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Character-Unity Dormant.png

Scholars are divided on whether the wild Unity captured in this photograph was blinking, sleeping, or acutely focused on futile extraocular muscle exercises in order to perfect its Derpy Hooves face. The photographer (whose camera was later recovered in a bog within the Everfree Forest) was unfortunately unavailable for comment. Numerous eyewitness reports indicate that she disappeared under mysterious circumstances soon after accepting a bundle of bananas at the behest of one Princess Celestia, but everypony interviewed declined to elaborate.



Member of (and for some time now an officer in service of) the Knights of Equestria, the only guild I've ever known and the herd that brought me to the game in the first place. Despite a few hitches, inactivity spells and parasprites here and there, the ranks of KoE (and some of its former members who have since moved on to greener pastures) remain the most darlin' bunch of sugarcubes I've met on Cradle.

I chose the moniker Unity to go by because it's both an aesthetically virtuous notion to me and because it is a vaguely ponylike name (akin to 'Rarity'... even though I tend to favor Twilight Sparkle, yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes~).

If you're fresh out of the escape pod when you join our herd, let me know: I'll probably have a piece or two of vanilla 2* gear in my saddlebags to help you get started on the road to the Core.

Known Recipes
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