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Gods of Spiral
GuildLogo-Gods of Spiral.png

A better icon will always be appreciated

Guild Founder: Scarkro
Approx. Population: 89
Guild Master(s):
  • Linacakes
  • Ajqtrz
  • Scarkro
Guild Officer(s):

This list is highly subject to change at the moment

  • Arbituser
  • Chorouu
  • Fastmerchant
  • Firetatay
  • Jocasta
  • Ludic
  • Trogdon

We are a guild. Some revolutionary stuff is going on, so a general guild description is yet to be posted.

  • Note that all talk about the guild's rules has been moved to the discussion page

General Message Board

Post whatever relevant news you have here. If anyone actually posts anything here, please head it in bold by preceding and following the header with 3 equals signs. Also leave a date

Mass demotions 12/4

Recently I (Addisona), Arbituser, Scarkro and Ajqtrz got together and did a general housecleaning. Scarkro may have been a little over-excited and wound up demoting all officers who hadn't been on that same day. One even got on as Scarkro got off. Anyway, we will probably eventually remedy the situation, but being an officer is going to be a responsibility, not just a priveledge, from now on. You will not return to your officer status if you do not intend to get involved with and share some of the burden of running the guild. More people may be demoted if they choose not to be a part of running the guild. Please be understanding that losing officer status is really not much of a status shift; being a veteran is a new equivalent of being an officer.

Update: some officers were re-promoted. they and the other demoted veterans will likely be asked if they want to play an officer-esque role in the guild.

P.S.~ This is Founding Father Scarkro (Yes I just made that up just now)! I'm very sorry about me getting a little crazy on demotion day! I promise it wont happen again!

Proposed Structure 12/5

This is a simple structure for the guild.

Veteran - full 3* equip

Member - 2 3* equips

Recruit - full 2*

Applicant - nice person, 2 2*

Update from AJ (Ajqrtz) 12/5

Thanks, Addi for this Wiki start page. The information is great and much needed. I will be speaking with officers regarding various roles and duties and what they think should be done over the next few days. When I am done (and others can certainly do the same) we will get together and discuss the various duties and the overall structure of GOS. My vision, and I believe the vision of all involved, is to make GOS an elite and premier guild in the SK world. To do this we must have structure, discipline, and a willingness to work together and work hard. A bit of humor and graciousness doesn't hurt either.

Because we want to be successful I think the purpose of the guild is to bring together knights who believe in a disciplined and orderly approach to making each individual knight the most successful knight he or she can be. Over time I believe we can do this best by combining resources in the Clockworks and above the Clockworks. A team working together is always far stronger than individuals working alone.

If you have questions or concerns, if you just have ideas, and even if you have complaints, please do not hesitate to send them to me, approach me, corner me, or otherwise bug me with them. I like new ideas, fresh faces and good challenging (polite) debate. So bring it on.

And while you are at it, thank Addisona for the work on the Wiki page. I know it took some time to set up and it was done well.



List of Guild Members
Guild Masters
  • Scarkro
  • Ajqtrz
  • Linacakes
  • Name
  • Name
  • Name
  • Name
  • Name
  • Name
  • Name
  • Name
  • Name
  • Name
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  • Name

Advanced Gameplay (T2 Briefing)

This section is designed to help T1ers understand the more complicated aspects of the game, and help them move into T2 without too much trouble. T2ers who are still unclear on some things should skim through this. Feel free to post this on your own page. I may eventually turn it into a new page.


The damage system in Spiral Knights is based off 4 types of damage: Normal, Elemental, Piercing and Shadow. Both monsters and knights use the same damage system. Normal hits all monsters equally, and elemental, piercing, and shadow each have 2 monster types they get a bonus on, 2 they hit for no bonus or loss, and one type that they can barely hurt. Each monster type will generally deal it's own damage type, mixed with normal damage. In some cases they stray from this. Your own attack damage type is determined by your weapons; each has it's own damage type(s). Your own weaknesses/resistances are determined by your armors. Further info on this topic at http://wiki.spiralknights.com/Damage.

Monster Type Damage Type Weak To Neutral To Strongly Resistant To
Gate Icon-Slime.png Slime Family Attack piercing icon.png Piercing Attack shadow icon.png Shadow Attack elemental icon.png Elemental Attack piercing icon.png Piercing
Gate Icon-Beast.png Beast Family Attack piercing icon.png Piercing Attack piercing icon.png Piercing Attack shadow icon.png Shadow Attack elemental icon.png Elemental
Gate Icon-Gremlin.png Gremlin Family Attack elemental icon.png Elemental Attack shadow icon.png Shadow Attack piercing icon.png Piercing Attack elemental icon.png Elemental
Gate Icon-Construct.png Construct Family Attack elemental icon.png Elemental Attack elemental icon.png Elemental Attack shadow icon.png Shadow Attack piercing icon.png Piercing
Gate Icon-Fiend.png Fiend Family Attack shadow icon.png Shadow Attack piercing icon.png Piercing Attack elemental icon.png Elemental Attack shadow icon.png Shadow
Gate Icon-Undead.png Undead Family Attack shadow icon.png Shadow Attack elemental icon.png Elemental Attack piercing icon.png Piercing Attack shadow icon.png Shadow

Predicting Monsters

Going to the gate map (gear menu) shows you the monster and special condition themes of the level, as well as the level type. Use this to pick the right equips for the situation. Level type themes are listed in order of which is most dominant, and include all monster types and status conditions present, but not those status conditions determined by status condition theme. Inclusion of Silkwings not considered to add the theme fiend, same for Gremlin Menders. Not entirely accurate as source entries are not complete.

Level combinations
Background colors Icon colors Level types


Simple methods for maximizing your damage given/damage taken.


The same advice goes to almost all swordmasters: be less aggressive. In T1 you could take 3 hits and walk it off with a couple of hearts. It doesn't work that way from now on. Remember that you can always get another hit in later, so keep moving and don't feel obligated to finish your combo; faster monsters will get a hit in before you're done. If you have enough space, it is a good idea to run around charging, close, hit an enemy, then retreat and repeat. This is somewhat risky in some situations because charge attacks usually take more time to complete than a standard attack, and you cannot shield while charging (leaving you vulnerable in "bullet hell" situations). All swordmasters should also be aware that it is possible to change your direction in a combo; you can use attacks to extract yourself as well as knock back enemies sneaking up on you. You are actually given a split second between hits in which you can wait for an enemy to reach you before resuming your combo. You can even hold down the attack button instead of clicking it, begin a charge, then move one square, then release and continue your combo! This is useful in manipulating your combo further, enabling you to dance around without spending time restarting your combo. Another important technique is shield-cancelling, where you restart your combo or end a period of vulnerability after a combo/charge attack via briefly raising your shield (bear in mind that you don't have to actually bring the barrier up to do this). This is useful if you do not want to have your combo move you forward. This is usable by all swordmasters but is most easily used by those carrying slow swords.


Now, being a top notch gunslinger is, well, almost impossible. BUT! If you got the right gun, then your 1 step ahead of the 3 steps of gunslinging! HOORAY! Back to business, when I get bored I investigate the little things in this awesome game. For example, you have 3 Tier 2 Gremlins behind you and the only weapon you have at the time is a Level 10 Master Blaster. The only thing is, is that you broke your mouse and the only button that works is the fire button, you're totally cornered, out of energy, and you're facing the complete opposite direction of the enemy. Ok, theres this very useful little gadget in Spiral Knights that has been around ever since Three Rings made the game. Its called Auto-Aim! When an enemy gets close a target will appear right under its feet. When it is targeted, that is the green light to get button mashing! Now, I'm sure you're saying, "Scarkro, doesn't this mean that we don't have to have any talent in gunslinging? Just an awesome gun?." Well, technically... yes. Now that you got that down. You need to pay attention to what is going on around you, which means you need to shield from danger, and you need a pretty good shield, because being a gunslinger is tough living.


Feel free to actually create this section, if you are knowledgeable about the topic. As of now this section does not exist, so head on over to the bombing guide for information on bombs. http://wiki.spiralknights.com/Bombing_Guide


When you first raise your shield nearby monsters are pushed away. This technique is called shield bumping and is incredibly useful, whether you're herding monsters together for a bomb or pushing a mob of monsters away. Be aware that you cannot shield bump when your shield is broken, and that momentum does not carry from one monster to another, preventing you from shield bumping formations of monsters two layers thick.


This section is designed to help you find what type of equipment you want to use. This is because at this point in the game equipment stops being so cheap; you can't just buy anything and try it out. It is worthy of note that the 3-star to 4-star upgrade is by far the biggest increase in power, and that most equips have a certain stratum at which they preform best, with their performance dropping as they venture away from that stratum. This is why there is little noticeable difference between any new equip you have acquired and it's predecessor; you have to venture deeper for you new equip to really show it's stuff.


First you need to determine what types of weapons you want to use. Start out with no more than 4 and do not rent weapon slots yet, they cost too much be worthwhile until you are a ways through T3. While you can use just one weapon you will do poorer than those with more; their greater diversity helps them match their opponents better. 2-3 is the ideal number of weapons. First pick out what weapon types you want to carry. If you have not yet tried out bombs I suggest you buy a really cheap 2-star blast bomb. Find which weapon types you're best with, and use them. Holding more than one of the same type of weapon grants you the ability to pick the right one for the situation, and only using one type of weapon will allow you to take full advantage of armor weapon damage bonuses.


More at http://wiki.spiralknights.com/Swordmaster_Guide#Weaponry

Depending on if you are carrying more than one sword, you will want to pick a normal sword or a sword with a damage type. Do normal if you plan on using only one sword. Next decide how fast you want your sword to be. This should be based on how good you are about predicting enemy attacks. A fast one will allow you to stop at any point, a slow one requires more foresight. The rest is up to personal preference. Following are VIABLE options (in my opinion). Winmillion is a fast normal damage sword that fires projectiles; it would be included here if it could be upgraded past it's 4* form. It is generally inferior to the cutter.

Super-fast Swords
  • Cutter - 2 normal damage sword possibilities, one with poison and one with a beast damage bonus, does not interrupt enemies until end of long combo
Fast Swords Medium Swords
  • Brandish - Comes in Elemental/Normal and Shadow/Normal. 3 statuses for elemental: Fire, Shock, Freeze
  • Calibur - 2 normal damage sword possibilities, one with giant knockback on charge and one with an undead damage bonus, and reduced damage
  • Fang of Vog - Elemental/Normal version of Calibur that causes lots of fire. Only available in 5* form
Slow Swords
  • Sealed Sword - Comes in Elemental/Normal and Shadow/Normal
  • Troika - 2 normal damage sword possibilities, one with freeze and one with stun


Feel free to actually create this section, if you are knowledgeable about the topic. As of now this section does not exist, so head on over to the gunslinger guide for information on guns. http://wiki.spiralknights.com/Gunslinger_Guide


Feel free to actually create this section, if you are knowledgeable about the topic. As of now this section does not exist, so head on over to the bombing guide for information on bombs. http://wiki.spiralknights.com/Bombing_Guide

Armor (and helmets, they're the same thing)

Until you reach the point at which you want to diversify in equipment (whether this is 4* or 5* is up to you), you want to have one set of armor. Damage bonuses are always a nice plus, and should be crammed in if possible. After diversifying in equips, you should start carrying 3 types of armor, possibly more, to allow you to change armors to defend against the enemies in a level. It should be noted that some armors can only be crafted at the Sanctuary Alchemy Machine, which is located at the end of shadow lairs. Each one requires a unique material obtained after defeating the corresponding boss in a shadow lair. The most notable ones are the Snarbolax set and the Mercurial set, Ice Queen Mail and Arcane Salamander Suit are just upgraded other armors, and Almirian Crusader Armor and Heavenly Iron Armor are nothing special.

Special Armors
Double-Defense Armors

There are only 3 types of armor that protect you from 2 damage types where neither is normal damage. These are useful if you want to only want one armor set but still want protection from all 4 types. Bear in mind that the divine mantle will only start protecting you against shadow damage instead of normal damage in it's 5* form, so it is not as viable an option for those looking to diversify at 4*.

  • Radiant Silvermail - Piercing/Shadow, medium damage bonus vs. undead, poison and curse resistances
  • Dragon Scale Mail - Piercing/Elemental, medium damage bonus vs. beast, fire resistance
  • Divine Mantle - Elemental/Shadow, fire, shock, and curse resistances

Sword Bonus Armors

These are all variants of the wolver line, which protects against piercing/normal and branches out at 5*. Bonus is low attack damage until 5*. VIABLE options shown (many other armors provide sword bonuses, but they are small and do nothing that the wolvers do not).

  • Skolver Coat - Piercing/Normal, medium sword damage bonus, freeze resistance
  • Snarbolax Coat - Shadow/Normal, medium sword damage bonus, freeze and poison resistances
  • Vog Cub Coat - Elemental/Normal, medium sword attack speed bonus, fire resistance

Gun Bonus Armors

These are all variations of the gunslinger line, which offers low gun attack speed bonuses until branching out at 5*. VIABLE options shown (shadowsun not shown because it is worse than justifier and deadshot is not shown because it offers no bonus).

Bomb Bonus Armors

These are all variations of the demo suit line, which offers low bomb charge time reduction bonuses until branching out at 5*. VIABLE options shown (Bombastic is not shown because it is worse than volcanic/mercurial).

  • Mercurial Demo Suit - Elemental/Normal, low bomb damage bonus, low movement speed bonus, shock resistance
  • Volcanic Demo Suit - Elemental/Normal, medium bomb charge time reduction, fire resistance
  • Mad Bomber Suit - Elemental/Normal, medium bomb charge time reduction, medium bomb damage bonus, poison, fire, freeze, and shock weaknesses
Anti-Monster Type, Bonus and Plain Armors
General Bonus Armors
  • Mercurial Mail - Piercing/Normal, shock resistance, low movement speed bonus
  • Armor of the Fallen - Shadow/Normal, poison and fire resistances, curse weakness, attack speed increase, medium fiend damage penalty
  • Chaos Cloak - Elemental/Normal, weakness to all statuses, low damage bonus
Bonusless Armors Anti-Slime Armors Anti-Beast Armors Anti-Gremlin Armors
  • None of these exist
Anti-Construct Armors
  • None of these exist
Anti-Fiend Armors
  • Heavenly Iron Armor - Shadow/Normal, low sword damage bonus, low fiend damage bonus
  • Valkyrie Mail - Shadow/Normal, poison and curse resistances, fire weakness, medium fiend damage bonus
Anti-Undead Armors
  • Deadshot Mantle - Shadow/Normal, curse resistance, medium undead damage bonus
Anti-Status Armors
Anti-Stun Armors Anti-Poison Armors
  • Deadly Virulisk Suit - Piercing/Normal, poison resistance, medium slime damage bonus
  • Armor of the Fallen - Shadow/Normal, poison and fire resistances, curse weakness, attack speed increase, medium fiend damage penalty
  • Dread Skelly Suit - Shadow/Normal, poison and freeze resistances, fire weakness
  • Valkyrie Mail - Shadow/Normal, poison and curse resistances, fire weakness, medium fiend damage bonus
Anti-Fire Armors Anti-Freeze Armors Anti-Shock Armors Anti-Curse Armors Anti-Sleep Armors


Though helpful, having multiple shields is not a necessity. A shield has three stat types: health, resistances, and status resistances. Health is how much damage your shield can take (this stat is the same for most shields), resistances lower the amount of damage the shield takes from attacks. Since statuses are treated like their own damage type (when they hit shields, not the rest of the time), status resistances reduce damage to shields from status attacks.The only 5* shield that offers a damage bonus is the Barbarous Thorn Shield, giving a medium sword damage bonus. The only other viable option for damage bonuses is the Swiftstrike Buckler, a 3* shield that is very weak (compared to 5* shields) but offers a high attack speed bonus. This is not recommended for anyone but those who use their shields defensively very rarely or those who only plan to use it temporarily; it falls apart in the lower strata. Here are all 5* shields, sorted by defense type. Head over to http://wiki.spiralknights.com/Shield to see their stats side by side.

Normal Piercing/Normal Shadow/Normal Elemental/Normal Piercing/Elemental


Trinkets are bonus items that add a bit to your stats. To equip them you need to rent trinket slots, available for 150 CE to rent for a month (that's usually around 10kcr). Attack bonus items are expensive and can be created at the coliseum rewards alchemy machine. Doing so is the same as crafting any other equip, you need a precursor, materials, energy and crowns. You do not need a recipe. You will also need a mod calibrator, available for 75 krogmo coins but usually available on the market for around 6kcr. Another type of expensive trinket, the heart pendant, can be crafted at the same machine. These give additional health. Though you will not need a mod calibrator, you will need an enamorock for each level of heart pendant, 1 for the first one, 2 for the second, etc. You still need a precursor, mats, CE and cr, making these the most expensive trinkets available. at Defensive and status trinkets cost primal, forge and grim sparks; 5 for a 2*, 20 for a 3*, 50 for 4*, and 100 for 5*. There are no stun resistance or normal resistance trinkets. These are significantly cheaper as sparks are valued at 100cr apiece (you can buy a 5* trinket and sell it for 10kcr).

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