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AbatheguyPic2.png Player Name: Abatheguy
AKA: Aba, Guy
Knight Rank: Vanguard (10-1)
Guild & Rank: Exalt, Officer
Player Since: January 2012
Playstyle: Defensive Weaponizer
Weapons of Choice: Brandishes, Antiguas, Vaporizer Bombs
Battle Sprite
of Choice:
Mew-Dabadee (Seraphynx)

Yearn to Learn

I was introduced to Spiral Knights by a long-time friend in my spades league. It remains the only MMORPG I play. Every day, I seem to learn something new about the game. Trying to acquire the best equipment suited for me to defeat every type of monster and avoid heavy damage and status ailments. Finding out what each SK-specific acronym I don't know stands for. Identifying the best prices to sell materials and equipment at the auction house. Yielding the best attacking strategy in limited spaces. But most of all, it's all about learning to become a team player in any situation. Though I still do noobish things in my execution, indeed "knowing is half the battle." (G.I. Joe)

Thus, the purpose of my SK User Wiki page is to be a learning experience for you and me. Me: learning how to create my own Wiki page using the templates and tutorials available. You: learning some key tips that I have learned so far while playing Spiral Knights, while having the incentive to create your own Wiki page. Enjoy what knowledge I have to offer in the coming days.

If you see an error in my Wiki, you can discuss it via the discussion tab rather than directly edit my page (as any Wiki page can be edited). Some of the info I yield are confirmed via personal experiences playing Sprial Knights (e.g. I actually won a Mod Calibrator in the Prize Wheel one instance) while some are "scientific guesses" based on trends and what I overheard in those experiences. As this is the Internet, please keep everything in good taste.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy my Wiki page! :)

In Future Wiki Updates

  • Determine new topics for the Knowledge Share section.
  • Add more links to Wiki-editing tutorials and resources in the How-to-Wiki Resources section.
  • Suggest information to be put on this page! (Use the Discussion tab above!)

How-to-Wiki Resources

Knowledge Share

Current Arsenal

As of October 31, 2013.

Tier 3 Arsenal

Photo Gallery

View more of my Spiral Knights screenshots on my Steam Community Screenshot Wall.

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