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Map of the Bazaar.

The Bazaar is the western district of Haven. It consists of a market split into two levels and is the location of many important vendors.

Points of Interest

One is located near Vatel.
Another is located near Kozma.
  • Several vendors who provide their skills, items, and low-star gear in exchange for crowns and other shinies. Some will buy items in exchange for crowns.
  • The Arcade can be accessed via the north junction.


Name Visual Type Role Location Notes
Bosco Bosco-Mugshot.png Knight Informant To the right of Punch and Vise A Knight hoping to repair a Mecha Knight.
Brinks Brinks-Mugshot.png Knight Vendor:
Token Trader
South of Bechamel
indicated by: Map-icon-Token.png
Offers materials and equipments in exchange for certain tokens.
Energetic Knight Energetic Knight-Mugshot.png Knight Informant To the left of Punch and Vise Informs the player about energy.
Greave Greave-Mugshot.png Stranger Vendor:
Armor Merchant
Near entrance to Arcade
indicated by: Map-icon-Gear.png
Offers armors and helmets in exchange for crowns.
Kozma Kozma-Mugshot.png Knight Spiral Quartermaster South of Bechamel
indicated by: Map-icon-Depot.png
Talking to her opens the Supply Depot.
Kragen Kragen-Mugshot.png Stranger Vendor:
Shield Merchant
Near entrance to Arcade
indicated by: Map-icon-Gear.png
Offers shields in exchange for crowns.
Quillion Quillion-Mugshot.png Stranger Vendor:
Blade Merchant
Near the entrance to the Town Square
indicated by: Map-icon-Weapon.png
Offers swordss in exchange for crowns.
Ricasso Ricasso-Mugshot.png Stranger Vendor:
Guns & Explosives Merchant
Near the entrance to the Town Square
indicated by: Map-icon-Weapon.png
Offers bombs and handguns in exchange for crowns.
Vatel Vatel-Mugshot.png Stranger Vendor:
General Goods Merchant
North-middle of Bazaar
indicated by: Map-icon-Misc.png
Offers personal colors, height modifiers, eyes crystals, supply packs, and recipes in exchange for crowns.
Punch Punch-Mugshot.png Gremlin Vendor:
The Variant Smith
South-middle of Bazaar
indicated by: Map-icon-Wrench.png
Offers to add unique variants on equipment in exchange for crowns.
Vise Vise-Mugshot.png Gremlin Vendor:
The Unbinding Smith
South-middle of Bazaar
indicated by: Map-icon-Anvil.png
Offers to unbind equipments in exchange for energy.
Bechamel Bechamel-Mugshot.png Knight Accessorizor Far west area
indicated by: Map-icon-Accessorizor.png
Offers to attach and remove accessories for free. Recovers them in exchange for energy.
Tylen Tylen-Mugshot.png Knight Informant Near entrance to Town Square Informs the player about the area.


The shops in the Bazaar are brightly decorated. Vendor specialties are indicated both by the banners on their shop fronts and colorful symbols painted on their masks. Merchants sell from stalls cobbled together from flotsam and jetsam - this can include items like the knight's own crash pod, in Bechamel's case.

The topic of this article or section is subject to personal opinion, and does not represent any one absolute truth. If you disagree, discuss your concerns on the the talk page before editing.: The presence of vendors in this area enriches the game, but actual exchanges with them are usually not frugal. The player will likely find that investing time in obtaining recipes and crafting their own items from components they find in the clockworks yields more reward for less crown expense, especially considering the chance to craft UVs. Additionally, vendors will often buy materials and other items for much lower than another player might. Check the Auction House for listings to see how you can best profit from your loot. That being said, a few important, otherwise mostly exclusive items are available from these vendors, like the trinkets from Brinks, the personal colors from Vatel, and a few other specialties.



Enter the Bazaar from the Town Square and go around counter-clockwise:

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