitting eating popcorn due to argument entertainment and was very happy seeing them argue until Elle showed up and using her typical use of "N-Y-A" (not saying the whole word), grabbed Zenphyre and pulled him into a bear hug with his head in her... :). Zenphyre attempted to escape by running around a lot but no matter what she would always catch up to him and tackle him to the ground. This was before he was guildless and happened a year ago. Zenphyre was on the ground with Elle on top of him and told her to get off, but Elle told him that she was going to introduce him to someone. He told her to get lost but due to her being his fangirl (D:), she brought the person anyway. When the person poofed into existence, Zenphyre was almost mesmerized at the sight. Standing in front of him was a girl a little shorter than him (before mods were introduced) with the pigtailed helm but seraphic armor. She wore a Grey Owlite on her back which added to her glow and Zenphyre was hypnotized. He then looked at the same and realized that it was the same as Elle's but with only the "neko" part in it. Standing in front of him would be his soon best buddy and pen pal, Nekoloko.

First seeing her, Zenphyre told Elle on why the !@#$ she brought another one of her, and she said that this one is different. Looking back at the person, he noticed it twitching a bit and spinning around in circles. Looking under its name, he saw the guild "Stairs Club". Zenphyre upon seeing it has never heard of the guild and laughed a bit on the way it was named (figured out they're named that cuz they sit on the stairs for HOURS). The person then looked directly at Elle and waved. Doing a weird introduction, Elle presented the person to Zenphyre and he waved, along with the person waving as well. Elle then proceeded to tackle Zenphyre again while the person laughed, and Zenphyre got annoyed. The person then sat at the stairs for 2 HOURS straight while Zenphyre kept on running from said person. The person would throw a couple of suggestions but was unusually quiet. Taking the best option, Zenphyre hid behind the person and person didn't bother to move away, and Elle told the person to step back, but she refused. Zenphyre then sighed in relief and told them that he's off to another Vana run. The person then said "D:" and Zenphyre realized that the person must be afraid of doing Vana runs, but he eventually went. An hour later after kicking Vanaducky's !@# once again, Zenphyre sat by the stairs again and upon sitting, he saw on the other side of the stairs the same person but with other people, being its guildmates. Zenphyre kept on sitting until the person noticed me and got up from its position and went over to him. Saying the usual hi back, the person sat next to him while its guildmates were chatting on the other side. Talking for a bit, the person said if Zenphyre wanted to join it for a run, and accepting it they went off to face JK. Killing it successfully, the person was overjoyed and said that it was its second time killing JK with one death, and Zenphyre not dying at all. Sitting down back at the stairs, Zenphyre questioned the almighty question that can milk a cow for chocolate milk and sell it to merchants that use it to trade for burritos: Is it a boy or a girl? Doing a couple of cute emotes and girly things, said person was a girl, so her name Nekoloko was appropriate (name made it obvious but wanted to know more). They hanged out more often from that point on and did so many runs besides Vana including the Roarmulus Twins run (she finds it hard, Zenphyre finds it so easy, but it could be lag). They were inseparable and willing to help one another out in case of danger or need of someone to talk to, and they became best friends from here on out, and most people saw them as a couple.

However, things didn't last well enough as Zenphyre was fed up with OOO giving out promos that cost real money and players selling them for ridiculous amounts of crowns (not going to argue). Without warning, Zenphyre logged off one day a week after the game's first anniversary (yay one year of playing :D) and never returned. Four months passed and God was playing WoW, reaching his character to 85 and doing applications to be accepted into universities, so he was very busy at the time. One day, his time for WoW has expired and gaining entrance to one of the top schools in the nation, Zenphyre came back to SK and found it to be not very different, still being the same with the exception of Danger Missions. Doing a couple of them, Zenphyre found it pretty challenging but was happy to get through them almost flawlessly (was rusty due to inactivity). Checking his friends list, he saw that he had none and went back to sitting at the stairs yet once again and looking at people argue. Getting bored an hour later, Zenphyre poofed to another Haven to find something else interesting and eventually ran into Nekoloko at the other side of the stairs, although she didn't notice him though he thought. Thinking she was angry, Zenphyre poofed away into another Haven but was too late as Nekoloko whisped him. Zenphyre gave in and told her what happened, but she forgave him and they went back to being friends. However, upon returning back things went differently and Nekoloko changed from how it was back then. Instead of being somewhat quiet and kind, she turned into somewhat like Elle, using the same language structure and being more happy. She doesn't do as much runs anymore since it got her bored (probably cuz Zenphyre left) and she tends to stay alone for most of the time now. Upon returning, Zenphyre has also noticed the rise of new guilds and top guilds breaking down and falling. He also noticed that Elle has quit the game due to boredom and Meowcennary left to play another game also due to boredom. Both of them went back together as pals but hardly came near each other, since Zenphyre started doing Vana missions again and Nekoloko doing some missions. But as time progressed, they eventually started to hang out more and became closer just liked they used to, though it became closer now and some people saw them as a couple (I laugh at this part). Doing runs together every now and then, they went back to their old days and talked about random subjects, becoming friends once again and glueing their bond back together, rising as pen pals.

Nekoloko is very kind, generous, and heartwarming which makes Zenphyre feel virtually tingly inside (if I say virtual, I mean in-game not real life you sons of fathers). Nekoloko has a funny personality which best fits her and the way she speaks makes Zenphyre laugh a couple of times and he enjoys it. In the old days Nekoloko would do a run with him almost everyday and were inseparable that people saw them as being together, and boy did many people notice it. Nekoloko CANNOT get sad whatsoever and RARELY every gets mad (but she can be b1tchy, but not to Zenphyre). Nekoloko would attempt to play along with Zenphyre when he virtually "touches" her in parts... :), she enjoys it and Zenphyre at the end just says it as a random thing, like a juicebox. She is very nice and although Zenphyre wants her to get angry, she can't and Zenphyre is forming plans to get her angry. Her insults are of that of a small four year old (bear with me she's almost innocent) and one time Zenphyre pretended to insult her to see a reaction and she said "you...meanie..." in which Zenphyre facepalmed. Even though she has a long way to go to realize that forgiveness does not apply to the internetz very well, she's improving well and her runs are improving as well, in which she can do Vana now but still afraid to do so, which Zenphyre doesn't mind. From Zenphyre's return four months later, Nekoloko changed a lot in personality, becoming almost like Elle with cheeriness and excitement but without the obsessiveness to Zenphyre. Although he was hesitant at first to her new personality, he accepted it since she was a girl and most are meant to be cheery. So yeah she is very nice, won't get angry but b1tchy, and she'll try her best at anything that's a challenge for her. So in turn, Zenphyre + Nekoloko = BBBF = Best Buddies Forever! :D

As of now, Nekoloko has moved on from SK and will no longer be active hence the decommissioned post, and her bio will remain as a memento. Zenphyre still chats with her beyond the outskirts where God lives, so will she be missed in SK -salutes-

Zenphyre and Nekoloko after runs. :D
The Weird Times of Nekoloko and Zenphyre


Kingerly 1.png
Zenphyre's Online Daughter
Joined: During Steam Invasion
Status: Virtual Adorable and Womanly
Guild: Praetorian Khanate
Her Brownies
Zenphyre(left), Nekoloko(right), and Kingerly(center): Virtual Nearest and Dearest

This far into Zenphyre's SK life has been fun and relaxing with the assistance of Nekoloko who further made him smile with her random things and how she double dips in nacho cheese to add in more flavor. With not much content added both Zenphyre and Nekoloko start to get intimate where they furthered their bond to the next level where they finally did the unthinkable: they played Super Smash Bros Melee with Zenphyre completely destroying Nekoloko with a devastating smash attack against her marking her 74th loss for the day. As the bond grew closer and closer, both Zenphyre and Nekoloko expected a new generation to emerge from their bond and this generation has both quantities the pair shared and made Nekoloko have weird mood swings and food cravings with a huge bump, and where Zenphyre fell to the ground one day when she emerged and he became a dad with Neko the unrelenting wifey. <-(online pen pal bond :P).

It all happened on Saturday morning in the third week of the fifth month before Memorial Day and after the ninth day of President's day. Once again the story will be very long and not very cuddly so get your camping tents and blankets for the biggest time waster of your life. Zenphyre was happily running through Haven after completing his daily FSC solo and his most recent run through SL Ice Queen in order to obtain his helm. Noticing Nekoloko was on, the pair decide to run around telling jokes to people and making them sweat behind their hairy necks which are taped down due to it absorbing moisture from the excessive giraffe standing. Upon running around and messing with the Strangers, Zenphyre changed into his Snarbolax set along with Nekoloko who changed into hers which adorned a small purple flower on the left side (her character POV) of her cap, which added further sexy wifeyness which in turn caused Zenphyre to stare at the pond next to her where a frog was looking at her with big purple eyes. Doing things Snarbolaxes would normally do like hunting for prey (eating the knights :T) and doing business near the Strangers and the Gun Puppy Statue, Nekoloko started to feel strange. Zenphyre noticed and approached Nekoloko while rolling over to her, and she had a blank stare which made Zenphyre throw a frisbee at another person and he caught it with his toothpick. Nekoloko suddenly went behind the Gun Puppy statue and instantly the statue grew moss all around it (yes it's moss). Patting Nekoloko's back, Zenphyre is concerned for her health as she is the only one who knows how to prepare meals while he goes to hunt for food (again eating the knights and gremlins :D), and tells her to lie down for a bit. Nekoloko however, grew furious and demanded that Zenphyre get her Snipe buffalo wings with a side of Fiend fries and a Lumber shake. Destroying enemies in the Clockworks and gathering the items, he returned to Nekoloko who was busy petting a snipe with her head while the snipe licked her flower tasting for any cookie bits. Nekoloko upon seeing Zenphyre's return growled violently and jumped onto Zenphyre, eating away at the items he returned with and him bringing fifths to crave her craving. Satisfied, Nekoloko then became terrifyingly sad to make Zenphyre go get her the items, but then turned ferocious for not being slow enough and not going to pick up the milk. The day itself began normally and Nekoloko kept licking Zenphyre for he became a nice looking ice cream sandwich.

Two hours passed and suddenly Nekoloko had a huge bump. Zenphyre poked it and suddenly a very very very very very very very very hard kick was aimed against him and sent him flying into the Auction House where he instantly borrowed Scissor Blades and ten tons of Spark of Life. Nekoloko suddenly lied down and began to roll over in joy as the bump grew and Zenphyre rubbed the bump to see what happens, but the bump had a hand and grabbed Zenphyre by the face and smothered it next to Nekoloko's bump, feeling the fur around his face like a very soft pillow with hay glued all over with hair gel. Nekoloko then screamed with joy as the bump started deflating and the road to success opened up with the new generation emerging from the path of freedom. Looking at the new generation, Zenphyre dropped his cookie and fell down on the ground waking up two seconds later to see a mini Wolver next to them. Zenphyre poked it and suddenly it's tummy rumbled and instantly ran to the dropped cookie and ate it violently with chocolate chip gore. Zenphyre himself was impressed and Nekoloko jumped onto Zenphyre and brought the mini Wolver next to them. Holding it between their hands, both Zenphyre and Nekoloko looked at it and saw that it did random things like both of them and grabbed Zenphyre's Voltedge to play with and grabbed Nekoloko's Ash of Agni to barbeque other people and see them become tender and juicy for steak making. Seeing how this generation loves both the qualities of the pair, they smiled and watched as the mini Wolver played with its heart content and being full from a tiny cookie that Zenphyre dropped to the ground. After playtime Nekoloko checked the gender and Zenphyre dropped his second cookie for the day and fell to the ground.

Four months after Zenphyre's departure due to the lack of updates and new content, the pair is seen sitting at the stairs in their usual hideout to eat cookies and milk while tickling a few ladybugs and teasing them with salsa and lemon soda. Both Zenphyre and Nekoloko are seen in their Snarbolax sets with Zenphyre being the taller Snarbolax and Nekoloko being the smaller Snarbolax. Due to this height the pair showed who the man of the den was and who tended to the cupcake making and steak creating recipes while also playing Playstation with other people while leaving them in a stew pot to boil until ready to eat. As the day went on, Nekoloko asked Zenphyre that she wants to show him someone who he hasn't seen in a while and he became curious as the ant who is able to move the rock with its feelers and eyes. Once Nekoloko sent the message, they waited patiently until an orange being came into their point of view and left out a smoke of dust that smelled the same as Nekoloko with a hint of Zenphyre and a mix of blueberry. Once the being came into view, it was very cheery and spun around in circles while running anywhere it can and Zenphyre just looked at Nekoloko with a face that wanted an apple. Nekoloko explained that the being who came into view was someone special that sealed their bond and helped them create the almighty wafflecake with god syrup and the perfect fork. Zenphyre still looking at the butterfly who landed in the pond where it took a bath and hit the waterfall questioned on who is this being, and Nekoloko told him to guess. He said it was bacon, and Nekoloko gave him bacon. With the guessing over, Nekoloko told Zenphyre the most important thing of his life since his return from the wonders of Super Smash Bros Brawl and snail racing grand prix with italian pizza at the side: the person is none other than the mini Wolver from long ago where they checked and Zenphyre fell to the ground, Kingerly, their cheery daughter and brownie lover.

Kingerly is Zenphyre's and Nekoloko's fun loving daughter who shares both the same qualities as her parents. Being offensive and strategically aggressive like Zenphyre and being defensive and attacking with area damage like Nekoloko, Kingerly is all in one for both the pair, but leans more towards her mother's side. Like her father Zenphyre, she has a passion for destroying enemies with violent gore and eating waffles for dinner along with throwing hockey pucks at rich people. Like her mother Nekoloko, she is prone to falling when enemies overwhelm her and has a cheerful personality that reflects Nekoloko's traits such as double dipping in nacho cheese for extra flavor or painting the cow purple for grape juice to come out. Kingerly as being Zenphyre's and Nekoloko's daughter loves to run around everywhere and always says please to the most ridiculous things such as a hobo wanting to pet her when Zenphyre instantly destroys him/her with his Callahan and Nekoloko protecting her with maternal instincts, and a Dark Briar Barrage. Unlike her parents though, she can be rebellious to many of her parents' orders which cause her to be normal around the people she talks to and loves to give cupcakes with bacon whip cream on top to sell for more crowns to donate to the gremlin's hospital for those in need of football super bowls. She as stated is very cheery and loves to run around everywhere in which once she even did her first business next to a stranger and her parents were very proud in which after they offered Doritos to the stranger. Kingerly is very attached to both Zenphyre and Nekoloko's and loves them dearly in which they protect her from harm, such as Zenphyre when facing Vanaducky and evil fiends, and Nekoloko protecting her from spiked jellies and average looking men. Being smaller than Nekoloko and very small compared to Zenphyre, she makes the perfect addition to Zenphyre and Nekoloko as their daughter strives to do great things and spread the word to rebel against the donut haters who don't like cottage cheese in their milk and who overpour mayonnaise into their coffee cakes. Overall, Kingerly is a wonderful thing to happen to Zenphyre and Nekoloko, and Zenphyre likes to play around with her for father-daughter day and with Nekoloko for when Zenphyre is out destroying enemies while she and her mother wait in the den with a big blanket over themselves playing Wii Sports in order to train to beat Zenphyre, but they always fall to his skills. Zenphyre + Nekoloko + Kingerly = One Happy Family with Pie

As of now, Kingerly has moved on from SK and will no longer be active hence the decommissioned post, and her bio will remain as a memento. Zenphyre still chats with her beyond the outskirts where God lives, as she will be missed in SK -salutes-

Fun Times With Kingerly (Daughter)

The End?

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Defeated: Yes, Soloed: Yes with no deaths

  • Lord Vanaduke Token-Almirian Seal.png Almirian Seal 4586+ earned, around 1900ish were mainly solo but since I got bored killing Vanaducky by myself, I would run with other people but I still solo at times

Defeated: Yes, Soloed: Yes with no deaths but still took damage, goal to not take damage D:<

  • Rabid Snarbolax Gate Icon-Swarm2.png Key-Shadow Key icon.png

Defeated: Yes, Soloed: Yes

  • Ice Queen Gate Icon-Swarm2.png Key-Shadow Key icon.png

Defeated: Yes, Soloed: Yes

  • Red Roarmulus Twins Gate Icon-Swarm2.png Key-Shadow Key icon.png

Defeated: Yes, Soloed: Yes

  • Darkfire Vanaduke Gate Icon-Swarm2.png Key-Shadow Key icon.png

Defeated: Yes, Soloed: Yes

Known Achievements

Icon Name Description Type
Achievement-First Steps.png First Steps Successfully reach the Rescue Camp. Exploration
Achievement-Welcome, Stranger.png Welcome, Stranger Cross the chasm into Haven. Exploration
Achievement-Mission Accomplished.png Mission Accomplished Reach the first Clockworks Terminal. Exploration
Achievement-World of Moorcraft.png World of Moorcraft Pay a visit to Moorcraft Manor. Exploration
Achievement-Spiral Spelunker.png Spiral Spelunker Earn clearance to explore Tier 2 of the Clockworks. Exploration
Achievement-An Emberlight in the Dark.png An Emberlight in the Dark Pay a visit to Emberlight, the town of gremlin outcasts. Exploration
Achievement-Go Deep.png Go Deep Earn clearance to explore Tier 3 of the Clockworks. Exploration
Achievement-Hardcore.png Hardcore Descend to the Core Terminal. Exploration
Achievement-Royal Pain.png Royal Pain Defeat the Royal Jelly squatting in the Royal Jelly Palace. Boss
Achievement-Free Spirit.png Free Spirit Defeat Lord Vanaduke in the heart of the Firestorm Citadel. Boss
Achievement-O Frabjous Day!.png O Frabjous Day! Defeat the fabled Snarbolax that lives deep within the Gloaming Wildwoods. Boss
Achievement-Terrible Twin Turrets.png Terrible Twin Turrets Defeat the Roarmulus Twins in the dangerous depths of the Ironclaw Munitions Factory. Boss
Achievement-One-Star Smith.png One-Star Smith Alchemize a 1 star item. Alchemy
Achievement-Two-Star Smith.png Two-Star Smith Alchemize a 2 star item. Alchemy
Achievement-Three-Star Smith.png Three-Star Smith Alchemize a 3 star item. Alchemy
Achievement-Four-Star Smith.png Four-Star Smith Alchemize a 4 star item. Alchemy
Achievement-Five-Star Smith.png Five-Star Smith Alchemize a 5 star item. Alchemy
Achievement-Apprentice Alchemist.png Apprentice Alchemist Alchemize 5 Items. Alchemy
Achievement-Adept Alchemist.png Adept Alchemist Alchemize 10 Items. Alchemy
Achievement-Accomplished Alchemist.png Accomplished Alchemist Alchemize 25 items. Alchemy
Achievement-Ascendant Alchemist.png Ascendant Alchemist Alchemize 50 items. Alchemy
Achievement-Swordsman.png Swordsman Amass 3 swords in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Expert Swordsman.png Expert Swordsman Amass 5 swords in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Master Swordsman.png Master Swordsman Amass 10 swords in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Gunslinger.png Gunslinger Amass 3 guns in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Expert Gunslinger.png Expert Gunslinger Amass 5 guns in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Master Gunslinger.png Master Gunslinger Amass 10 guns in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Bombardier.png Bombardier Amass 3 bombs in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Expert Bombardier.png Expert Bombardier Amass 5 bombs in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Master Bombardier.png Master Bombardier Amass 10 bombs in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Hatter.png Hatter Amass 3 helmets in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Expert Hatter.png Expert Hatter Amass 5 helmets in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Mad Hatter.png Mad Hatter Amass 10 helmets in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Armorer.png Armorer Amass 3 armors in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Expert Armorer.png Expert Armorer Amass 5 armors in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Master Armorer.png Master Armorer Amass 10 armors in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Shieldbearer.png Shieldbearer Amass 3 shields in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Expert Shieldbearer.png Expert Shieldbearer Amass 5 shields in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Master Shieldbearer.png Master Shieldbearer Amass 10 shields in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Stellar Set.png Stellar Set Amass an Arsenal that includes a 5 star helmet, armor, shield, gun and bomb. Collection
Achievement-Applied Entropy.png Applied Entropy Build an item to heat level 10. Collection
Achievement-Minor Miner.png Minor Miner Deposit a single mineral into a gate. Minerals
Achievement-Moderate Miner.png Moderate Miner Deposit 100 minerals into a gate. Minerals
Achievement-Major Miner.png Major Miner Deposit 500 minerals into a gate. Minerals
Achievement-Marvelous Miner.png Marvelous Miner Deposit 2,500 minerals into a gate. Minerals
Achievement-Master Miner.png Master Miner Deposit 10,000 minerals into a gate. Minerals
Achievement-Fully Loaded.png Fully Loaded Unlock and fill every equipment slot. Collection
Achievement-Jump Start.png Jump Start Revive yourself. Aid
Achievement-Helping Hand.png Helping Hand Revive a downed party member. Aid
Achievement-Walk It Off.png Walk It Off Revive a downed party member, giving them only half a pip of health. Aid
Achievement-Pharma Suitable.png Pharma Suitable Use 10 Health Capsules. Aid
Achievement-Conditioned Response.png Conditioned Response Use 10 Remedy Capsules. Aid
Achievement-Energize!.png Energize! Power up a derelict Mecha Knight. Aid
Achievement-Bronze Survivor.png Bronze Survivor Complete a Tier 1 expedition without having to revive. Survival
Achievement-Silver Survivor.png Silver Survivor Complete a Tier 2 expedition without having to revive. Survival
Achievement-Gold Survivor.png Gold Survivor Complete a Tier 3 expedition without having to revive. Survival
Achievement-Cradle and All.png Cradle and All Travel the entire Clockworks from depth 0 to depth 29 in a single expedition. Survival
Achievement-Dauntless Delver.png Dauntless Delver Travel the entire Clockworks from depth 0 to depth 29 in a single expedition without having to revive. Survival
Achievement-Star Spangled Bomber.png Star Spangled Bomber Obtain a Firecracker Bomb. Collection
Achievement-Son of a Nutcracker!.png Son of a Nutcracker! Hit an opponent with a snowball in Lockdown. PvP
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