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Most Monsters found in the clockworks can be classified into 9 different categories depending on their battle style and power: Drone, mini, grunt, brute, elite, giant, turret, support, and boss.[1]

Most monsters can spawn randomly in the Clockworks alongside other monsters in their class based on the level type. Some monsters are not in the normal rotation and can only spawn under special conditions, such as an event or only in a specific level set; these are marked with a ★ in the list below.


Introduced with release 2011-12-19. Moves in a predictable pattern and has no abilities except for inflicting damage or a status on contact.


Minis have few attack variations and little health. Alone they pose little threat, but they can become a challenge when they group up in large numbers.


Grunts are the run-of-the-mill monsters that populate the clockworks. Their fighting ability varies, but they are generally not too difficult to defeat.


Brutes have superior health stats compared to all other monster categories except giants, and are thus very difficult to take down. Brutes usually can be found in small numbers, or with a larger group of other grunt/elite class monsters.


Elites, although comparable to grunts in health and damage, have a much larger repertoire of attacks and can be challenging to handle when parting alone. Despite their superior fighting ability and difficulty, they are rarely found traveling alone. Knights are advised to travel with caution.


Giants are true to their name; they are large, powerful monsters that spawn rarely inside the clockworks. A single giant may require multiple knights to kill effectively. These colossal monstrosities usually do not travel in packs, but it is not unheard of.


Turrets are monsters that cannot move on their own and use ranged projectiles as their main attack. In later tiers, their wide range and rapid fire can prove to be quite a hassle when found in groups.


Support monsters consist of those that assist other monsters in battle, rather than fight directly themselves. Support monsters have no means of attacking, and thus can easily be dispatched when alone.


These monsters are incredibly and deviously powerful, and should not be taken lightly. They generally take an entire floor of a single arena, and yield great rewards when defeated.

They do not spawn in a standard rotation and do not need ★ markers.

Mini Bosses

No Category

Some monsters have hard to classify abilities and do not fall under one of the above categories.

They do not spawn in a standard rotation and do not need ★ markers.


  • Lichen Colonies are mostly replaced by Giant Lichen Colonies as random giant spawns in deeper stratums.
  • Pit Bosses are one of the few monsters that can be categorized under multiple labels; it can be argued that they are also in the brute class.
  • Beasts can be considered the most underrated monster family, as they have no members above the brute class. Alternatively, Gremlins can be considered the most formidable as they have the most members in the Elite class and above.

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